Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WiP Wednesday: Lucky 13!

Is it truly pathetic and over-neurotic of me that I have actually written a sewing schedule for myself for the rest of this month?  I totally think so.

It just feels like there's so much to do this month, and it's February, so it's short.  February also means it's my son's birthday and my mother's birthday.  My husband's best friend from childhood, who is also my son's honorary godfather, always comes to visit for a week or so for the munchkin's birthday, so that also means I've got company this month.  I'm in the thick of potty training at the moment with the munchkin, too, which has been...well...not my finest moments in my parenting career, to say the least.  I think we've rounded a corner at this point, things are going well, but it's still a little stressful and we haven't left the house much.  You'd think that would bode well for my progress, but not so much.  And there are too many projects that simply must be finished this month!!  Two of my swaps are due to be sent at the very beginning of month in the {Sew} Beautiful Bee is March, so I have to get ready...those twin boys are about to be born any day's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, in terms of the time crunch, so yes.  I made a schedule.

So far, it's been insanely helpful in warding off my notorious quilty-ADD.  I've gotten a lot done since the last WiP Wednesday, so maybe being over-organized is (while being awfully dorky) kind of helpful for me...

3x6 bee blocks

{Sew} Beautiful block for Emily

do.Good.Stitches blocks
Spicing Up the Kitchen swap package - stay tuned for a post!
SMS Tutorial - stay tuned!

Making serious progress:
Munchkin's birthday polka dot quilt - He announced at the post office last week that I was making him a polka-dot quilt.  I had kind of thought he'd forgotten about it, so it was nice to hear.  All the blocks are made, the top's done, now I need to quilt like a madwoman after I make the back.

Margaret's Hope Chest quilt for Kayla - I've changed my mind about the design of this quilt.  Instead of going with the Blockapalooza quilt, I'm going to do either a colorbrick quilt or a modified bento box quilt, I can't seem to decide.  I worry the bentos might be too modern, so I may stick with the simple colorbrick style.  Fortunately, I have several hours of quilting ahead of me to think it over.
Robot twin quilts - The backs are made, I just need to baste and quilt these guys!  I plan to have a few days here of nothing but quilting so I can get these done.

Zero progress:
Make Mine Modern swap
Urban Home Goods swap
Single Girl king size quilt

New projects:
My {Sew} Beautiful blocks - I've decided on a block, but I'm still debating on the fabrics.  I'm going to be asking for a spiderweb block paper pieced, but rather than piecing them together like spiderwebs, I'm going to sash them all, so they look like really cool stars.  I was even thinking of asking my awesome bee girls if they'd be interested in doing a reverse spiderweb block for the quilt back.

Pillow cover for my mother's birthday
String Me Along February block

WiP Wednesday #13 Recap
Finished: 5
In progress: 6
New: 3
This week's total: 9


  1. haha! you know you are over committed when you have a schedule for your hobby! i was feeling the same way- i made a to do list with deadlines and managed to make progress.
    Love those 3x6 blocks! the polka dot quilt looks really big, what size is it?

  2. Seems like making a list is the thing to do!
    I love the Polka Dots quilt!

  3. Ha, I should probably make a schedule too, I always have more planned projects than time. It's great to get the updates on what you've been up to, beautiful work!

  4. It's not pathetic! In fact, I need to do the same thing so that I can get everything done. Between January and February, we have 7 birthdays, so it's busy in my home, too! I'm sure that you have it under better control than I do :)

  5. Hello Elisabeth! Thank you for your visit and lovely comment! You have so wonderful blocks and all your quilts are beautiful and special!
    Sunny wishes from Crete! Teje

  6. I probably need a schedule, I just make and re-make about five to do lists every week...Love your bee blocks!

  7. This is stressing me out a little bit, Elizabeth! I have lots to do too, and I really should come up with a schedule. But for now, I'm happy to live in denial. :)

  8. I think a schedule is a fabulous idea! I am like you, I start to panic when I don't have a plan. Your son's quilt turned out fantastic! Cant wait to see it all quilted. Love that spiderweb block, that's one of my favorites for sure!

  9. I'm trying to work out why you haven't been added to my sidebar already so I'm going to do that now, I love your blog and I love the blocks you make, you have a really good eye.

  10. Those 3x6 blocks turned out great! I especially love the blue/gray, because the fabrics just flow into one another. :)

  11. Hoo boy, I feel your pain. I'm thinking I might need a sewing schedule myself, to keep me on track with the things I HAVE to do instead of going off on some tangent that isn't a necessity!

    At any rate, it looks like you're doing pretty well to me! The polka dot quilt looks great. Good luck with the potty training! You know I feel your pain there as well! : )

  12. I make sewing schedules all of the time! My husband just rolls his eyes at me, bc i get so stressed about getting projects done. :)

  13. Oh Elizabeth, I laughed out loud when I clicked on this post!

    I had just spent about an hour filing swap details into a display book, which then led to me putting some tutorials I'd printed into another, and then finally getting all my swap deadlines in the diary - so I'm with you on the whole nerdy planning thing!

    (and strangely, at exactly the same point in the Make Mine Modern and Urban Home swaps LOL - dyou realise we only have a month left for that one!! eek!

    I just love all your blocks - totally yum.

  14. Sewing schedule dorks unite! Would it make you feel better to know that I have two lists going - one is the master list of projects (includes bee blocks), the other is that week's task list. I am not even kidding.

    You were so productive this week - love the polka dot quilt!

    And if it makes you feel any better, I don't think potty training results in *anyone's* finest parenting moments.

  15. You've got wonderful things going on!! I have to say, I'm pretty envious of anyone organized enough to do things like make lists! I'm the least organized person ever - if I made a list - I'd lose it!

    Your bee blocks are all so beautiful, and the polka dot quilt is going to be wonderful! Congrats on all of your great progress.

  16. I really like your block for Emily. I think I need a sewing schedule too. Too bad somedays are to stressful for me to get to sew, which is interesting because I started sewing again to deal with the stress. Huh? Interesting. Good luck next week.

  17. Hey, whatever works! Whatever you're doing it's working, because those blocks and quilt are gorgeous!!

  18. Your WsIP are WONDERFUL, and I love that your munchkin is so excited about his quilt. :)


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