Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A whirlwind of a a fun fabric bundle

It's hard to believe that Christmas has already come and gone.  We had a wonderful family holiday at our house, full of Christmas wonder, tasty treats and family fun.  I have a feeling this is going to be a Christmas to remember, with the way the munchkin was so enthralled by all things holiday.  Rather than ripping through all of his presents in 10 seconds flat, he took his time with each present, and wanted to play with each one before opening more.  His favorite present, by far, was the Imaginext Batcave I picked up for him on Craig's List.  It reminds me of when I was little and was obsessed with my He-Man and She-Ra castles; castle obsession clearly runs in the family!

Santa really spoiled me this year!  I've been wanting to try a digital SLR camera for a long time, though I've enjoyed my little Nikon Coolpix this last year quite a bit.  I just wanted a bit more artistic control over the camera than it's been capable of, so Santa brought me a gently used Canon Digital Rebel for Christmas.

Oh, Santa, you shouldn't have!

It's amazing how different it is to shoot with this camera vs. my tiny (in comparison) CoolPix.  I've been doing a lot of practicing with the new camera these last few days, which was terribly intimidating at first, but now is starting to feel a lot more fun now that I'm learning more about the different modes and how things work.  I'm starting to get some good shots here and there, so I'm definitely learning.

Practicing with the new camera

Practicing with the new Rebel

Santa also picked up on the 17 (or more) hints I've dropped over the last month and picked up a new iron for me.  It's a Hamilton Beach Smart Lift iron, designed for easy pressing.  I've gotten as far as getting it out of the box and standing it up on my ironing board, but haven't actually used it yet.  Stay tuned, I'll be sure to tell you what I think about it!

Hello Smart Lift!

I also got a fun new cookbook, full of dairy-licious cake recipes.  I made my first one yesterday, a chocolate pound cake, which was quite tasty, though I can't seem to take a decent picture of the finished cake.


The husband has been on vacation from work since Christmas Day, so I haven't managed to get behind my freshly cleaned sewing machine just yet, but I'm hoping to clock some sewing time real soon.  It's been fun spending time with the family, but I'm also trying to get back into the swings of things, slowly but surely.  Time to start getting ready for the new year!  Organizing, planning, cleaning, all that fun stuff that I put off and only do once a year!   What about you?  How do you get ready for the new year?  Do you have big plans for the new year?  Any big shopping plans?

Have you seen the super fun linky party going on at Quokka Quilts?  Laura has invited everyone to make their very own Bloggers Choice bundle of 12 prints and 3 solids for the chance to win a one yard bundle of their own personal pickings!  Not that I need an excuse to shop and create a custom bundle or anything, but it sure sounded way more fun than the laundry I ought to be doing at the moment, so here's my bundle.


There's some Modernology, Domestic Bliss, Hyperreal Garden, Stitch, Dazzle, Prince Charming, Ruby, Bespoken, Palladium, Free Spirit Designer Solids, and Michael Miller Cotton Couture Solids.

I'm going to have to exercise some hard-core restraint to not just buy this bundle right this minute.  I'm really digging the rich eggplant, aqua and teal paired with the gray and lime!


  1. a camera AND an iron! you were spoiled! glad you had a great christmas! i hope you enjoy your time with your husband!

  2. I've had my new SLR camera for almost a year now and I'm just finally figuring it out! :) Practice makes for better pictures so just keep taking them! The SLR's are definitely fun to use.

  3. Ohhh great SLR and iron! Fun new toys to play with :-) Glad to hear your Christmas was so wonderful!

  4. Wow...that those are some crystal clear pictures!

  5. You must have been a very good girl for santa to bring you such amazing gifts :)

  6. You must have been very good this year, Elizabeth!! Have fun with your new toys!

  7. Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! What an awesome camera! You will LOVE it! I took a basic photography class this year and I am SO glad I did!! It is fun to take nice pictures!!

  8. I'm sure yout are excited to be learning more about your camera... hope it does not take away from your sewing time:)

  9. Sounds like a lovely Christmas for you - and fun bundle. What a great idea for a contest!

  10. Awesome christmas gifts! Have fun learning your new camera!

  11. We bought my 77 year old mum a Coolpix for Christmas - she wanted a smaller camera than the one she has! Right now she's reading the manual!

  12. Ooh, fab pressies all round in your house then! I got a new iron with my money I got from my granny - I think she was most impressed that I managed to get a £100 iron for £33 in the sale at the outlet mall :oD I'm going to get to bundle building tomorrow...

  13. You'll have so much fun with your new camera (and iron)! I got a gently used DSLR a while back, and it has been awesome. They seem to retain their value very well, too!

  14. So do tell..what made you choose that particular camera? I'm looking for something a bit better than what I have and would appreciate any advice....

  15. Hi! I'm happy to hear that you have had wonderful Christmas time with your family! Wow how great presents! I have had 'normal' Canon Eos and now small digital Canon and I have been so happy with them. Yours is surely fantastic - enjoy! And new iron - that is also so good!
    Happy New Year! x Teje

  16. I'm curious too - how did you choose that camera? It looks really nice and I know my husband and I will want a better camera eventually.
    Also, which cookbook are you trying out? That cake sounds delicious!

  17. Wonderful presents! I really love my camera, I think you will too!

  18. I have a similar SLR and LOVE it! Hope you do too! It's just a joy to shoot with. If only it could hide the mistakes in my quilts....

  19. Merry Christmas indeed! You got some great stuff. It sounds like you and your family had a great holiday.

    P.S. we got Luke the Batcave for Christmas last year, and I'd say he's played with it every day since. I love the Imaginext toys!

  20. Pretty fabric choices! Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  21. What a lovely bundle of fabrics! Glad you had fun choosing - thanks for entering!!!


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