Monday, December 16, 2013

Welcome home, Juki!

Last Thursday morning, I got the call I'd been waiting two weeks for - my Juki was ready to come home from the repair shop! Yay!! I hustled over to the shop in loads of holiday shopping traffic, not even minding the traffic a bit for once, knowing that I was on a very important errand.

I brought her home, promptly set her back up in her table, and then set about to hunt through my photo collection to try to figure out where I went wrong with her. My Juki went to the shop right before Thanksgiving after I finished up a deadline project where I felt like I had to fight for every inch I finished of the project. I knew something was wrong, but I also knew I had a deadline I had to meet, so I tried to put on my best Tim Gunn to just make it work. I assumed I had a timing issue or maybe something had been knocked loose somewhere because it seemed awfully noisy. Don't get me wrong, this is a semi-industrial machine and it's pretty noisy on a good day, but something sounded different. And I was right - the needle plate was pretty badly damaged - dented and dinged as if the needle had been hitting it over and over.

This is not what a needle plate should look like - the repairman marked it up with the nail polish to draw attention to the needle hole, where the damage is
The damage is at the needle hole itself - you can see that portion of the plate is dented and the hole has clearly been struck many times! Yikes! The repairman added the red nail polish (NOT blood!) to draw my attention to where the damage was.

As soon as they told me that, I started to wonder if this was something I did to my poor machine or if perhaps I didn't notice that kind of damage when I bought it secondhand. When I first bought it, I fully intended to bring it in for service, just to give a good once-over before I put it to use, but I couldn't help myself - I started using it, and then I couldn't stop!

New needle plate all loaded up and ready to sew with!
Brand new needle plate all ready to sew with!

So, after hunting through my photos to see if perhaps I had a photo that showed me what the needle plate looked like when I first bought it, and finding photos where that needle hole is just out of focus, I've decided I needed to stop worrying about who caused the problem. What I do need to do is pay attention. If something sounds wrong, stop sewing. Take it in for service if I can't discern the problem on my own. Thankfully, I seem to have found a good repair shop, they were a pleasure to work with, but I'm hoping I won't have to see them again until it's time for a little yearly service.

A stack for a Lucky Stars mini for the foundation paper piecing class I'll be teaching at the Minnesota Quilt Show this summer!

Now that the Juki is back, I've got a laundry list of projects, from Christmas presents to class samples and other deadlines that I've got to get cracking on. And I'm just three squares away from finishing my Christmas cross-stitch project, so I'm hoping that there will be some finishes, or at least some fun progress, to share over the next few weeks! Happy Monday to you all!

Another stack I made while the machine was in the shop


  1. Hooray for you and your Juki! Glad to hear you have been reunited. And can't wait to see what you two will have to share in upcoming posts!

  2. That first picture was a little alarming on my blogroll this morning. :) Looked like someone had a bloody accident!

  3. Glad you've got your machine back and those stacks of fabrics are lovely! Can't wait to see what you turn them in to.

  4. It's torture having a machine away, glad you can get going again. Your repair man should invest in a bottle of pink nail polish so we don't all freak out at the sight of not-blood.

  5. I'm with Sarah. I was about to pass out at the sight of blood, but thankfully I continued reading.

  6. Nothing worse than when your precious machine has to go to the workshop. I did wonder if your machine attacked you before it went in for a minute there!

  7. I've broken and bent needles in my Juki because something was off and then it wouldn't got thru the needle hole anymore. fortunately, all it took was a new needle, but I'd never seen a needle bent like the letter J before! glad to hear you're back in business.

  8. Hi Elizabeth, I've just gotten the first batch of these cookies done - they're such a nice addition to my Christmas baking - so festive ! Thanks for sharing the recipe. BTW I'm in Canada and we get our sweetened condensed milk in 300ml cans which is just over 10oz but the sugar cookie package was smaller too so it all worked out just fine.
    Have a Merry Christmas !


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