Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lots of magical memories

As cheesy as it sounds, even going to Disney World as an adult feels pretty darned magical.  We took my munchkin on a family vacation to the house of mouse over the last week and have returned home exhausted, but happy.  It was so much fun, I wish my husband had been able to get more time off of work so we could have stayed longer!


Seeing all the sights and sounds of Disney with a four-year-old is really special.  His eyes would light up when he would see a character that he knew, especially those that didn't have big, heavy costumes and could actually talk with him.  He was even a bit shy with several of the princesses that he met, which was just adorable.  




He loved all the rides we went on, with one exception - the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin ride scared the crap out of him the first time around, but he later demanded to try again and loved it the second time.  I think his favorite ride was probably the Toy Story Mania ride at Hollywood Studios, which really was a blast.  When you wait through the line, all of the toys in Andy's room are people-sized, so you feel like a toy, and much like watching "Toy Story," you see lots of toys you had when you were growing up, which is a lot of fun, too.


The Electrical Light Parade at the Magic Kingdom was quite possibly his favorite part of the entire trip.  Between the music that seemingly dates back to the first time I saw the parade many years ago and the familiar characters, he had a huge grin on his face the whole time, and so the grown-ups in our family.


The Tomorrowland Speedway at Magic Kingdom was probably a close second to the Toy Story Mania ride - especially because the munchkin could actually steer the little car, which ran on a track so even with his limited steering skills, no one would get hurt.  A grown-up had to ride with him to reach the gas pedal, but he had so much fun driving!



Fantasyland was definitely a lot of fun for all of us, especially my mom, who rode on the Dumbo ride with the munchkin.  He loved controlling how high Dumbo flew!


My mom treated the munchkin to his very own set of ears.  He picked out a pair of Sorcerer Mickey ears and wore them for most of the trip.  He loves the Sorcerer's Apprentice story and made a beeline for these ears, then proceeded to try on every other pair of ears we could find, to make sure he liked these best.  I have to say, there are so many more kinds of ears than I remember when I was a kid!  R2-D2 ears!  Woody the Cowboy ears!  Pluto ears!  Very funny to watch the kiddo try all of them on :)


It feels so good to be home and sleeping in my own bed again, but we had such a good time on this trip.  Definitely a magical trip, and definitely one I'll remember for a long time to come.  I missed you all, and I hope to get back in the sewing groove this weekend after I conquer the humongous pile of laundry glaring at me as I type this!    Wish me luck!  


  1. Aww, looks like so much fun! We took our daughter a year ago and it was so much fun. I can't wait till the little guy is big enough. Good luck recovering :)

  2. I seriously love Disney World!! I am glad you guys had a good time!!

  3. It does look magical! I'm so glad you got to go. I MUST take Luke sometime soon!

  4. I agree! The best word to describe WDW is magical! We went a few years ago with our teenagers and had a blast. Aladdin is such a cutie and the princesses are the sweetest girls.

  5. i really can't wait to take our kids there. i am so glad you had fun and sorry about the laundry... boo!

  6. Aww, fun! I can't wait to take the girls! : )

  7. Looks like a wonderful trip!

    We went to Disney over xmas this year and had the greatest time.

  8. I am so glad you had a wonderful time. The best part of Disney the last time i went was watching all the little ones faces light up at the parade. My kids are all grown but being able to see their faces brought it all back. I dont even know how much of the magical light parade I saw I was so enthralled watching the kids around me ;)

  9. So glad you had fun (as if you wouldn't). Reading this brought back memories of our trip in February :)

  10. I've never been to WDW but practically grew up in Disneyland. I still love it (spent our 25th anniversary there) and look forward to our next trip. SOMEDAY we'll get to WDW.

  11. Looks like you all had a fantastic time! =D

  12. Fun post! We love Disney World, too, and can't wait to go back someday. My boys were older both times we went, and it was still magical for all of us. You can't beat that place!

  13. Amazing memories for everyone. I can`t wait to take our soon to be 4 year old to Disney but I guess it will be EuroDisney and that means one thing. Rain! Lovely images.

  14. Looks like such a fun trip! And not sure who's having more fun with Dumbo, the wee man, or grandma ;o)

  15. Great pics. I chuckled at the one with Aladdin because it made me remember a similar one of my then 3 year old with Aladdin and Jasmine except she was in tears because the Genie was there too and she was terrified of him.

  16. So glad you guys had such a great time, it certainly looks like you all had a blast!!

  17. AIE!! I miss Disney. We used to have season passes when I lived there!!! My R2D2 ears hang over my mirror lol. I loved finding those at Epcot. Thanks for sharing your good times!

  18. Now you've got me wanting to go back!!! We took my oldest (now 11) when he was five and he had a HUGE crush on Cinderella. I swear we were the only family without a girl in line...LOL! I can honestly say this trip will stay in your heart forever. Seeing those eyes light up for the first time is magic in and of itself. So glad you got to go!

  19. I don't know if we will ever make it to Disney World but we try to go to Disneyland as often as possible. Last year we took the family. SO much fun. Levi had a serious crush on Belle. He would just stare at her and sigh, "She's so pretty....." Too cute. Looks like you had a great time!

  20. Awesome! We are going to Disney in a few weeks for my soon to be 5 year olds birthday! Still trying to decide all the stuff we should do.

  21. I never went as a kid, so I'm pumped to take kids with my husband someday ;-)

  22. We once, foolishly, promised 5yo DD a trip to Disneyland in 2001 but it never happened (probably because I stopped working to be a stay at home mum for five years). she has never forgotten it and occasionally reminds us of it (she's now 26). Of course for us, it's a huge deal; airfares alone cost as much as an old second hand car!


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