Monday, August 8, 2011

Busy as a bee

It was a quilty kind of weekend at my house - I finished a couple of Farmer's Wife blocks you'll see tomorrow, some bee blocks, and did some quilty designing, mainly thanks to two late nights in front of my sewing machine.  Here's a quickie rundown...

do.Good.Stitches blocks for the Love circle
I filled in for Kate of Needle & Spatula this month, who's in the midst of a big move, and Ara Jane asked for some improv blocks using yellow, brown, pink and khaki.  I was surprised to find a serious lack of browns in my stash, but I found a few and made it work.  I didn't expect to really dig this color palette, since I'm not much of a brown person, but I really like these blocks, and moreover, I like these colors together now that I see them in a block.



do.Good.Stitches blocks for the Bliss circle
Would you believe I've never done a Dutchman's Puzzle block before?  These were my first two.  Michelle is our quilter this month and asked for two red, white, and blue Dutchman's Puzzle blocks.  The tutorial she linked was a breeze to follow, I highly recommend it!


For the Love of Solids swap
So, I spent some time with my sketchbook and then later with my computer, trying to put a few ideas together.  I then realized that I was kind of designing to my own tastes, and while I think my partner and I have a few things in common, I figured that I ought to see if I could get her opinion in the Flickr group.  I'm really happy with a lot of these, and I suspect I might wind up making some kind of variation of all of them at some point, I like them so much.  Do you have a favorite?

Talk to me, partner

I have a question for you, blog you buy quilt patterns?  I ask because I might (or might not) be working on a pattern at the moment, but it's a bit more involved than my free tutorials, so I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it yet.  I'd love to hear from you guys on this!

Did you do any stitching this weekend?  Or were you busy outside in the blistering heat?   Either way, I hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Oooh! I love the bottom 2 designs in the right hand column. Looks like someones influences by the modern crosses quilt! The teeny crosses in squares is really cute :-)

  2. You have been busy!

    I don't buy patterns (sorry!) but that's probably because I am a new quilter and when I started,I idn't know patterns existed! Quilt #1 we flubbed (a string quilt); Quilt #2 was a QAL from Oh Fransson! and Quilt #3 is an appliqued quilt of my own design. I found the instructions for the scrappy string blocks I am making on the web. You didn't want to know any of that, did you? ;-)

  3. I like the top right one. Yes I do occasionally buy patterns and books with patters in them. But usually, I make up my own.

  4. Love the Dutchman puzzle blocks with the white! Great fabric choices.

  5. I am that person that buys too many patterns and never makes them! Love to see it!

  6. Lovely blocks - those Dutchman's puzzles are yummity yum ... might have to make one right now!

    I've already commented on your groovy FLOSS patterns ... I think they're just lovely too!

    I don't buy patterns - I tend to do my own thing - but that doesn't mean I wouldn't buy one if it really tickled me ...

  7. I buy patterns! I especially love buying pdf patterns that seem to jump into my email box like magic! And love all your design ideas for the Solids swap, especially the last two.

  8. Thanks again for filling in for me!! The improv blocks look great, I agree that the color combo was not something I would have thought of, but I really like it!

  9. Your blocks are great, I would never have put those colours together but I agree that the combination is far nicer that I would have expected. I have now commented on your designs over on flickr, they are all great. I have a lot of pattern books and I have made some quilts from them, and they provide inspiration for my own ideas. I would encourage you to give pattern sales a try.

  10. I love buying patterns because the math is all done for whatever size I need at the time. Go for it!

  11. I rarely buy patterns unless they truly are original. I can come up with any number of patterns that utilize a traditional block(s) or hst's and I like doing the quilters' math and making it my own. With all these free patterns around the 'net, this is one niche where I can save money (and then spend it on more fabric!).

  12. First reaction -- block #4.

    I buy patterns and books/magazines with patterns. From those I have made quilts and table runners. I also make quilts from tutorials and quilt-alongs. (I let others do the math as it makes me crazy!) Currently I am working on a guilt-along and also a blogged quilt with an easily discernable block pattern. (A little math here but I managed it somehow.)

    This weekend I took a break from all the sewing I did during the week and cleaned closets.

    Thanks for blogging -- yours is one I check every day to see what's going on.

  13. Like fabric, I have a ton of patterns and books! If you happen to be working on a pattern I would be the first one in line to buy it! You are so incredibly talented I'm sure I will love it! Good luck!

  14. I like your yellow and brown blocks! I don't buy quilt patterns, but I think you should go for it, because I do believe lots of people buy them!

  15. Blistering heat??? Never in N.Ireland sadly! Your brown & yellow blocks have a lovely 1970's retro feel - v.nostalgic. I don't usually buy quilt patterns or kits, try to just make up my own. But I'm sure there's a market for them out there, esp. for beginners. Jxo

  16. Love your Dutchman's Puzzle block! Great fabric choices.

    I'd say go for the pattern! I do buy patterns sometimes. You know math and I don't agree, so I'm always happy to have someone else do it for me!

  17. My favorites are the two on the 3rd row. So awesome! I rarely buy patterns, I can usually draw up whatever I see that I want to make or find a free tutorial online. There are plenty of people who are willing to buy, especially if there's a lot of math involved. I say go for it!

  18. I love the top two and the bottom left- but they are all nice. I occasionally buy patterns- not many, but some just really strike me.

  19. I never buy patterns. I have bought a few quilt books that contain patterns at garage sales, but that is about it. I just can't seem to bring myself to spend money on a pattern when I could use that money to buy fabric. :)

  20. Love the Dutchman's puzzle block, the colours are gorgeous.

    I commented on your layouts over on Flickr too :-)

    Re: patterns,when I started out quilting I bought a few patterns and I have some books too and I'm trying to use I like doing my own suff. But if it was a bit complicated I could be tempted :-)

  21. Ohh I love love love that bottom left design! They all are great, but I especially love that one :-) Those improv blocks are so fun! I love working on bee blocks in colors that I don't typically go towards, and end up really liking! As for purchasing patterns, if it something I absolutely love, then certainly I'll purchase (and I'm sure a pattern you put together, I will most definitely love!) :-)

  22. All those blocks are beautiful but I LOVE the blue and orange!

    I don't buy single patterns. I buy books for eye candy.

  23. For some reason, tho I like them all, I like the one upper-left the most (in this moment!) And yes, I purchase quilt patterns. I especially like them as pdf's via email so I can store them on the computer & print as needed.

  24. Sorry I don't buy patterns mostly because I'm cheep (er...frugal), somewhat because I don't like following instructions, and a little bit because I like math. :) BUT I'd love to see what you've come up with and maybe it'd be worth it? :) My creating is usually a flowing progression, not much of a planner.

  25. Nice bee blocks! You're so sweet to fill in for Kate. For your solids quilt, I like the third one down on the right the most, but they're all cool! And thanks for asking the pattern question, very interesting to see the feedback.

  26. I like the last one on the left.

    As for patterns, I don't buy them. I have a highly visual mind and can normally figure out the most complex of patterns if the block dimensions are given. However, if the price is low and the pattern shows a lot of originality I am much more inclined to spend the money. On the converse, if a blogger is trying to sell patterns for an incredibly simple block pattern I am much less likely to buy their other patterns. I have seen numerous instances of the same pattern being free on one blog and a paid pattern on another. So I guess the question comes down to is the pattern highly original or is the person trying to write instructions for something that is a basic concept and charging for it.

  27. To be honest, I don't think I would ever buy a quilt pattern. I'm usually inspired by other people's designs and tweak them to fit my needs. Good luck though!

  28. Love your bee blocks!

    I don't buy patterns. I'm the same as the commenter before me in that I work with inspiration and then make my own design.

  29. I buy more books than patterns. I think the only patterns I've bought in a long time are for clothes... Because I have no idea how to put clothes together. :)

    I love all your designs! The bottom two, the one with red and orange, and the top right are all my favorites. :) I can't wait to see what you come up with!


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