A bunch of May flowers

So I’ve been collecting Liberty of London fabrics for as long as I can remember in my quilting life. I fell in love with them early, loving the vintage floral vibe not to mention the buttery softness of their famous Tana Lawn substrate. But I did just that for what felt like forever - collected them. Never used them, not even a tiny scrap here or there. Just collected and collected, and moved them from sewing room to sewing room in the many moves our family has been through the last nine years. Until a few weeks ago…


I decided it was time. My friend Colleen was fooling around with a teeny tiny pineapple block and I thought hey, that is my Liberty project right there. Not tiny, of course, because these florals need a bit more room to sing, but pineapple blocks always reminded me of kaleidoscopes, and that was exactly what I wanted.


I set to work, chopping up my hoarded Liberty fabrics into strips. Pressing and cutting them was especially enjoyable, in a way that I can’t recall experiencing while pressing and cutting for other projects. Then again, that smooth softness of the lawn is highly delightful. Naturally, I’m paper piecing these pineapples, because I’m me, and it would be crazy for me not to. And they’re addictive. As soon as I finish one, I’m pulling strips for the next one because I can’t wait to piece the next one. It feels like this supremely simple project is restoring the sewjo that has been missing for quite some time for me. It feels amazing. Here’s to more May flowers outside - and inside my sewing room.