Bummed About Google Reader

I'm sure you've all heard the news about Google closing down Google Reader in a few short months. Like many of you, Google Reader has been a daily part of my life for several years now, so to say that I'm bothered by this news is probably an understatement. Given the amount of negative feedback I've been reading all over the Internet this week, it's entirely possible that Google may reverse their decision, but it's probably highly unlikely.

There are lots of other RSS readers and other methods you can use to follow blogs, but I always found Reader to be the cleanest and easiest to use. I'm in the midst of testing out both Bloglovin and Feedly, two different RSS readers that have been recommended to me by various tech-y friends, as my new Reader replacement. Below you'll find screenshots from both services, in case you haven't checked them out. I'll keep you posted on my thoughts on the two of them, and if you try one of them, or some other RSS reader, I'd love to hear about your thoughts. Happy St. Patrick's Day :)