Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A fun little hand sewing project

By the time night falls these days, I'm pretty much pooped. All I want to do is put my feet up on the couch (hopefully for a footrub) and veg out in front of the television for a little bit before I eventually fall asleep. Lately, though, I've been doing a bit of hand sewing on the couch that's been really, really enjoyable.

Vanessa Christenson of V + Co has such a great eye for color. I've been working with her fabrics for years now, since her first line for Moda, Simply Color, came out, and I've been a bit fan of the ombre solids she frequently includes in her collections. Her next collection is actually ALL ombre solids, and it's a beautiful rainbow of gorgeousness! I'm working on two different projects with these beauties, but only one of them can see the light of day at the moment, and that's my EPP project.

I made an EPP starflower pillow a few years ago, using text prints and scraps, and to this day, it's one of my favorite things I've ever made. So I've decided to make another, using Vanessa's gorgeous new ombre solids and my new favorite text print, Newsprint in Graphite by Brigitte Heitland (of Zen Chic) for Moda, available at Stash Fabrics and Pink Castle Fabrics. Sidetone: I adore this new line of Brigitte's, Modern Background, it's full of gorgeous text prints that I want bolts and bolts of!

Ombre Starflowers in progress - by Elizabeth Dackson

These little starflowers are super easy to sew together, with just one EPP shape required, the 6 point diamond. So simple, and yet so fun to put together! I'm not entirely positive what this will turn into just yet - maybe another pillow? Maybe a mini? Regardless of the end result, I'm enjoying the process thoroughly right now. Just need to be careful to not fall asleep with a needle in my hand :)

More Ombre Starflowers in progress - by Elizabeth Dackson
Monday, October 26, 2015

39 Blocks Before Baby: Week Twelve

This past week, I got to make one of my most favorite quilt blocks of all time - the spiderweb :) I've made quite a few spiderweb blocks over the years, and while it's a super tedious block to make, it's by far one of my favorites because of the sparkling effect you can create with them! I also made another block I've made a few times, the Crown of Thorns block, which is another great classic block that has so much vibrance to it.

Spiderweb - 39 Blocks Before Baby by Elizabeth Dackson

I adore this block. This is the first 12" spiderweb block I've made - and if you're an Epic Sampler BOM subscriber, you'll find out how exactly I managed to pull that off in a few months when this block pops up for the club - and I'm so glad I tackled that, because I think it's going to add so much to the finished quilt. It's also great for all those leftover bits and bobs from previous blocks!

Crown of Thorns - 39 Blocks Before Baby by Elizabeth Dackson

Crown of Thorns
Loads and loads of HSTs aren't always my favorite thing in the world, but I do really love them in this block. They're worth the effort here, for sure. I especially love the mix of the blues with the yellow/gold center of the block - it's a color combo that I'm often drawn to, actually.

Have a wonderful week everyone, and a happy Halloween this weekend!
Monday, October 19, 2015

39 Blocks Before Baby: Week Eleven

Just sixteen more blocks to go after this! So exciting!!!! I love adding more blocks each week to the design wall for this project, it feels like such an accomplishment every time I get through one and put it up on the wall. This week, I made two more paper-pieced blocks, Sunburst and Good Morning Starshine.

Sunburst - 39 Blocks Before Baby by Elizabeth Dackson photo IMG_4823rt_zpsaosf2kcd.jpg

I adore the colors in this block. These darker blues mixed with the yellow and teal just make my heart happy. I think this block would also be super striking in warm colors, it'd be like a sunset almost.

Good Morning Starshine - 39 Blocks Before Baby by Elizabeth Dackson photo IMG_4831rt_zpsdzkrozdp.jpg

Good Morning Starshine
The first of two 18" blocks in the quilt, this block is a boatload of triangles. Triangles, triangles, and more triangles! In spite of all of the pieces in this block, it's quite monotonous, with the same angles repeated over and over again, so it's really not as hard as it looks. The number of pieces is really the only time-consuming part about the block, but it comes together fairly quickly when you employ some handy-dandy chain-piecing.

Maybe next week I can manage to get a decent picture of all of the blocks together, because it's really starting to look like a quilt up there, which is super exciting. Have a great week!
Monday, October 12, 2015

39 Blocks Before Baby: Week Ten

Ten weeks into this project, and I've officially more than halfway through! This week's two blocks bring the total number of blocks made up to 21, leaving me just another 18 more to make over the next two and a half months before baby arrives, so I'm feeling really good about wrapping up at least the blocks for this project right on time.

This week's two new blocks are the final 6" block, Color My World, and a 12" block, the Spunky Pinwheel Star.

Color My World - 39 Blocks Before Baby by Elizabeth Dackson photo IMG_4834rt_zpsmaurvlof.jpg

Color My World
This block was originally a 10" block that appeared in a pattern of mine, but I've always loved the simplicity of it. This block is an awesome block to do over and over again, too, but in this quilt, there's just the one. It was mighty tempting to make a few extras for a mini or something, but since I'm really trying to stay focused on this project, I managed to restrain myself.

Spunky Pinwheel Star - 39 Blocks Before Baby by Elizabeth Dackson photo IMG_4825rt_zpsgzej2fnb.jpg

Spunky Pinwheel Star
I love a good star block - always have, always will - and this is no exception. I love the fun pinwheel in the center, especially with the pop of color the fuchsia XO fabric brings. This 12" beauty is indeed paper-pieced, and it was really nice to get back into the paper piecing groove this week. Call me crazy, but once you get the hang of paper piecing, it can be just so enjoyable!

So that's my progress for the week - I'm going to tackle one of the two 18" blocks in the quilt next week, so that should be fun. More paper piecing for the win! Have a great week :)
Monday, October 5, 2015

39 Blocks Before Baby: Week Nine

Two more 12" blocks this week for my 39 Blocks Before Baby Sampler, to bring the tally of 12" blocks up to a nice round 5, of 22. Nice!

Pinwheel Star photo IMG_4617rt_zpsflfpuhml.jpg

Pinwheel Star
A twirling, whirling kind of star is often the best kind. This paper-pieced star features a sample of each of the four focal colors I'm using in this quilt, swirling around a simple friendship star at the center. This one is paper pieced, but because the shapes are fairly large in the block, it's a quick block to sew up. I love the Cotton + Steel XO print in the background, I think it just makes the block sing!

 photo IMG_4619rt_zpsnwbqiski.jpg

Radiant Ring
This block uses a mix of paper piecing and patchwork to bring together this ring-effect block. I've made this block several times over the years, but I'm especially liking this one, with that loud pop of fuchsia in the center. I love a good pop of contrast :)

Next week, I get to make the last 6" block for the whole quilt, which I'm excited about - then all I'll have left to tackle are the 12" and 18" blocks. Have a wonderful week everyone!
Thursday, October 1, 2015

Epic Sampler BOM Kick Off!!

Good morning everyone! If you are already an Epic Sampler BOM subscriber, check your inbox! You should have your very first pattern kit for the Epic Sampler BOM series. Each pattern kit monthly will contain a total of three patterns, and this month's three patterns are...

Patchwork Wheel

Patchwork Wheel - 39 Blocks Before Baby by Elizabeth Dackson photo IMG_4830rt_zpslsvqzfhl.jpg


Pineapple - 39 Blocks Before Baby photo IMG_4486rt_zpsgs8zyoj9.jpg

Less is More

Less is More - Epic Sampler BOM

If you haven't already joined in the BOM fun, not to worry, you can still join! Within 48 hours of your order, you'll receive your first pattern kit and will be able to get started. You can join through my Pattern Shop or Craftsy, whichever you prefer. All subscribers will receive their next pattern on November 1, 2015, with three new blocks to work on for the month. Fun times! I can't wait to start seeing these blocks showing up as you all start working through them! Have a wonderful day everyone!

Welcome! I'm Elizabeth, mom to a very busy nine year old boy and a one year old baby girl and I sew for my sanity. Let's get to quilting, shall we?
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