Monday, July 21, 2014

Exploding Star and interview in MQU!

Good morning everyone, happy Monday to you! I hope you had a great weekend. I must say, I did indeed have a great weekend, capped off my some super happy mail that was delivered to me on Saturday - the summer 2014 issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited with my name on the cover. Seriously?! Yep, that's my name all right. Wow. Granted, that's not my quilt, but gosh, to see my name on a magazine cover is just beyond astounding to me.

Modern Quilts Unlimited - Summer 2014 issue photo cover_zpsbca2c0dd.jpg

The summer 2014 issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited features an interview with me, which was a lot of fun to do, as well as several photos of some of my favorite quilts, and one of my favorite photos of the munchkin, working away in EQ on a sick day a few months ago. He was super excited when I showed him the picture of him in a real, live magazine.

Designer Spotlight on me in the summer issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited photo IMG_0882rt_zps8c53dc35.jpg

Designer Spotlight page 2 photo IMG_0885rt_zps4f4426ff.jpg

There's also a pattern from me in the magazine, called Exploding Star. Exploding Star is (shocker) a paper-pieced star pattern that uses several different templates to create the exploding effect. I sewed this one up in assorted solids from Modern Solids II by Alissa Haight Carlton, and I love the sparkling effect they give to the piecing.

Exploding Star pattern featured in the Summer 2014 issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited photo IMG_0879rt_zps5c075fed.jpg

The quilting on this mini is done in several different coordinating shades of 50 wt Aurifil, my go-to free-motion quilting thread. There's several different styles of fmq throughout the quilt, in the different areas, which was a lot of fun to do. I also did some "faux" straight line quilting, where I use my free-motion foot and outline certain areas of the quilt. My relationship with my walking foot is a bit lackluster, so I rarely use it - instead I do straight-ish line quilting with the free-motion foot, which is way more comfortable for me.

Exploding Star quilt - in Summer 2014 issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited photo IMG_9296rt_zps66fb33ee.jpg

This issue should be hitting your local Barnes & Nobles and Jo-Anns and such in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for it. There's some really fun patterns inside, including a fun pixelated guitar pattern by Penny Barnes. Have a great day!

Exploding Star - FMQ detail photo img_9298rt_zps8cffab6c.jpg

Quilt Stats
name: Exploding Star
pattern: by yours truly, available in the Summer 2014 issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited
fabrics: assorted solids from In the Beginning's Modern Solids II
quilting: linear L's, zig zags, pulleys, wishbones, and faux straight-line quilting all in assorted coordinating shades of Aurifil 50 wt cotton thread

Exploding Star - back view photo img_9300rt_zps0eb542fd.jpg
Friday, July 18, 2014

The best bag - made with a heaping dose of epic-ness

I've said it before, and I'll say a million more times throughout my lifetime, I'm sure: quilty people are the best people. Recently, I set up a fun private swap with my sweet friend Kristi a.k.a Schnitzel & Boo, which we hilariously called #theswapofepicproportions. The deal was simple - I would make her a cool mini quilt for her sewing room, and she would make me an awesome bag. I sent her my Drop Dead Gorgeous mini last month, and yesterday, my package from Kristi arrived on my doorstep. Look, she even wrapped it! So cute!

Wrapped with Epicness!

Inside was the Betsy Travel Bag, a new pattern she's working on writing, and let me count the ways that I love this bag...well, let's start with the obvious - look at those Melody Miller arrows!!! I adore that print so much, especially in this shade of mint :)

The Betsy Travel Bag has arrived!!!!

And look at all the pockets on this bad boy!

The Betsy Travel Bag - Side Pockets

This long shoulder handle is awesome - totally customizable - and then there's also carry handles to boot.
The Betsy Travel Bag - with shoulder strap in front

This pattern is going to be a must-get if you like to sew bags, and when it is released, I'll be sure to share about it!

The Betsy Travel Bag - Front Pockets

I've packed this great bag up for a workshop I'm teaching tomorrow, and boy am I excited to put it to use. I know I've told you before Kristi, but seriously, thank you SOOO much! It is so much fun to do swaps like this, so fun!! What a great way to kick off the weekend :)
Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tribal Chain - Featured in Modern Quilts Unlimited

This quilt was something I sketched out nearly two years ago and it languished in my design notebook until I pulled into EQ a little over a year ago and shared it with the lovely folks at Modern Quilts Unlimited. I had a crazy idea of using the Riley Blake neon solids that had just come out at the time, and thought it would make a really bold quilt...bold is quite possibly a giant understatement with this quilt!

Tribal Chain - FMQ detail photo img_8215rt_zps563ff457.jpg

Photographs cannot possibly show you how bright this quilt is. I literally felt like I needed to put sunglasses on just to be in the same room with those neon fabrics when I was working on this quilt. It was really comical when I unfolded the quilt to show to a friend before I sent it off and she shielded her eyes. That being said, I really love the design of this quilt, and I think the neon solids make it even more unforgettable.

Tribal Chain - full frontal! photo IMG_8223rt_zpse7363b38.jpg

Quilt Stats
name: Tribal Chain
size: 59" square
pattern: Tribal Chain, in the Spring 2014 issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited
fabrics: Neon PinkNeon Green with White by Riley Blake
quilting: all-over woodgrain quilting in white #2024 Aurifil 50 wt thread
binding: Medium Neon Chevon in Pink by Riley Blake

Tribal Chain photo from MQU Spring 2014 issue - photo by Kevin May photo MT5A0879_zpsb8302250.jpg

You'll find this quilt pattern featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited, alongside some other beautiful quilts from Jacquie Gering and Heather Bailey plus a profile on Heather with loads of beautiful photographs from her sewing space! You can usually find Modern Quilts Unlimited at Jo-Ann Crafts stores and Barnes & Noble. It's one of my favorite quilting magazines these days, so I definitely recommend you check it out!
Monday, July 14, 2014


Whoops, didn't mean to take a little blog vacation there! The summer is just flying by, between adventures with the munchkin, working, and sewing. I can't believe that July is already in the double digits, and that means that school is literally right around the corner. And if the calendar weren't reminding me of that, the fact that Target already has its entire school supply section set up is a complete in-my-face reminder that it's my just about favorite time of the year: school supply season. Have I mentioned how much I like office supplies? School supplies are nearly as awesome, and it's amazing that I've managed so far to not buy a single thing in the shiny and neat school supply area at Target.

My SEW letters in my sewing room photo IMG_0865rt_zps6cdb2298.jpg

In addition to drooling over school supplies, there's definitely been a lot of sewing happening. 99.999999% is stuff I can't share, which I hate, because I like to share, but I can at least share some tease-y photos for now of what I'm up to...

Chain piecing for the win! photo deadlineline_zps82f0458e.jpg
nothing like chain piecing for the win!

August #luckystarsbom sneak peek photo augustsneak_zps1dc1d75d.jpg
sneak peek at the August Lucky Stars BOM block

Teeny tiny hst's photo IMG_0844rt_zps1d205355.jpg
teeny tiny HSTs for a mini project

#eternityring pattern sneak peek photo eternityringwip_zps4c6a19ca.jpg
Kona, Kona, and more Kona

And I realized that in taking a little mini blog vacay that there are a few things I can actually share that have come out, so yay for that! I'm going to try to and get those shared that this week. In the meantime, here's hoping you're having a wonderful summer in your neck of the woods!
Monday, June 23, 2014

Winging It

I'm not usually a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of quilter. Sometimes I wish I were - sometimes I see beautiful improv quilts and wish I could throw caution to the wind and just let a quilt come together, but my type A tendencies usually make it hard for me to do that kind of thing. That's exactly why I was surprised when I out of the blue up and decided to start adding to my Drop Dead Gorgeous block to turn it into a medallion quilt. I had spent a while sketching a few weeks ago, trying to think about how I wanted to tackle it, but I hadn't come up with anything that I really loved, so it got pushed to the back burner, awaiting inspiration. But this weekend, rather than continuing to move it around my design wall, I printed some extra templates from the pattern and started playing with how I could use them to start creating the first border.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Medallion in progress - border 1 on! by Elizabeth Dackson photo IMG_0812rt_zps2cec88f4.jpg

I'm really happy with how it's working out so far...though I haven't a clue where I'm going to go next with it, let alone how big I'm aiming to make it, but I'm trying to enjoy the process. I'm digging into my scraps and putting them to use for once, which is nice and refreshing - I feel like I haven't used scraps in eons! Now I'm wondering...are you a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants quilter? Or are you a thinker that's got to have it all lined up and planned to the hilt before cutting into a single piece? Inquiring minds want to know if they're alone :)

Drop Dead Gorgeous scraps for the medallion by Elizabeth Dackson photo IMG_0813rt_zpsc06b60bf.png

Welcome! I'm Elizabeth, mom to a very busy six year old boy and I sew for my sanity. Let's get to quilting, shall we?

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