Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Sewing Summit recap: Best Weekend Ever!

I have to warn you: this post is going to be scatter-brained.  I spent a good bit of time going through my photos and my suitcase, trying to figure out how to blog about the super amazing Sewing Summit, but I don't know that it helped much.  I feel all over the place, so exhausted but happy all at the same time.  It's been hard to get back in the swing of real life, I'm definitely missing all of my Sewing Summit peeps.  I'm still working on unpacking and finding homes for all of my new goodies, trying to remember all of the fun we had, and catch up on everything that I missed while I was gone.

When I got to my gate in Phoenix and saw "Salt Lake City" on the board, I almost squealed!
Despite being ridiculously overtired from hardly sleeping the night before and getting up super early, I couldn't help but grin while trudging through the airport on the way to my gate.  Even while rushing across the Phoenix airport to catch my connecting flight, I felt super excited.  As Salt Lake City came into view while I was on my plane en route to the Sewing Summit, my iPod was blaring my current favorite song, Coldplay's "Paradise." That was kind of the theme of the whole weekend.  I couldn't imagine a better way to spend a weekend :)

First view of SLC from the plane
Mountains in SLC
I roomed with Lee and AnneMarie, and it was so fabulous to finally meet them in real life.  They are just as sweet and wonderful as they seem on their blogs!  These two girls have been my support system in the blog world for pretty much the entire life of my blog, and it was so great to get to hang out in real life.  We did a little three-way roommate swap (hence the lovely pouches you saw yesterday) and AnneMarie made me a lovely pillow, using one of my favorite collections right now, Happy Mochi Mochi Yum Yum!  Isn't it adorable?

Fab pillow from AnneMarie
Gorgeous pillow from AnneMarie!
Lee's working on finishing up a super fab mini for me, she totally deserves extra time after rocking out her first fabric collection (did you see it???), so stay tuned for that. She did make me an awesome voile scarf, which I adore (and am wearing in this pic), so thank you, Lee!!  Miss you roomies already!!!

Amazing roommates - Lee on my left and AnneMarie on my right
Amy was fabulous, too, showed us some great fabric shops, and was an awesome friend all the way around. Amy carted me (and my ridiculously heavy bags) to and from the airport and kept us all cracking up throughout the weekend.  After our mini shop-hop, we headed to the Little America...but we had a minor problem along the way.  There was quite a thunking sound coming from the front of the car, and we all started to get a bit spooked.  We all dutifully hopped out of the car when we got off the freeway and kicked the tires, trying to track down the mystery noise...but none of us thought the front passenger tire was about to come off the car.  It later pretty much did, on her way home that night, but I'm happy to report that her car now has a clean bill of health, and she's none the worse for the stress of it.  

Amy is even funnier in person!

My fabric loot
Um...maybe I went a little overboard with the fabric??
We had an amazing dinner with the bee girls from the {Sew} Beautiful bee - all but two of us were there at the Summit, and it was wonderful to get to meet everyone.  Here's hoping that next time around, we can all get there and get a pic of all of us together!

{Sew} Beautiful Bee - Best Bee Ever!!!

Saturday Night Dinner, photos by Faith
I also had the awesome pleasure of getting to give a swap item in person - Darci was my partner in the Pretty Little Pouch swap, and I got to hand-deliver her pouch, which was a ton of fun.  And let me just tell you, Darci is the sweetest!  She kept swinging by to tell me how much people loved her pouch throughout the weekend.  So glad she liked it!!!

Swap partners!
Me and Darci, photo by Amylouwho/Amy Webb

The fat quarter swap that Kaelin hosted on Saturday night was a boatload of fun.  I had visions in my head of chaos (think Sample Sale chaos), but we were all really civilized and grown-up about it. I got some super fab new fat quarters for my stash.  Speaking of my stash, I have often joked that SLC is quilting mecca, and their fabric shops did not disappoint in the least.  I found tons of goodies!  My suitcase was positively filled to the brim on the way home, between all of the fabulous new fabric finds and the goodies from friends.

FQ swap results

I loved all of the awesome classes at the Summit, especially Amanda's awesome Marvelous Minis class.  She has so much personality and is so passionate about fabric and sewing, you can't help but feel inspired after listening to her talk.  Jeni did an awesome talk on fabric and color as well, and I loved getting to spend some time in the Sewing Room, practicing some new FMQ stitches and trying some new improv techniques.

Amanda is so inspiring!  Her love for mini quilts is contagious.

Rocking out with the Babylocks
Rocking out some FMQ with Lee and AnneMarie

Colleen, Amy, and Jennifer improv-ing
All in all, it was a super fab weekend, and I'm so sorry that it's over already!!!  So happy to have met all of these wonderful people in person.  I am having so much fun watching on Flickr and Twitter and seeing all of the fabulous photos from the Summit, so much fun that I've barely unpacked!

My improv block from improv class
My work from the improv class
It's a miracle I was able to cram everything into my suitcase, not to mention for it to wind up being under 50 pounds (just barely).  My Weekender, on the other hand, was a solid 30 pounds or so.  It was so super heavy!!!  I absolutely wish I had added more padding to the straps.  Mental note, if I ever make another one, I suppose.  :)

My haul from the Sewing Summit


  1. cool! looks like it was so much fun! Love what I see of your fabric purchases. Sometimes I"m glad I don't have a stellar lqs for just that reason. It's so hard to resist in person! thanks for the recap.

  2. So jealous!! Glad you had a great time and you can never have too much fabric. Love your goodies that you got!

  3. Your excitement comes through in your writing - glad you had a great time!

  4. Glad you had such a fabulous time! But really, how could you not? Everyone and everything looked completely awesome!

  5. Here in Singapore can only dream of such an event. Sounds fantastic.

  6. So glad you shared! It looks like it was dangerously fun!!

  7. Oh fabulous! Looks like you had an amazing time! Can i come next year?!

  8. Are you broke now? =) Love that you had a great time...and thanks for sharing the experience with us!

  9. I am positively green with envy, especially after seeing the picture of our Sew Beautiful Bee peeps! You better believe I'll be first in line to register next year.

  10. Wow! What an awesome time I had at the Sewing Summit, and I was only there via your blog today! Thanks for taking us along on your adventure.

  11. It looks like you had so much fun! I love all that yummy fabric.

  12. I loved your recap! It was such a fun weekend and now I'm totally sad it's over. My husband already agreed that I could go again next time and I will be counting down the days. LOVE the pouch you made!!

  13. Look at all that loot! It looks like you had a blast! I'm totally envious, but absolutely nothing is going to keep me from going next year!

  14. Oh!! That looks incredible! All those sewing machines all lined up... makes my heart happy!! Glad it was a great weekend!! Next time... I'M GOING!!!

  15. It was so nice t meet you, Elizabeth! It was quite a weekend, eh? :)

  16. It was such a fun weekend and so great meeting you!

  17. Very cool! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  18. How fun! I am so jealous you all got to meet in real life. And be in my lovely SLC. And have a blast as Sewing Summit. Thanks for sharing all the good times!

  19. Oh yea!! Thanks for sharing so many wonderful pictures! It looks like so much fun! I'm "only" 8-9 hours away... close enough to fantasize, but just couldn't swing it. Maybe next year!

  20. Dear Elisabeth, thank you so much for this great post! I'm so happy to see you and other friends there having fun and enjoying yourselves so much! That must have been really special weekend! For us who don't have any possibility to join (Greece is just too far) it is so nice that you tell us stories and show photos - feels almost like we were there with you!
    xxx Teje

  21. Sounds so so fun. I am envious and happy for you all at the same time!

  22. oh - I was thinking about you all this weekend, wishing I was there. Crossing my fingers for next year. Thanks for sharing the fun!

  23. ahh it looks like such a great weekend!. i plan on being there next year for sure.

  24. Sounds like a fab weekend, and wow, that's a lot of goodies!

  25. Miss you too roomie! Can't believe what a wonderful weekend it was. I don't really want to think about it being over. Thanks for being the fabulous person you are!

  26. I totally know what you mean about still trying to process it all! It was so great to meet you, wish we could have had more time to catch up :)

  27. Oh my goodness! I can't believe the weekend is over already! It was awesome to meet you in real life! Let's do it all again soon? Next time I'm leaving some clothes at home and buying more fabric!

  28. looks like you had tons of fun and a really unforgettable weekend!

  29. Seriously we should be able to give swaps in person all the time I think it would alleviate alot of the doubts don't you think??? Everything I said was true and I totally love the pouch. I love the pic of us too with our weekenders!

  30. I am a new sewing/quilter and I absolutely love your blog :) Thanks for sharing your trip!

  31. Seeing all these Sewing Summit recaps is making me so jealous that I couldn't be there as well! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    Quick question - you said you should add padding to your Weekender straps due to the weight, I'm assuming that's for a comfort reason, and that it held up well to all the weight?

  32. Yay, great recap! So nice meeting you!


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