Monday, March 18, 2013

A quilty kind of weekend

Monday again already? How is it that the weekend is over already?!

Olivia trying out my favorite longarm of the day, the Juki

It was a busy weekend, but a good one, and even a quilty one for the most part. I spent Saturday visiting some local quilt shops and attending the Original Sewing & Quilting Expo in sort of nearby Lakeland. It was an interesting trip. Most of the booths were comprised of local quilt shops and machine vendors, with some random vendors, like an exercise booth and a hand lotion booth. I went with Olivia, a friend from the Tampa Modern Quilt Guild, and we had a good time, trying out longarm machines and poking through fabric booths trying to find modern goodies, which were tough to find. I even fell in love with the Juki TL-2200QVP Quilt Virtuoso Pro, a gorgeous longarm machine, but alas, I have no room for such a fun toy.

Fabric @ Original Sewing Expo in Lakeland
I did luck out and find a yard bundle of one of my favorite lines of all time, MoMo's It's a Hoot. Snapped that right up as soon as I found it! I also picked up a few extra FriXion pens. Have you tried those before? They're a standard office supply pen that you can find at Staples, Office Depot, and the like that is erasable, and disappears when an iron is applied. They're great for marking HSTs and such!

My haul from the Original Sewing Expo in Lakeland

We saw a few cool product demos, like this bias binding ruler by TQM that makes bias binding take a bit less brain power. The ruler even folded up in the middle, which I thought was pretty cool. There was a other ruler, also by TQM, in the same booth that helped you join the two tails of binding after you've sewn the rest on, and that was awfully tempting.

Binding tool @ Original Sewing Expo in Lakeland

We also managed to get clobbered by chicken feathers. Literally. After the expo, we went to a few local quilt shops, and on our way to one of them, we wound up behind a chicken truck.

What the??? What's all that flying white stuff?

At first, we had no idea what was on the truck, only that little white pieces were flying off the truck at us. Then at a stoplight, we were able to get close enough to see the poor little chickens all caged up on the truck. It was definitely a hilarious sight to see.

OMG, it's chickens!

I spent the rest of the weekend starting on a new pouch for the upcoming Stash Bash sewing retreat next month (still a few tickets available right here), using a new star for the Lucky Stars BOM, but way tinier. This little guy is going to be 3" finished. Can't wait to finish this little pouch up this week! Have a great day today :)

Doing some teeny tiny #paperpiecing tonight for the #stashbash pouch swap!


  1. I love this block. Completely love the word fabric. What is it?

  2. Hi Julie! Your Blogger profile doesn't have an email address associated with it, but I wanted to answer your question so here I am! The word fabric is from Violet Craft's Madrona Road collection for Michael Miller Fabrics and the print is called Memoir in White.

  3. I've heard the Frixion pens reactivate when fabric gets cold or wet. A couple people I know had their projects nearly ruined. Watch out!

  4. Hi Cathy! Your Blogger profile doesn't have an email address associated with it, so I can't respond to you via email so here I am! The Frixion pen markings only reappear when they reach below freezing temps, so unless your washer is some kind of super industrial super cold washer, I doubt you'll see the marks again after using a hot iron to remove the marks.

  5. I use bloglovin to keep up with my favourite blogs !
    Those poor little chickens ........I'm sure they didn't think it was " hilarious " . When I see pictures like that I wish I was vegetarian ! !

  6. Lovely tiny block! Interested to see what it will looklike when finished!
    Wish I found that fabric from MoMo's It's a Hoot, it is fantastic!

  7. Sounds like an awfully fun quilty day!

  8. Well, clearly, step 1 is buy a bigger house, step 2 is buy that longarm, right???

  9. Frixion pins are amazing as is that fabric. I hate binding a quilt -- it's probably my least favorite part so I am going to look into that tails ruler because i can never remember how to do it correctly and usually end up cheating to finish off my binding. I have gone as far as to buy another ruler that uses the backing to make the binding, which works well on small projects but not as much on the larger ones.

  10. Elizabeth, you have to check out sewmamasews latest tutorial on binding... mystery solved with those little tails. That brilliant woman showed the easiest technique ever for getting things perfect, and I have tried her method and it works perfect! I think it was a few weeks ago so you will have to scroll through some newer posts to see it, but it really is so simple and works perfect.. no specialty ruler needed... Glad you had a fun weekend, jealous of your Hoot find and drooling over that Juki longarm too...

  11. I have a ruler similar to the one shown for a year or so and I like it. And I'm getting really fast at joining those tails now after seeing the method "straight end + 2,5 inches", sewing the strips angled together. Yeah for that. :)

  12. OOH you went to the expo! Did you see my little quit in the mini show there? :) It was the little one with the curry binding... :) It makes me happy to know it's traveling the US! I tried that Juki longarm when the show was here in the fall - pretty fancy!! Tempting, but not too tempting for an apartment dweller!

  13. I have both of the rulers and they really take the guesswork out of the process. The bias binding ruler lets you get the maximum binding out of a half yard of fabric. The small ruler is great for perfect joining the two tails but needs a bit of adjusting for those mini projects. Love them both.

  14. I was at the Expo on Friday. I'm sorry I missed you. One of these days we might actually meet up!

  15. Yeah, as Gina said, caged chickens in a truck = not hilarious. It means they're on their way to slaughter. It's painful and terrifying for the little girls :(


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