A small project and a trip to the park

If there's one person in the family who's benefiting from my new love for sewing, it's my toddler, Ryan.  He just loves when I appliqué shirts for him.  I've been promising him for a week that I would make him a new dinosaur shirt, but alas, my printer has been on the fritz.  I normally print out b&w line art for appliquéing, but this time, thanks to my temperamental printer, I actually wound up freehanding my first appliqué design.

I think the shirt came out pretty awesome, and the recipient was super proud to wear it to the park this morning.  I think this was the first morning in a long while where we were perfectly content being outside, beyond the early morning hours. I think fall is finally starting to show up, even here in hot and humid Florida.

I'm really glad Ryan enjoys the shirts I make for him. He looks so cute in them, and they're so fun to make.

My first skirt and a pseudo pattern review

So, I guess if you can't call me Betsy, you can at the very least call me ambitious.  Always have been.

Naturally,when I came across a pattern for a little girl's skirt on The Long Thread, I fell in love with it.  It didn't hurt that they used Patty Young's knits for the photograph, which are adorable.  Well, I wasn't going to break the bank and buy any (sorry Patty!), but I did find a cute knit print at Jo-Ann's, and set about sewing a knit skirt.

Keep in mind, I've never sewn any clothing from scratch like this.   I've appliqued, and I've sewn bags and quilts, but never clothing.  Perhaps there's a good reason for that...

Well, having been burned by my amateur-ness with my sewing machine in the past, I did the smart thing and practiced on some scrap knit.  I even dug out the book for my machine to read about stretch stitches and such.  After cursing while attempting to cut knit in straight lines (argh), and getting up to speed with the stitches, I started following the pattern, which was quite well written, with good diagrams to make sure you're sewing the correct sides together at all times.

It's very not perfect.

This was SO not the only mistake - just one of those moments where the machine ran away with my fabric!

The final product is far from perfect, but I'm proud of myself, both for trying something completely different and not giving up when it got hard.  I'd never basted anything for the purpose of gathering it before, and it was actually a little fun once I figured that part out.  

From a distance, though, pretty good looking little skirt.  Just need to finish off the last seam, and ta da!

But, naptime's over, so Mommy's funtime is over for today.  Stay tuned to see what I manage to get done tomorrow!