Monday, April 24, 2017

A weekend of sewing some epic patchwork

After a long week with a sick baby, all I wanted to do this weekend was sew. And thankfully, I was able to get in a good bit of good sewing time. I dug out the Anna Maria Horner charm patchwork quilt I started eons ago and started right back on it. I'm not even positive I've ever managed to blog about it! Let's fix that.

The plan for this quilt is simple - colorful, simple patchwork on point with my Anna Maria Horner fabric collection for my bed. When I initially did the math for this quilt, I tallied up that it was going to take around 1500 charm squares. I overcut, so I'd have plenty of wiggle room throughout. That wiggle room has been a good thing - and a bad thing. I've been indecisive, and re-worked things throughout. I spent a good bit of time sorting through my fabrics and laying things out. I actually spent a good bit of time laying out the rest of the quilt entirely, so that I won't have to again. I clipped everything together with wonder clips and labeled them by row number.

And when I finished all of those rows, I set to work sewing many of the rows that I'd already pieced together. I'm up to 14 of the 31 rows all pieced, so I'm almost the halfway point!

With this being an on-point quilt, it gets to be a royal pain to work on right in the middle, where it's positively at its widest. Being nearly at the middle of the project right now, that's pretty much where I'm at right now.  In fact, the quilt gets so wide that I've had to use my floor for a good bit of the layout! It sure would be nice to have a full wall as a design wall one day...

The last thing I tackled was sewing together the bottom corner of the quilt, because I knew it would be fast and would give me a small feeling of accomplishment after spending much of Sunday laying out fabric. So that's four more rows down, so technically that pushes me over the halfway point! Hooray for halfway!


  1. I love it! Great quilt for scraps! Carol

  2. So pretty! I made a big quilt for my bed with almost all AMH fabric on it and I love it. It makes me happy everyday. Good choice!

  3. I'm always nervous mixing different colors together, but I need to get over my fear because this looks amazing!

  4. very nice. I like playing with colors too. It is a good exercise.
    Oh thing I most enjoy (sarcasm) is when "loved ones" come over and look at my design wall and say, "I do not like that", or "why are you putting those colors like that?"
    I ignore them. (they can make their own stuff)
    I love these colors together - it looks soothing but also kind of exciting bc each piece .... oh never mind. I love it Elizabeth


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