Goodie Bag Swap - done! (I think)

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Amidst all the Giveaway Day hoopla yesterday, I found myself with a couple of fun finishes.  The first one was an awesome surprise for my son and I when we returned from our weekly trip to the library - the marigolds we planted two months ago are finally blooming!  He was so excited, and given that I usually have a black thumb, I was pretty pleased myself.  Anyone know when I ought to move them out of the planter and into the regular ground? I'm completely inept when it comes to gardening.

I also finished up my Goodie Bag for the big swap yesterday, which wound up being a big summer tote bag, adorned with some fun scrappy log cabins on both the front and the back.

I started this tote with only one thing in mind - linen.  I knew I wanted to work with linen for my partner.    The main body is made from Essex linen, which is oh-so-yummy to work with.  After debating between Natural and Gray, I wound up picking Natural.  Linen is just perfect for totes, if you ask me.  I lined it with Peltex interfacing for some nice stiffness, which is a pain to sew with, but it makes such a nice, full-bodied kind of bag.  

The scrappy log cabins are a complete mish-mash of fabrics - from Flea Market Fancy to Love to Sugar Pop and Nicey Jane.  I really rooted around my scrap bins for some of these, and I'm really happy with how they turned out.  Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on Sunday about these, I was really unsure about how they would look on a bag.  The only thing I would do differently if I did this tote again would be to make the log cabins a bit bigger.

The lining and straps are my personal favorite print from Alexander Henry's Farmdale, which I still plan to use eventually to make a nice bag for me.  That's one of the million and twelve things on my someday to sew list...

I'm hoping my partner will really like this bag, because I had a ton of fun making it for her, although I did have a super hard time deciding what to make for her, since her taste is so broad.   The mailing period doesn't start for another week, so it's entirely possible that I may wind up completely changing my mind and making something else for her, but for now, we'll check this off the WiP list!