Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FWQAL Week #5: The one where I make my favorite block so far

This was an easy breezy Farmer's Wife week, phew!  I made two more blocks, one of which is my new personal favorite, thanks to some super bright fabric choices.

Block #19: Checkerboard
I'm mildly disappointed with my fabric choices on this one - they're a bit muted, in comparison to the rest of my blocks.  This was a relatively easy block to put together, which made me happy, but I wish I'd used a different fabric rather than the blue Bliss print here.  It's just too soft when paired with the white and blue flowered print I used as a background fabric.  Lesson learned - go bold or go home with my fabrics!

FWQAL Block #19: Checkerboard

Block #20: Churn Dash
While this classic block is pretty popular, this is the first time I've ever done it.  It was definitely a breeze to put together, and I'm really happy with the fabrics I used on this one.  This orange Metro Living print might be practically neon, but I really dig it, and it pairs awesomely with a blue print from Kumari Garden and a blue print from DS Quilts' Picnic & Fairgrounds collection.

FWQAL Block #20: Churn Dash

I've now got 20 blocks all put together, which makes me feel somewhat accomplished.  I'm getting to the point where I'm almost a quarter of the way through this quilt - wow!  What a thought!  I definitely feel like I've polished my traditional piecing skills, and even the tricky blocks have been worth the effort.  If you haven't already caved in on this quilt-along yet, you might want to give it some thought!

FWQAL Blocks 1-20


  1. That second block does look pretty bright, but when you put it with all the others it looks great! And I think those bold colors really help show off the crisp points. Fabulous quilt so far!

  2. um, i LOVE the second block! it's got so much zing! all your blocks are looking fantastic so far :D

  3. Your Churn Dash looks wonderful! Whenever I make a sampler quilt I have to remind myself that not every block has to be a "star"...some are supporting cast. Otherwise I would find myself remaking half the blocks and never finish!

  4. You're so right! The bright colors make the block impressive by itself, but it really adds when put into the group of blocks.

    I'm learning by watching you do this quilt. These are fabrics that I love individually, but would not put into a quilt together. However, yours looks spectacular! I need to be more adventurous I think. :)

  5. Wow, you are booking on these blocks! Nice job! I am still holding out until I get a couple items done.

  6. your blocks look great together!

  7. Your blocks are looking really good. I had a hard time with the farmer this week but that's one of the reasons I wanted to do this quilt along to challenge myself and to learn some new tricks. I'll get there and before it's all said and done I will master these itty bitty pieces.

  8. Both blocks look great, but I especially like your churn dash. Love that orange!

  9. Ohhh love that second block!! That orange really makes it pop! Even though the first block may be a little muted, it still blends so well with your others, like you meant for it to look like that!

  10. hahah "Go bold or go home!" Well said! The blocks look awesome! That Churn dash is spectacular!! The whole group looks amazing! Way to go!!

  11. Your blocks look fantastic together!

  12. That second block is great :-) And I think your first blends great with the rest, the soft colours look good!

  13. I really like how bright all the blocks are and how well they go together. It's hard to imagine anything else when you see the photo on the cover of the book. It will be a very nice quilt!

  14. they look awesome together up there on your design wall!

  15. I have to admit, I'm getting close to caving in. I so want to quilt, but with a new job and a lot of travelling for that, I haven't the chance. I could, perhaps, manage a block or two a week though. Now to pick up the book.

  16. Your blocks are great---love the fabrics! Just wanted you to check out your Calico Puzzle block...is one of the 1/2 sq. triangles turned differently?? Wasn't sure if i should've mentioned it, but anyway, they're all beautiful!

  17. Your blocks look beautiful! I kind of like the subtlety of the checkerboard block. And your Churn Dash is fabulous!

  18. your blocks look SO beautiful!!!!!

  19. Wow, love your blocks, they look fabulous.

  20. I love your blocks! Look forward to seeing yours come together. I absolutely love your blog header too, it's very cool!

  21. Your blocks are looking lovely. I think one of the neatest parts of this sampler, is to see what becomes of my fabric choices, and then seeing others choices and how they turn out to. It is quite a learning experience.
    ~ Kimberlee at The Spunky Diva 


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