Tuesday, August 9, 2011

FWQAL Week #7: The one with the triangle vomit block

Thanks everybody for all of the feedback on yesterday's post, I really appreciate it!!

It's Tuesday, so that means it's time to talk about my progress with the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along.  I kid you not, this week I made a block that looks like triangle vomit.  It's not even a hot mess, it's just a bad mess, thanks to some seriously lackluster fabric choices.  But, I will press on!

Block #23: Country Farm
I really like this block.  It was crazy easy to put together, in comparison to the block that follows, and I'm really happy with the fabrics I used to make this block.  The fabrics for this block come from Erin McMorris's Weekends, DS Quilts' Picnic & Fairgounds, Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party, and Robert Kaufman's Metro Living.


Block #24: Country Path (a.k.a. Triangle Vomit)
On paper, this block doesn't look so offensive.  Sure, it's all brown and dusty looking, but the saturation and value changes make the block work.  But, I apparently was caffeine-deprived or something when I selected my fabrics and started cutting them, because my block looks like such a matchy-matchy mess with zero contrast.  I thought, momentarily, about redoing this block and starting over, but I either don't dislike it enough to scrap it or I don't like the block design itself enough to redo it, so it stays.  The fabrics from this block come from Robert Kaufman's Metro Living, Alexander Henry's Farmdale, and Bonnie & Camille's Bliss.


I am frighteningly close to being a quarter of the way through this quilt.  Every week, I half expect for the charm of the farmer to wear off, and for me to get bored with this quilt along, but I'm really enjoying (despite the griping) learning new block designs and learning more about quilting through this quilt along.  I get a little excited each week when I take out all of my blocks to put up on my design wall and see how they look.


I'm extra excited today because I am headed out tonight (yay!), after dark (double yay!) to see "The Help" with my best friend.  Have you read "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett?  If not, oh my...you are in for a literary treat.  It is one of my all-time favorite books, I've read it (no joke) six times, and listened to the audiobook twice.


  1. Hello Elisabeth! I need to find that book! Your blocks are really beautiful and because of all those lovely fabrics you have used! It's going to be one of my favourite quilts!
    Have a great evening!!!
    xxx Teje

  2. OH, all of your blocks look so great together! You've done a really great job of having contrast within your block (even if you struggled with the triangle vomit block - lol).
    And I'm so jealous! I want to see The Help, I seriously loved that book and can't believe the author got 60 rejections before being printed!

  3. Your blocks look wonderful!
    I just borrowed The Help from my mom - can't wait to start reading!

  4. I first listened to The Help on my ipod. It was good I could cook and listen at the same time or the kids would have had to fend for themselves!!

  5. Love the blocks - even your vomit one :) The Help is the best book I've read in a super long time!

  6. The blocks look really good together. I am in awe of all of you who are making the FWQ!

  7. Oh, triangle vomit. Too funny. I've really enjoyed following your FM progress!

    I'm interested to hear if you like The Help. I really enjoyed the book too, but I'm not sure if I can see the movie because (and I'm being totally serious here) I cannot stand what they did to Emma Stone's hair. I think I'll be distracted by it during the whole movie!

  8. I received The Help for Christmas and absolutely LOVED it! I had no idea they were even making a movie (we're a bit film-slow in IRL). I can't wait to hear what you think of it. Have a great night out :)

  9. Just wanted to say, I agree that close up, "triangle vomit" is a little overwhelming, but on the design wall, your concept shows.... I think it will just blend into the quilt and not be UGGGG when it is all said and done. I'm WAY behind on my quilt (first 12 blocks have fabric selected and rough cut/bagged) *grin* guess I should get going before I have to wait for the NEXT qal LOL!

  10. I can't wait to go see "The Help"! I loved loved loved the audiobook, especially Minny. Yeah for girls nite out and mexican food!

  11. Your blocks look great!! I am also waiting to be "over" this QAL, but if possible, I think I look more and more forward to working on these blocks each week! Have fun on your movie date, I am in the middle of reading it, and loving every second of that book!

  12. Loved reading "The Help". Our family can't wait to see the movie. Our friend Grant plays the part of the pharmacist in the movie. It will be strange to see him on the "big screen"!!! Oh, and your blocks on your design wall look terrific together!!!

  13. quilts blocks are nice but YOU mentioned The Help!!! EEEEK! Please give a review. I want to see this with my daughter when she returns from her summer job, after Labor Day. I DO hope that it will still be in theaters.

  14. Reading the phrase "the one with the triangle vomit" made me laugh so hard... triangle vomit sounds painful.... Anyway, I don't think it's so bad as you think. Sure, there's not a lot of contrast, but it's a pretty color, and amidst all your other lovely blocks I doubt it will draw too much attention to itself. :)

  15. Triangle vomit, lol, I love it!! Love The Help too, great book, have been forcing it on all my friends.. Even the ones who haven't read a novel since leaving school!

  16. Isn't the audiobook of The Help the BEST??? Right now it is my all-time favorite book. Maybe ever. Although now I'm listening to Rebecca, which I have read twice, and remember why it is also on my favorite book list as well.

    Triangle vomit--LOL!

  17. I loved The Help! Looking forward to seeing the movie (you're a lucky duck getting an after-dark hall pass!). Triangle vomit made me laugh - the block is a little lower-volume but it is definitely lovely.


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