Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Twin Beep Beep quilt tops

I spent my sewing time this weekend sewing up some quilt tops and getting sick.  My son came down with a not-too-nasty summer cold last week and managed to pass it on to me, just in time for the weekend.  Fun stuff.  I'm starting to feel better now, and I managed to do a lot of sewing on Saturday before I got too sick.

I sewed up these tops for babies James and Liam, who are just too cute for words, and I'm excited to hopefully finish these up this week.  Well, excited and not at the same time - I've really enjoyed working on these quilts!  These fabrics are so fun, you can't help but smile when you're working with them.  I'm going to back them with some Kona solids, with a nice coin-style stripe in the center to break up the solids a little bit.

I love a good windy quilt photo
When I returned to my door after photographing these quilt tops last night, I had an unwelcome surprise on my doorstep.

I tried to keep my cool, since I had the munchkin with me and I really don't want to pass on my fear of snakes to him, but I'm pretty sure I kind of shrieked when I saw it.

I'm linking up with Fabric Tuesday today, hop on over and see what everyone else is finishing up this week!

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  1. I was just slowly sipping my morning coffee and gazing at those groovy quilt top when I scrolled down and .... EEK! Bet your heart was pounding :(

  2. My boys wanted a snake years ago. I found a Garter snake in the parking lot at work, so I took it home to "rescue" it.

    The boys loved it, but it turns out it was pregnant. Garter snakes give birth to live babies. One morning my son yells, "Mom, Come Quick, Speedy is pooping worms!!"

    About 60 or so "Worms" later she was done... It was educational. The best lesson learned... Don't bring wild animals home to your kids...

    Beautiful Quilts. I am sure the twins will cherish them for a long time!


  3. Beautiful quilts! Those look fun. Sorry about the snake. Ew!

  4. My fear of snakes was passed on to my daughters but not my grandchildren. To me the only good snake,benign or poisonous, is dead and burned. Silly, I know but it is how I feel after being bit by a 'benign' snake.

  5. LOL, Paul!!! 60??? too funny :) Baby snakes are adorable (so long as they're outside and not something like water moccasins or pigmy rattlers).

    Still, even though I have nothing against harmless snakes (the girls had a corn snake for years - easiest pet in the world to care for), I would have shrieked, too, Elizabeth. Then when I realized it was a harmless specimen, I would be happy to have it in the vicinity, as it will eat pests for me. But I would have told it to STAY OUTSIDE and moved it far away from my doorstep! lol I'm funny like that. ;D

  6. Love the quilt tops! So cute! The snake not so much. When I was a teen in Florida, my dad sent me out to move the hose...well, when I reached for it, it moved...it was this huge black snake about 8 feet long. EEK!! Hope you're feeling better, it's been spring colds and allergies here too.

  7. P.S. I really, really love the quilts :)

  8. Love the quilt tops! I love when fabrics are so fun like that. I really enjoy every step then as I get to oogle the fabric.
    And the snake - EEEKK! We apparently have big spiders in our new house and I've had the same moment. I don't want my daughter to be terrified of them, but all I want to do is squeal like a tween at a Justin Bieber concert.

  9. These are beautiful, wow!
    I love the cools - cool, soothing, but fun, too!

  10. I just shrieked looking at the picture of the snake! Yikes!

    Love the Beep Beep quilts! Great colors, and these will really grow with the boys.

  11. Love the quilts! Very Cute!

    My daughter yelled up from our basement one day, "Mom, I see SNAKES." 5 to be exact......it was not a good day! And my husband wasn't home....

  12. such cute quilt tops! the colors are just perfect!

  13. Oh my goodness, I certainly would have let out a shriek! Your quilt tops look great though! I just love a nice block in block pattern, so simple and a great way to show off larger patterns, you were a busy lady!!

  14. Yikes! This freaked me out. I fear nothing more than those slithery things...

    But your quilts are cool!

  15. LOVE the quilt tops!! SO cute!

    SOrry about the snake! We get a lot of unwelcome visitors on our porch too... bats. yeah. They are so gross!!!

  16. Two tops of perfect harmony---cute!!

  17. beautiful twin quilts, the colors and fabrics and just lovely! and I hate snakes too- sorry snakes- just don't like you!

  18. Beautiful quilt and I do hope you are feeling better. I have killed 3 snakes in our yard this year. I also try and be "super brave" in front of our son, but also teach him that snakes aren't to be messed with. Without me showing any fear of snakes, he has managed to fear them on his own and spiders, so I think some things are just "coded in our DNA" to be afraid/or nervous about!

  19. Loving the quilts, not so much the 'wriggler'!!

  20. You're THAT productive when you're in pre-cold mode? What's your secret?! Love the quilt tops. Bug squick me out way more than snakes do.

  21. Hi Elisabeth! I hope you are feeling better!
    You have made really beautiful quilts! Colours and fabrics are wonderful and I love that simple pattern! I think I'll put this on my list!
    That wasn't pleasant suprise on your door - we find sometimes snake on our garden because we live in a village. Mostly I'm affraid because of the dogs.
    Have a lovely time! Teje

  22. The quilts are lovely, the snake - not!

  23. Sorry about the sickness :-( I love those quilts...you got a lot done for being sick! Love the fabrics too!


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