French Provence quilt

Ta da, the French Provence quilt is finally done!

Visually, I was fully inspired by the back of Kati's string quilt, and I thought it would make for a beautiful, super simple quilt for my grandmother-in-law.  This quilt will be a gift to her for Christmas, and I've named it French Provence, thanks to the beautifully inspired French prints used in the fabric.  My grandmother-in-law, Joan, is a very special woman, who suffers from macular degeneration and is pretty much blind.  She once participated in a quilting bee, though I don't know much more about her quilting history, as she suffers from dementia as well, but she's the sweetest person and I wanted to give her something that she could enjoy for Christmas.  She loves to listen to audiobooks, so I thought a throw quilt would be perfect.

This quilt turned out bigger than I had intended, thanks to my lackluster math abilities.  I really ought to put one of those quilter's calculators on my Christmas list.  Or better yet, EQ 6.  That would be an awesome gift to get under the tree.  Combining my love for computers and quilting?  Genius, but I'm getting off-track here.

I love the blues and reds in this quilt, they're so rich and deep.  I love good, saturated colors like these.   I've got a lot of scraps left from these fabrics, so I imagine I'll be making another quilt next year from what's left.

Only two more quilts left to finish now for the holidays - my That Girl quilt along quilt, which is a gift to myself for my 30th birthday this month, and the Urban Lattice quilt along quilt for my brother.  Cross your fingers for me that I finish them both in time!  I've got to ship the Urban Lattice one off to Denver, so I've got my work cut out for me there.  Never fear, though, I've got a few other holiday gifts to finish and several other works in progress that I'm starting this week, because I apparently can't focus on just one project at a time!  I just updated my works in progress list with a few things that are starting to become more than just sketches.

Quilt Stats
Name: French Provence
Size: approximately 55" x 72"
Fabrics used: Moda Bella solid (natural, I think) and two charm packs of Moda A Breath of Avignon by American Jane as well as some yardage from that collection for the backing and binding
Quilting: A combination of outline quilting and a meandering stipple, in white thread
Argh Moment: I love the idea of not following a pattern, but apparently I need some remedial math.  My math skills stink.  I did and redid the math on this quilt many times over before I actually got things close to right.
Yay Moment: Pulling this quilt out of the washer and not seeing any streaks of red anywhere.  I was so nervous about that.  Thank goodness for Shout Color Catchers, I swear by those things!