Friday, August 8, 2014

Quilty Flashback Friday: The one with my Castle Peeps quilt

Welcome to the first Quilty Flashback Friday! Share your own post at the end of this post, I'd love to see part of your quilty history :)

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One of the first large quilts I ever made was for my niece, with one of my first fabric crushes - Castle Peeps by Lizzy House, back in the summer of 2010. When I made this quilt, I wasn't real comfortable with mixing prints, to say the least, so I stuck with the bundle I had and went to town with it, using Elizabeth Hartman's Mixtape Quilt pattern (which is no longer available, sadly).

Playing with Castle Peeps - Summer 2010 photo IMG_1433_zpsbe8c3d43.jpg

I remember when I first bought the fabric, I was intimidated. I had bought it specifically for this pattern, but I was a bit frozen at first, fearful that I'd make a mistake in the cutting and foul it all up. I was not a natural rotary cutter when I started quilting. I was afraid of the darned thing, and I was terrible at properly measuring fabric. It took a lot of practice to get more precise with my cutting and to get over my fear of this odd cousin of a pizza cutter, but when I did get over my fear, I no longer felt so paralyzed by cutting into prized fabrics.

Auditioning block placement - summer 2010 photo IMG_1462_zps1c989a75.jpg

This quilt was my first foray in trying to be organized in my quilting - trying to keep blocks in a certain order and such. I took lots of (super bad) pictures, I used index cards, I made piles, but in the end, the finished quilt top was definitely not the way I laid it out, and I recall being really bothered by that. Looking at it now, I think it looks great, and I no longer see the blocks that I meant to put in different places, the way I did when I first finished it.

My first bed-sized quilt finish - summer 2010 photo IMG_1555_zps05ea4d51.jpg

This was also the first real large quilt that I free-motioned. I had gotten a bit better with free-motioning, over the several baby quilts that I'd made previous to this one, but I still had a lot of room for growth. At the time, I just felt proud to be finishing the quilt on my own. I can remember that while I free-motioned this quilt, I managed to fold the excess backing and batting over onto the actual quilt backing and batting at one point, and quilted over it. I didn't notice I'd done it until I finished free-motioning and went to trim the excess to square it up. I was so frustrated, oh my goodness! I'm pretty sure there were some big fat tears. Boo :( The best part is how I fixed it...I kind of didn't! I trimmed off as much of the excess batting and backing as I could with some teeny tiny scissors, because I honestly didn't think to rip the stitches out, which is just hilarious to me now.

FMQ'ing away - Summer 2010 photo IMG_1474_zps92f3397e.jpg

All in all, I learned so much in making this quilt. More than that, I started to trust myself more as a quilter, and when I finished this quilt, being the first bed sized quilt I ever made, I felt like a real quilter. I had forgotten about that moment until I started reflecting on this quilt, as it's something that's a part of my daily life these days, so I'm really glad this is the quilt I looked back on today.

Now it's your turn!

Quilty Flashback Friday photo QFF_zps4df0cd76.gif
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  1. That was the first big quilt I made and FMQed! I don't recall any special disasters, though I started out the FMQ (a simple meander) super-tight, and there's a visible line you can see on the back of the quilt where I had simply had enough of how long it was taking and made my meander bigger :).

    I've sewn another one that is waiting to be quilted and I'm putting it off because I can't decide how to quilt it. Maybe ignorance was bliss - up to that point I only ever quilted straight lines, and now I've done a bit more so the decision is a bit paralyzing.


  2. I can totally relate to the feeling of knowing the final quilt layout wasn't what you had meant it to be! I really like that by going through your old project you were able to remember that sense of accomplishment.

  3. I like the white sashing - I've never used white because I know it wouldn't stay white in my house...the kids, the dogs, the dust:)
    The top I just pieced together had the blocks to be "just so" and I decided to try Bonnie Hunter's webbing the top method to keep it organized - it wasn't as easy as she made it look, but the blocks are where I wanted them and in the correct orientation - Yay!

  4. Good story of "how it used to be"! Nice to hear how amazing quilters such as yourself come to BE such amazing quilters!!

  5. I too have had that d'oh moment when the blocks in the final top somehow got out of order... In the end it has always been okay, but that moment when you realize really does suck. Thank you for sharing both the quilt, and what you took away from it. It's gorgeous!


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