Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A soft book for the boy who loves to bend books

First off - have you noticed today's date?  1/11/11?  Make a wish or something, a date like this doesn't come around very often.  It's not like I'm some kind of numerologist or anything, it just seems kind of cool that today's date is made up solely of the number 1.  I think I've officially geeked out enough for one post, so let's move on to some fabric goodness...

My nephew Matthew is notorious for bending back the spines of his board books, so for his first birthday, I thought it was only appropriate that I make him a soft book that he can bend a million times without breaking.  I started doodling this last week while half-heartedly watching an episode of "Super Why" with the munchkin, and he was keenly interested in my sketching.  I suspect he may ask for his own soft book, even though he's way too big for one now, but I suspect I'll cave in and make him one anyway.

Somehow, when I got the wonderful idea to make this book, I kind of forgot that I'm not an artist.  I can't draw a straight line, I'm not very good at drawing...see where I'm going with this?  Some of the pages came out really nicely, and I'm really proud of them, but the boy and girl?  Not so much...

I embroidered his name on the front, and I found a new favorite way to trace embroidery - at least small embroidery designs.  I held my fabric on my laptop monitor and traced with my disappearing ink pen.   It was awesome!

All in all, this was a pretty quick project to put together, which made me happy, because I've still got my niece Katie's birthday present to make too.  She'll be getting a doll from the Wee Wonderfuls book, though I haven't decided on which one just yet.  They're all so darn cute!  She's really big on dolls at the moment, so I want to make her one while she still enjoys them.  Off to see all of the other wonderful goodies at Fabric Tuesday this week...

UPDATE: Sounds like some of you would really like a tute, so I suppose the munchkin will be getting a soft book of his own after all.  I will try to work up a tute this weekend for you all :)


  1. That's so clever! It came out great. I'm totally impressed that you came up with that yourself. And don't worry, I can't draw either. I think that's the appeal of quilting-straight lines!

  2. Oh my stinkin' cute!! How did you make the book? Is there a tute?

  3. What a sweet gift! I know your nephew will treasure it.

  4. I like that a lot! I wish I would have had energy to sew when my kids were babies, I would have liked to make them soft books. Yours is amazing!

  5. Hi! Introduced to your blog from Lee @ Freshly Pieced. So glad I found it. Your projects are fabulous..... And. Another quilt along, yeah!

  6. That is so cute! I need to make some simple soft books like this for my twins. Great idea!

  7. OK, I'm lovin' that soft book! I want to know how you did it?...jealous me. I wish I'd been there with you to make one and 'copy' you! Thanks!

  8. This is so cute and such a good idea. How did you bind all the pages together?

  9. Wow, this is so adorable! What a great handmade gift idea :)

  10. This is awesome! I think you have an artist hiding somewhere inside!

    Jennifer :)

  11. I love the ribbons on the sun!

    Just so you know you are not alone on 1/1/11 my husband and I were talking about all of the 1 dates 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11 and the best of all 11/11/11. So many reasons to celebrate. ;)

  12. ComPLETELY adorable book! I geek out about dates like today's too - you're not alone!!

  13. That's adorable! What a great job.

    I have an award for you on my blog!

  14. This is great! Love the idea! And I think your boy and girl look just fine. :)

  15. That is a really wonderful book! I know at least one new baby who'd be the right age by the time I would get one finished...

  16. A tutorial would be wonderful! This is very cute!!

    Angie - www.craftedAngles.com

  17. So cute and fun! Perfect for my nephew that will be 1 in just a few short months. Thank for the inspiration! Smiles~Beth


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