Monday, November 22, 2010

Mug Rug Addicts Anonymous - MRAA

Hi, everyone. My name is Elizabeth and I think I'm addicted to making mug rugs. Someone stop me!

But they're so fun. They're really just mini quilts and the idea that you can make a little quilt with beautiful scraps and finish it off in a naptime or two is just fantastic.

Have you made one yet? What are you waiting for?! Need some inspiration? Check out what this fantastic group has been up to...

1. mug rug alone in all it's glory :), 2. Modern Meadow Patchwork Mug Rug, 3. eiffel tower mug rug closeup, 4. Tiny Squares Mug Rug {Front}, 5. Vintage City Scene, 6. Mug Rug--Complete!, 7. Christmas Tree, 8. Holiday Mug Rug, 9. Selvage Mug Rug - In Progress, 10. snowman mug rug, 11. Mug rug done!, 12. Mug Rug - nearly there!

I finished up the mug rug for my partner in the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap, phew!  I'm excited to get it off in the mail today, along with some extra goodies for my secret partner.

Finished front!

Finished back - I love the way the outline quilting makes the back look really cool

After I finished this one off, I had some other ideas for mug rugs, and decided I would make a pair for both my brother and sister for the holidays, so I scrounged around in my scrap bins for some fabric that I thought they would like.

I used linen for the first time on these mug rugs, which was interesting to work with.  I really like the texture that it gave to the mug rugs.  It makes them feel like they're truly meant to be used.  I will definitely use linen again, especially for this kind of thing.  I love the crosshatch pattern that the linen has, it's so beautiful.

A pair for my brother, using Moda Origins and some Robert Kaufman Quilter's Linen

Some wonky lines on the Origins mug rugs

I was explaining the project to my mother on the phone, and she suggested I write a little note with each set to explain what a mug rug is.  When I finished these up and realized how much they resemble potholders, I figured she was right.

A pair for my sister, using lots of random blue, gray, and white scraps and some Robert Kaufman Quilter's Linen

Teeny meandering quilting on the blue scrap mug rugs

So here's what I was thinking...

What am I?  I'm a mug rug!  What's a mug rug, you ask?  A mug rug is a mini quilt, perfect for holding a mug of your favorite beverage and a snack, too.  So, what are you waiting for?  Use me!

P.S. - Things might be a little quiet over here on the blog this week, with all the prep for Thanksgiving going on at my house.  I'm hoping to finish at least one more project this week before Thanksgiving, so stay tuned and have a wonderful holiday week!


  1. I am a member of MGAA. I a new member. Pics coming to a blog near you!

  2. Mug Rug Love! All of yours are adorable and the written description that you wrote is perfect. Good luck with your Thanksgiving prep.

  3. With all of these Mug Rugs floating around I have been kind of thinking the same thing as your mom -- if you add a layer or two or extra batting they would be the perfect potholders. Or maybe I have just been thinking that because I finally made myself potholders last month after using folded dishtowels for the last 6 months. :)

    I am in love with the blue and gray MR.

  4. what a perfect gift!!!i should make one for my sister and mother!!! i like the note you will be adding.

  5. Cute mug rugs!

    I haven't joined the mug rug craze yet. I'm not sure why. The size just seems odd to me, I guess. I actually found some heat-resistant batting (there's a layer of mylar in with the batting), and I'm making potholders for everybody in my fam for Christmas. I expect those will be just as addictive. : )

  6. The description is perfect - welcome to the MGAA family! :D And thanks for including my little WIP in your mosaic!

  7. Sew cute! I want to make some too. I haven't yet... too busy with Christmas presents, but hopefully soon!

  8. these are beautiful! i haven't joined in and made one yet, but I can see why they are addictive!

  9. I love those mug rugs ^.^
    But I think that I'm also mug rug addict (just don't have enough time for sewing last days).
    Great colours and patterns.
    Best regards

  10. I adore those mug rugs--thus far I haven't made any, but I have plans. :)

  11. Very cute! I gotta make me some mug rugs....

  12. I know what to make for Christmas gift! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. No snow in Florida?!? WHAT?? :) I spent last holidays in Florida actually and it was such a different experience not being cold...not bad, just different :) Keep being addicted to your mug rugs cuz I love 'em!!

  14. I think we're starting a Mug Rug Craze! I too am addicted to these cute little projects and yours are wonderful! I love your idea of including a little note!

  15. Love the greys..and especially with the orange and yellow! I think I'll have to learn how to make those beautiful corners that you do on your borders. Loving 'mug rugs'!

  16. cool mug rugs, I am also getting into them, just too much fun!
    thanks for visiting.


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