Meet the next new pattern designer: My husband

OK, so it's no secret that I like to quilt.  A lot.  I spend a lot of time thinking in quilts, daydreaming about color combinations and block designs.  Apparently, it's starting to rub off.  On my husband.

At dinner last night, whilst waiting for the munchkin to finish his meal (which inevitably takes twice as long as us grown-ups), he grabbed a napkin and one of my pens and started to sketch his own little quilt.


I love how he wants to be involved in something I love so much.  He often tries to put in his two cents with my quilts, whether it's about fabric choices or block design.  I think it's so sweet that he designed his own little quilt.  I might just have to try to make it for him for Father's Day or something as a mini-quilt...though I don't know that he would actually hang a mini-quilt on his wall at work...