Oh my stars!

Did you have a great weekend? I sure hope so. I had a great weekend, wrapping up a great visit with my husband's longest friend, who's practically like my brother-in-law. We had a super fun time with him, and we're sad to send him back to New York City this morning!


I did manage to sneak in a little bit of sewing in between trips to the science museum, bowling and other fun adventures, though... Stars are definitely a trend in quilting that seems to be here to stay, and I, for one, am very glad about that. I just finished up two different star blocks for two of the bees that I'm in, and I'm excited to get these out in the mail today.

The first block is for Megan in the {Sew} Beautiful Bee. Megan sent out some fun, brightly colored scraps along with Kona White for a Lone Starburst block. If this block looks familiar, it's probably because I made one of these last month for Brioni in my other bee. This block is a really straight-forward, simple paper pieced star, and I think the finished result is just so pretty!

Lone Starburst for Megan

This month's Sew Beautiful block is for AnneMarie, and she's requested an improv hexagon block, which is going to be interesting, since I've only sewn a handful of hexagons in my sewing life...

For the Stash Trad bee, I got to make a string star for Corey. I've been craving some string piecing, and this block definitely hit the spot. I used a Free Spirit Designer Solid in Flamingo for the coral solid strings, and I was pleasantly surprised at how perfectly it matched the color scheme Corey chose. I pulled from my overflowing strings bin for all of the other pieces, in various shades of coral, taupe, green, and aqua.

String Star for Corey

Seeing these two blocks together up on my design wall has me thinking that one day I might like to do a star sampler quilt, I think that would be really cool. I'll have to add that my seemingly neverending quilty bucket list!

Wouldn't these make a great star sampler?

Up next this week is finishing up my Swirling Medallion quilt and hopefully starting on some samples for my paper foundation piecing class with Lee for Sewing Summit! I hope you have a wonderful Monday :)

A little weekend sewing

A little weekend sewing led to a finished bee block for Brooke.  She's working on a Mod Mosaic quilt, and each of our blocks uses a gradated color scheme.  My color was green, and I think I may have gone a bit overboard in both adding from my stash as well as in emphasizing the gradation.  I had fun working on it, but I'm worried I didn't do a good job following direction here.  I hope you like it, Brooke!!  If not, I'll try again!  :)

I also managed to make a boatload of tiny HSTs (thank you, Thangles!) that I'm thinking of using to border my NY Beauty mini. Still pondering on this one...


Hope you all had a good weekend!  Happy Monday!

January Bee Blocks

Phew, I'm glad to have my January bee blocks behind me now!  Between the deadline for the 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee and all of my other bees, there were a boatload of blocks to be made this month!  Definitely some gorgeous blocks in the mix this month.

I finished up Bree's fun polaroid block for String Me Along, using various photo-like scraps from my stash, including Mendocino,  Ruby Star Rising, It's a Hoot, Little Apples, and Peacock Lane.  I really adore this block, it is so cute!  Can't wait to see how the other blocks in the group turn out!

Polaroid block for Bree

For Cherie in the {Sew} Beautiful bee, I made a Carpenter's Star, using Cherie's tutorial.  The tutorial is really easy to follow, I definitely recommend it!  I really adore this block, I will definitely be saving the tutorial somewhere safe!

{Sew} Beautiful January block for Cherie

For Lynne in the Stash Trad bee, she asked for her eponymous block, the LynneBobSquarePants block, using Kona Charcoal for the background and brights for the prints.  This was my second go-round with Lynne's block, and I apparently read the directions better this time because the block came together much more easily, yay!

Stash Trad block for Lynne
And finally, for the 4x5 bee this quarter, I made weathervane blocks for everyone, and put together a simple tutorial for the block as well.  It was a really fun block to work on and experiment with fabric choices on!

4x5 blocks for Hive 12 - Q1

In other news, my Summer Sampler Plus quilt was featured on the Modern Quilt Guild's 100 Days of Modern Quilting yesterday, which was pretty exciting.  Definitely an honor to be featured over there!

Hope you're having a great week so far.  Happy Tuesday everyone :)

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Fresh Poppy Design

October Bee Blocks

I spent some time this weekend working on getting some bee blocks done.  I'm normally the girl who likes to get bee blocks done at the beginning of the month, but between The Sewing Summit, writing a new bag tute, a travelling husband, and a munchkin who's starting to have a busy schedule, it's been a hairy couple of weeks and it's nearly the end of the month already.  Where did the time go???  I'm glad I took the time to get these taken care of, I'm looking forward to putting them in the mail on Monday.

This month, Becky is our quilter and she chose for us to do Lily's Quilts' LynneBobSquarePants block, which was fun to work on.  I've been wanting to try this block for a while, so it was nice to get to try it out...though, I made several mistakes along the way and had to rip out my stitches several times on the first block.  I think I was seriously lacking in caffeine when I worked on these blocks, because the tutorial is super easy to follow.  The fabrics for these blocks come from The Quilted Fish's new Delighted collection.

do.Good Stitches October blocks for the Bliss circle

{Sew} Beautiful Bee
Katie is working on a Christmas quilt and her fabric choices were great.  She sent a wonderful assortment of holiday fabrics and I decided to do a block with presents.  When it comes to the holidays, I'm one of those geeks who enjoys wrapping presents and buying cute wrapping paper and all that, so it just felt appropriate. I really enjoyed sketching out this block and putting it together, and I have to tell you...if you like this cute little block, I'll be sharing a tutorial for this one as a part of the 12 Days of Christmas Sampler blog hop next month, so stay tuned.

{Sew} Beautiful October block for Katie

String Me Along
This month, Sabrina asked for some simple paper-pieced string blocks, using some of Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane collection.  I had an especially rough day on the day I made these blocks and I found ripping the paper off the back to be super therapeutic.  It's funny, I have a bunch of Nicey Jane in my stash and I have a hard time finding the right project for it, but I really like how these string blocks look.  Hmm...perhaps a future project...

String Me Along October blocks 

I also made some progress on my baby quilts this weekend (okay, on one of them) and I'm hoping to share the process with you all tomorrow.  Have a great day!

September Bee Blocks

Phew, all caught up on my bee blocks for the month, that feels good.  Now maybe I can find some time to clean up my sewing room - looks like a hurricane came through there!!!

do.Good.Stitches September Bliss blocks

Carol is our quilter is month in the Bliss circle, and requested some string-pieced log cabin blocks.  I put off these blocks for a little while, thinking they would time-consuming, but they really weren't.  I made a big piece of string-pieced fabric to cut log cabin strips from, and it went really smoothly.  These blocks will be really interesting when they're all put together.  The color scheme is inspired by Cherri House's City Park quilt.

{Sew} Beautiful block for AnneMarie

{Sew} Beautiful
AnneMarie is our queen bee this month, and she sent out a fabulous assortment of Bonnie & Camille's Ruby and Bliss collections to make a Dutch Pinwheel block for her.  I'm not normally a big fan of muted soft colors like these, but this block really looks lovely.  The tutorial is also super easy to follow, I definitely recommend it!

String Me Along September block

String Me Along
A while back, Sharon was lucky enough to win my SMS Giveaway Day drawing for a collection of Soul Blossoms fat-eights, and she chose to send those out, along with some white fabric, for an HST block.  Yes, I know I said I was done with HSTs, after my monstrous HST warm/cool quilt, but I didn't mind having two bee blocks this month with HSTs, really.  I went with a simple diamond layout, much like my warm/cool quilt, and I hope Sharon will dig it.

Now all I need to do is pack these babies up and get them out in the mail.  I think it's quite possible that I might just find the motivation to go back to working on my Weekender bag now!  What about you?  What are you stitching up this weekend?

June Bee Blocks

In between working on my Modern Crosses baby quilt this weekend, I spent some time working on bee blocks.  I just finished up the last of them last night, so I'm super happy to check three things off my To Sew list, which seems ever growing!

do.Good.Stitches blocks

Blocks for do.Good.Stitches Bliss circle - June

This month's quilter is my dear bloggy friend, Megan, and she chose a nice, bow-tie block.  I've been seeing a lot of these blocks popping up on Flickr lately, so I was excited to give them a try.  I really like how they came together, and Megan's tute is super easy to follow.  Also, in case you want to pop over to give her a quick congrats, she is the new social media coordinator for the upcoming Sewing Summit, so I'm super excited that I'll get to meet her in person in SLC this fall!!

{Sew} Beautiful block

Block for Cara

Cara is our queen bee this month, and is planning a quilt for for a baby in the NICU, and we are all making house blocks.  I have seen some seriously cute house blocks over the years...and I'm not 100% in love with mine.  I added a little Heather Ross doggie to add a little character to the house, and I'm considering adding some panes to the windows so they don't look so much like eyes, but other than that, I really like how this came together.  Cara sent some great fabrics to work with!

String Me Along block

Flying geese for Nichole

Nichole requested a simple flying geese block - but was very open-ended in what kind of flying geese she wanted.   I thought (momentarily) about doing another circle of geese block, but decided in the end to take the minimalist route.  These prints Nichole sent are from Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley collection, something I have very little of in my stash, but every time I see it, I want some.  I love the small scale of the prints, it makes them so versatile.  This was my first time doing flying geese, and I think they turned out quite well - I was pleasantly surprised.

Birdie Stitches June block

Birdie Stitches June Block

I know that the Birdie Stitches BOM group isn't a bee, but I always think of it with my bee blocks, because I'm only doing one block per month.  This one was a little intense.  There's a ton of stitching.  I've seen this one interpreted a bunch of different ways throughout the Flickr group, but I'm a total typeface nerd, so I chose to do outlines of the different fonts Corey used.  I really like how this turned out, ultimately, it might just be my favorite block so far!

1,320 pieces of fabric later...

Thank you all for your feedback and what to do with my spiderweb quilt top last week.  Ultimately, I decided to stick with no sashing around the blocks, and I'm really happy with how it turned out.  Although, I'm not 100% sure I'm calling it done.  I'm seriously considering adding a white border, followed by a pieced border, but it's entirely possibly I may just skip it.  Either way, I'm setting it aside for a little while.  This quilt top and I need a little bit of space.


This quilt started with the fantastic girls in the {Sew} Beautiful bee, but then when I realized that there were only 11 of us, and the finished block for this quilt was 10.75" inches, I realized I'd have to make more blocks.  Lots more blocks.  So I made 19 more, for a nice 5x6 quilt.


There's roughly about 1200 strings in this quilt top, plus 120 kites, so we're looking at around 1300 pieces of fabric in this quilt top.  I have a good bit of fabric left from the strings - uncut and whole fabric, that is - so I definitely plan to do a pieced back, although I think I'll keep it relatively simple.


I have no idea how I'm going to quilt this bad boy just yet - maybe straight lines?  Regardless of how I quilt it, I know I want to quilt it densely, to try to tame those seriously bumpy spiderweb middles, where there's as many as 10 fabrics meeting up at one center point.


Now I'm going to fold this quilt top up and set it aside for a few weeks before I do anything else with it.  I'll think on the quilt back and the quilting, while I try to work on some other projects, like the Pillow Talk Swap round 5, which is super short and I need to get a move on like yesterday!

I'm linking up with {Sew} Modern Monday this week at Canoe Ridge Creations - hop on over to find some other fun modern finishes!

{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations

Also linking up with Lily's Quilts' Fresh Sewing Day for the first time!

Fresh Sewing Day

The mojo is back with April's bee blocks!

While zippers may have challenged me this weekend, finishing up some bee blocks has brought back my sewing mojo!  I'm officially all caught up for the month, which is nice and refreshing, especially since it's my turn to be the queen bee next month in the String Me Along bee and I need to not only decide on some fabric but I also need to pick a block and get my packages ready to go!

First up, String Me Along's block for Fran - a simple bento box block, using Ashley's great tute, but skipping the cutting it up into quarters bit.  I've never worked with batiks before, so this was an interesting block to work on.

Next, this month's blocks for my do.Good.Stitches circle, the Bliss circle.   This month, we worked on blocks inspired by a swap Amanda received.  I really love simple patchwork like this.  I can't wait to see how this quilt turns out.  Did you know that our first quilt has officially been finished off?  You can check it out over on Michelle's blog.

Lastly, I worked on a seriously challenging paper pieced Circle of Geese block for Brooke in the {Sew} Beautiful Bee.  I practiced several times before deciding that I was psyching myself out, and I just went for it.  I'm glad I did, because once I started working on this, it went so much more smoothly than my practices!  I really love how this block looks.  Brooke picked some great fabrics here, and I'm glad to have conquered it.  I will definitely be making this block again for something - a pillow maybe?

And lastly, though it's not a bee block, rather a block of the month, I did finish off my Birdie Stitches block for this month.  I just love these blocks - between doing a little bit of embroidery and then being able to have a cute little coloring page for my son, who is just dying for this quilt to be finished!  

It's my turn!

First off, thank you all for the pillow love yesterday!  That pillow is quite possibly my favorite that I've made so far, and that's saying a lot!  It was so much fun to try something new.

It's my turn in the super fabulous {Sew} Beautiful Bee this month, and I'm totally excited.  After making a test block a few weeks back, I knew exactly the block I wanted for the girls to make...

But I couldn't decide - did I want to go the same route I did with my test block and stick with loads of Anna Maria Horner?  Or, did I want to pull something else from my stash, like my collection of MoMo fabrics or some Modern Meadow?  I made a few different stacks of fabric, and finally over the weekend, I started to cut into my AMH stash, and therefore made a choice.  Indecisive no longer!  I busted out my rotary cutter and made the first few cuts before I changed my mind again.

Photo by Megan @ Canoe Ridge Creations
I'm super excited for my packages to start arriving for the awesome girls in my bee, I can't wait to see how they all like this block.  I plan to sash these blocks, with some super skinny white sashing, so that they look a bit more like stars than spiderwebs.  I can't wait to see all these blocks come together.  I'll be making a bunch more of these blocks, too, because I really want this quilt to be mighty big and cozy.  And because some crazy part of me really likes paper piecing...

February Bee Blocks

OK, I know it's only a few days into February, but I've got a seriously action-packed sewing calendar this month, between it being a short month, my son's birthday mid-month, and having company come stay with us for part of the month.  I'm trying my best to stay on top of things, and while I was waiting for a big, fat shipment of Kona Ocean to finish my son's birthday quilt, I decided to bang out some bee blocks.

{Sew} Beautiful Bee - Emily's Drunk Love block
It's Emily's month in the {Sew} Beautiful Bee, and she chose a drunk love block, using some gray Kona solids (Ash and Coal) and some great prints from Anna Maria Horner.  I've never done a Drunk Love block before, but I will definitely do one again!  I scoured Emily's inspiration gallery and dug out my trusty DS book for reference and buckled down to tackle this one.  I was totally uncertain the entire time, but I think I really like how this turned out.  I was still uncertain when I finished it off, so I emailed it to Emily, to make sure she was happy with it.  Fortunately, she loves it!

Sew Fresh Fabrics Charity Bee
Peg & Becca at Sew Fresh Fabrics started up a charity bee this month, utilizing some of their scraps, and I was able to get into the first round.  There are two circles this month, creating a quilt for a lucky little boy and little girl via Project Linus.  I'm part of the girl circle, and received all of the prints below from Peg & Becca, with the exception of the Sanctuary strip of Zen down there in green.  That's one of my favorite prints right now, it's just so soothing and calming, I couldn't resist adding it.  I'm working on a special mini-quilt similar this at the moment for one of my swaps, so it was nice to start to work out my sketches with actual fabric.

do.Good.Stitches Roman Stripe Block
I'm part of the newest circle of the do.Good.Stitches bee, a charity bee where we each make two blocks per month.  Our host this month, Michelle at i.like.orange.too opted for a smaller 6.5" block and asked that we make 8 instead of our usual 2, and I was happy to do it with this block.  It was a foundation pieced roman stripe with a blue/green/purple color palette.

I really enjoyed working on this block.  I think our bee circle's quilt is going to be really awesome, and I might just do an entire quilt like this later this year.  I really like Michelle's sketches for the quilt layouts.  

I'm still awaiting fabric for one more bee, the String Me Along bee, so I've got one more bee block to finish off this month, but I'll tackle that when the fabric starts staring me down.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a tute on the blocks I made for my 3x6 beehive, they're super easy and a great way to use up scraps!