Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Big plans to travel handmade

The Stash Bash

I'm super excited to be heading to The Stash Bash next month in Georgia, and there's nothing like travelling handmade, having something totally unique and totally you to carry your stuff in. So, I've got big plans over these next few weeks, not only to make a Studio Cherie Quilted Travel Duffle, but I'm also hoping to eek out enough time to put together my Sew Sweetness Aeroplane Bag.

six-hour road trip: here I come!

The Duffle comes first, because I'm lacking a duffle, and because I'm fully expecting that I'm going to need a duffle, stuffed full of fabric to use throughout the retreat weekend! I'm using a super fun Kokka print by Nancy Wolff, but I had a hard time figuring out what to pair it with. Tentatively, I'm planning to use an orange Sketch print for the bag's accent straps, but I'm not sure if it works. What do you think? Is the orange too bold?

Quilted Duffle plans

For my Aeroplane bag, I'm totally going with a QAYG exterior, with either some fun patchwork  or some of my Melody Miller stash, like these viewfinders. If I don't get to work on it before the retreat, it's definitely coming with me as a project to work on at the retreat!

Do you like to sew bags? Do you want to hear all the gory details of putting these two bags together, like I did when I made my Weekender? Bags are definitely not my forte, they take a lot of brainpower for me to process the idea of making something 3D as opposed to a nice 2D quilt, but I'm always so happy with the results. First up on the bag-making agenda: cutting a zillion and twelve pieces of fabric and interfacing, wish me luck! And don't forget to enter the Threadbias Quilt Design Tool giveaway, it's still open until tomorrow at midnight. Have a great day :)


  1. I think the orange looks great with the main penguin fabric. And the other bag made in the viewfinder fabric would be terrific. I haven't made any bags myself yet so I have no advice to offer but good luck wishes to you for an easy time of it.

  2. I think the orange is a good match. And I'd love you to do detailed process blog posts - your Weekender posts made me brave &/or crazy enough to tackle it myself!

  3. 50 of us at the Sew South Retreat just made the StudioCherie bag. It is a GREAT bag and I will use it a lot. My advice is that you allow plenty of time to make it up. It is not a bag you can make up in a day. I think that the bags with the most contrast of the handles looked the best, so I would definitely go for the orange.
    Linda F.

  4. I just finished two of the duffle bags. I think. I bought my pattern from simplicity, I'm pretty sure they are the same. Your fabrics are cute. I think I am now addicted to making bags and purses. :)

  5. I like the orange as the accent. It will be stunning! And I'm planning to make the same bag for the Stash Bash. :-) Just printed my pattern out yesterday! And I haven't decided what I'm going to work on while there, so maybe I'll bring my Aeroplane pattern too. What fun! Great minds think alike..

  6. Yes I'd like to hear all the gory details as both of these are on my list!

  7. I like the orange with the penguins. Brings out their beaks :)
    Woohoo for stash bask I am going too (coming in from Birmingham, AL).

  8. I love the penguin fabric. I detest the color orange, so can't give you a true statement on how well it coordinates with the fabric. Were it me, I'd pick a different color... but that is just me...

    I've not tried any bags yet. The duffle looks intriguing. Might be a great way to use some of my stash - perhaps a duffle in hockey fabric for Gus when he travels with his team is in the future.

  9. I love the orange fabric with the penguin fabric--and for the other bag I love the viewfinder fabric! Too cute! :)

  10. I love the orange fabric with the penguin fabric--and for the other bag I love the viewfinder fabric! Too cute! :)

  11. I love the orange fabric with the penguin fabric--and for the other bag I love the viewfinder fabric! Too cute! :)

  12. I love the orange fabric with the penguin fabric--and for the other bag I love the viewfinder fabric! Too cute! :)

  13. I love making bags and would enjoying hearing how things go for you. I have made several of Sara's cute bags and thought she did a great job with her instructions! I was even lucky enough to be a tester for a few. I thought your weekend bag turned out great! A weekender style is next on my bag list! That reel fabric is wonderful!

  14. The orange is awesome! Have fun in Georgia.

  15. Wish I could go to the Stash Bash--I bet you ladies will have so much fun! Also can't wait to see your bags. :)

  16. I think the orange fabric goes very well with the penguins! And the travel duffle is a really great bag. I made one a couple months ago and one of the luggage inspection guys at the airport told me he liked my pretty bag =) my main fabric was floating mums by kaffe fassett in the purple-orange colorway and the accent fabric was a small orange and white polkadot.

  17. I love making bags and this Aeroplane bag is on my list of to do for me and my DIL.
    I'd like to do the Weekender too but I've heard so many horror stories that I'm not too sure I want to attempt it.

  18. Dang it, woman! I'm going to have to make a duffle. I'm not sure why I'm blaming you, but that's what's happening. :)

    Yes to the orange! For sure!

    (I swear I'm just seeing this post now! I didn't know you were making one when I e-mailed you yesterday!)

  19. Yes, I would love to see/hear the gory details. I'm obsessed with the weekender and/or the aeroplane bag but I'm scared to try making them myself! I'd love to know if the duffle or aeorplane are easier / less tricky than the weekender. Thanks!

  20. I love the aeroplane bag, that's next on my list. Interested to see how you do the QAYG - I did the Elizabeth Hartman style for my weekender and loved it. So yes to all the gory details please!

    And also definitely yes to the orange- sketch is awesome.


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