Making friends with a featherweight

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a Singer featherweight machine in a neat antique and consignment shop I found in my new neighborhood. A typical afternoon Florida storm was about to roll in and I left the shop without the machine, not knowing whether or not it worked and aiming to head back at some point to check it out. I wound up going back the very next day, plugging the machine in, and bringing it home when I discovered that it was still functional. I had absolutely no need for another sewing machine, but I couldn't pass up the deal.

My featherweight, all tuned up and piecing

Fast forward a few weeks, and the machine sat in its' case in my sewing room closet, while I tried to unpack and get settled into the new house. I pulled the featherweight out of the closet yesterday, when I had a good friend over to sew. Olivia has a featherweight of her own and helped me tune the old girl up, give her a good oiling, fix the hand wheel, and get her into optimal running condition. Thanks to a tip from Katie, I looked up the serial to find out how old the machine is, and it looks like it was made in February of 1946, so she's going on 70! I did a bit of piecing on her yesterday, putting her through the motions and I was really pleased with how well it sewed.

Tearing apart the cord

That is, until my husband came home. He'd been away all day, and when he came home, I asked him to help me tape up a spot on the electrical cord that was uncovered. He put his foot down, and said the cord needed to be replaced, that tape was not an acceptable fix. Being the hands on guy he is, he attempted to fix the cord himself, but when he started to open up the cord to repair it, it disintegrated in his hands. He prescribed a new cord, and thanks to Ebay, one is now on its way to me.

The featherweight's blocks so far

I totally didn't need another sewing machine, but I have to say, this little sewing machine was just too cute to pass up. I love how quiet and smooth it sews, and I'm looking forward to getting it back up and running. In the meantime, I'll just admire the blocks I've put together with it so far - which are from one of the patterns I'm working on finishing up, Sew Positive. And turn on one of my other machines when I have some more time to sew ;). Have a great Monday!