Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WiP Wednesday: The one with the ridiculously small PJ pants

Naturally, now that Thanksgiving is over, I'm feeling the holiday rush, big-time. I don't know about you, but I'm seriously suffering with holiday-itis at the moment - while I'm super excited about Christmas coming up, I'm running around in seventeen different directions trying to finish all of my handmade gifts, make my Christmas cookie plans, do my Christmas shopping, and so forth.  I feel like I'm almost spending more energy trying to harness all of my plans and projects than I am actually doing. I don't have a whole lot of progress to share this week, but I'm hoping that I've spent enough time figuring things out and making plans that I can just get moving on things.  Mental note to self: Next year when I think about encouraging Christmas in July sewing on my blog, I really ought to actually do it!  Maybe it would stave off some of this craziness...

Jesse's quilt (a.k.a. the Summer Sampler Plus quilt)

Summer Sampler Plus quilt - done!

Still going:
Munchkin's PJ Pants - I took a stab at creating my own pattern, which led to a pair of PJ pants that would probably fit a Barbie or something, so I'm thinking I might break down and buy a real pattern because I apparently stink at apparel making.  Seriously - I couldn't even get the pants up beyond his knees when I tried them on him.  :(  I bought some cheap-o fabric yesterday for my next practice pair, because I will inevitably screw it up again, but I'm hoping for better results this time.  I also let the munchkin pick out some Batman flannel for some future PJ pants when I get the whole pattern thing nailed, which made him pretty happy.

Bake Shop Project - Well, I ironed everything and started cutting, so that's a tiny bit of progress.  Now that I've got Jesse's quilt taken care of, hopefully I will be able to find some time to spend on this quilt soon.

Bake Shop progress

Charmed Prints Quilt Along - I actually started to get started on this one today, but I think I'm going to veer off course and be inspired by the quilt along, but adapt it a bit, since I'm not working with actual charm squares.  I really liked the small preview AnneMarie showed initially for the quilt-along, so I'm going to scale my blocks to be quite larger - probably 12" ish finished - with a total of 5 plain squares and then 4 of the feature blocks.

Charmed Prints QAL inspired quilt progress

Farmer's Wife QAL - On hold until after the holidays

Potholders for school - I volunteered to make some potholders to go in the kitchen-themed fundraiser basket for the munchkin's class at preschool, and I've got until Friday to actually do them.  I better hop to it!

4x5 blocks - Though these aren't officially due until January, I want to put them on my list before I forget about them and fall behind.  I don't have any specific ideas on these just yet, but I'm going to try to keep them in the back of my mind when I'm sketching.

So...what are you working on this week?  Write it up and share it over at Freshly Pieced's weekly WIP Wednesday linky, and hop on over to check out some other fabulous sewing progress!


  1. That stinks about the pj pants! But I will admit to having done something similar. The last time I made some for my 4 yr old I took a free pattern (from Dana @ Made) for some 2T/3T pants and just added about an inch all around plus some extra on the bottom. I generally suck at garment sewing so I'm hesitant to make my own patterns but this has worked pretty well. And I love looking at your stacks of orange fabrics up there. Can't wait to see what they become!

  2. Love the colours in your summer sampler quilt!
    Please bring on Christmas in July 2012, it's the only way I'll ever be ready on time :)

  3. I am so excited you're using that robot print in your Charmed Prints QAL quilt - I am too! It is so totally cute :) Great idea using bigger squares too!

  4. still love the sampler quit! The oranges are so bright and lovely.. excited to see what they turn into.

  5. hmm, there has to be a pj pants tutorial online somewhere?
    love all those orange prints for your bake shop project.

  6. I've done that with pj pants too. **sigh**

    I LOOOOOOOOVE the fabrics for both the bake shop project (yea!!) and the Charmed quilt a long! Are those robots!? CUTE!!!

  7. Like Linz, I LOVE the colours of those Bake Shop Project fabrics!
    When? when? when?

  8. Amen! I feel the same holiday-itis! Good luck getting everything done- I'm routing for ya!

  9. love your quilt that is in Quiltmaker. Got my magazine yesterday and was thumbing through it and went hey I know that face:) Way to go.

  10. Love the colors you picked for your bake shop quilt. Can't wait to see more of it!

    I agree, having a pattern saves me a headache! It's great to find them on sale at Joann's and buying them for $1.00 when they're originally $18!

  11. I can't wait to see what the oranges become! So pretty.


  12. i have that same holiday feeling!

    pj pants are on my list too--6 pairs! but i will be using a pattern, for sure. clothes are not high on my skills list!

    i am looking forward to seeing what the orange project will become.

  13. oh dear about the pj pants....better luck next time around! ;-/
    And oh, I'm still in awe of your sampler - just love it!

  14. All that orange looks wonderful! A pattern or a book about how to design clothing patterns is a good idea, I am sure you will have lovely pjs made soon.

  15. Jesse's quilt is amazing. Bummer about the pants. And your MBS project looks intriguing (yay for orange!)

  16. Great fabrics on that bake shop projects!
    Looks like it will be a fun one.

  17. Love the Sampler quilt! I too had trouble with the first pair of pants I made-sewed the front to front and back to back on a pair of capris for my daughter-oops!

    A super simple pajama pattern I have used is Simplicity E2046 for sizes 3-12. The pattern is only a few dollars and I found it at Walmart. I was able to adjust the length really easily-my son has size 6 waist and size 10/12 length! Good luck!

  18. Your summer sampler looks stunning!!!! Can't wit for your bakeshop project!!1

  19. Your Summer Sampler quilt is truly a work of art! And all the other quiltey goodness going on at your house is amazing!

  20. OMG, that's exactly how I feel right now—I'm spending more time trying to harness my plans than actually EXECUTING the plans. I feel so scattered and crazy! Oh well, I'm sure it'll all get done in the end. Your Bake Shop project looks super yummy, love Half Moon Fever! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  21. Love the bake shop teaser photo. All of those oranges are awesome. Can't wait to see more of that!

  22. There is a super simple PJ pants pattern available from The Scientific Seamstress that you can download - but just realized it may not be small enough if your kids are little. I started using for about age 6

  23. I'm definitely not cut out for garment sewing. My mind just doesn't work that way! Something about the 2-D nature of quilts makes more sense in my head.

    Love what you're doing with the Gen X quilt-along! That will be really fun. Gorgeous fabrics for your MBS project too!!

  24. Oh no about the PJ pants! I never have much luck with garment sewing...let alone without a pattern, so kudos for attempting patternless garment sewing! Love those colors for your bakeshop project!!

  25. Oopsie on the PJ bottoms - have you tried getting a pair he has now and drawing round them as a starting point?

    Love the look of your in progress works too :o)

  26. I cannot wait for that MoMo line to come out it looks amazing! The colors just sing. Excited to see what your project is with them :)

  27. Oooh, love the fabrics you chose for the Bake Shop project!

  28. BTDT with the pj pants. I actually just inserted a panel at the side seams and called it good. The kid wears them, so they can't be that terrible!

  29. Ugh, I have so been there with the PJ pants.

  30. Lovely job on the summer sampler.
    Have to admit, its much easier just to buy a pj pattern. About the only thing I draft myself is a skirt.

  31. Just found your blog and am excited to read more! :)

  32. Woah, you have a lot of comments! Well, I wanted to tell you that a few months ago I googled bookshelf quilts and your blog back in April was the one that caught my attention and was the inspiration for my bookshelf quilt I made a friend

    Thank you!! :) I love your blog btw.


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