TGIF! But in a good way...

It's Follower Friday today over at Gen X/Y Quilters, and I'm the lucky follower being featured today!  Can you believe it?  I am indeed a Gen X/Y girl, still listen to a lot of alternative and grunge music from back in the 90s when I sew.  I have really enjoyed the blogs and bloggers I have found over there, and found some serious inspiration, so you really ought to check their blogroll.  There's some seriously inspirational quilters there, and I'm really proud to be in their group.

This has been a seriously awesome week, between being featured on QuiltStory and then today, being featured at Gen X/Y Quilters.  Not only that, but I'm making some serious progress on my To Sew list...although it keeps growing.

If you're curious about my quilt-in-progress post from earlier this week, I'm hoping to wrap up the quilt top this weekend.  I really appreciate all of the comments about where to go with the sashing of the quilt.  Here's a sneak peek of how it's coming together so far...

I'm loving this quilt so much, I've decided to write a tutorial on it, so stay tuned!  I need to tweak the math and make sure it all makes sense, but I'm hoping to release it soon.

As if I don't have enough things on my To Sew you need to whip up a quick holiday gift?  Want to be part of a fun quilt-along?  Make sure to visit Jennifer over at That Girl...That Quilt, she's got a great charm pack quilt-along that's just getting started.  Join in the fun!

Have a great weekend!  Happy sewing!