Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Last week before Thanksgiving, I decided to take my Juki into the shop. Couple the lack of sew-jo I've been feeling lately with the spring that mysteriously popped out whilst FMQ'ing recently, I figured she was due for a nice tune-up. I just got the call that it's going to another week before I see her again, thanks to a badly damaged needle plate. No idea what I did to the needle plate - or if it was even from me, maybe it was from the previous owner and I just didn't notice? - but it needs to be replaced, stat. Yikes. I sure hope the part comes quickly.

Something's missing from my sewing room :(

It's true what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder. This whole week that I've been without my machine, I've been missing it terribly. I even got out my old Husqvarna Viking in an attempt to sew something, only to get frustrated with how slow the darned thing is and give up. I think my sew-jo is trying to come back, bit by bit.

Christmas Cross Stitch Progress!

I've been spending my evenings on the couch, enjoying the light of the Christmas tree, and working on my Christmas cross-stitch sampler from last year that I never finished. I'm making good progress this year. It's really nice to unwind with a little cross-stitch at the end of the day. I'd forgotten how enjoyable it can be. With just another 20 and a 1/2 days until Christmas, it's entirely possible I might just finish this sampler before Santa makes an appearance! Happy Wednesday to you :)


  1. Oh, that hole in your sewing machine makes me sad! I can see how the Juki would have you spoiled--it's so fast!

    The cross-stitch is lovely. I don't think I ever started (!) mine from last year. I saw a really cute idea where a woman made little tiny wall hangings (could be ornaments!) out of the individual squares. I think I'll try to make a few of those as Christmas gifts.

    My machine needs serious servicing too, but I'm waiting until after Christmas! :)

  2. Your sampler looks lovely. My sewing machine is due for a tune up, but I just can't stand being without it for 10 days. So I'm postponing it until next year so I can finish my Christmas gifts. I hope you get yours back soon.

  3. I kind of had the opposite experience...i KNOW what I did to my Janome...hit the bobbin shuttle hard, nicked it the needle stuck. Guy at the repair shop said "two weeks", so I mourned, and went home. Getting ready to head out of town for TD, I get a call...three days later...she's done! I had planned to have down time with no guilt, but now I could sew, but was going out of town! The best laid plans of mice and men I guess...hang in there...your cross-stitching looks great! My eyes can't do it anymore :)

  4. I try to take my machine for cleaning when I know I will be good and busy! I get the mojo...nosew!! It's nice to have a break, but on the other hand that seems to be when all the brilliant ideas come!

  5. For folks like us who do a lot of sewing, it can be hard being without a machine. It looks like you are making the most of the time away from it with your sampler. It looks great!

  6. I just got a new juki-- tonight was its first night out of the box, and I'm still in shock at the speed. I even have the speed control set to medium. It's insanely fast. I love it so far. Coincidentally, I also have a Viking, which is what I'm switching from. It kept skipping stitches during FMQ, so I finally sent her to the shop and ordered the Juki as my early Christmas present. I should have done it a year ago-- so much sturdier than my Viking for FMQ!

  7. I love to cross stitch........ I guess thats why I like EPP. Talking about UFO, I have lots of them, but being a seasonal kinda gal, when its over like Halloween, I stitch TG, then Xmas..its fun when you are about finished with something and the next year you do finish it and you have a new piece.

  8. Oh gosh - I still have this beautiful angel on linen crossstitch from - wait for it - 1995 that I have been making for my youngest. I'm such a failure..... lol! Life certainly got in my way! I ought to drag it out and work on it - if I can see the squares....

  9. Oh dear, hope Juki comes home soon! The cross stitch is cute anyway!

  10. Hope your Juki makes it home safely--I've been coveting one for a while, and my birthday is in February. The cross stitching looks great., too. On a trip to Scotland this summer I bought a tiny kit to make a cross stitched pin cushion, with the design based on a tapestry hanging in Stirling Castle. I love souvenirs that I make myself :-)


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