Quilty Fail #1 of 2012: iPad cover for the husband

I have a secret to tell you...you know how I don't usually follow patterns?  There's a really good reason for it.  I am dreadful at following a pattern.  The latest example is this iPad cover I made for my husband's new obsession.

I used Amber's super fab iPad cover tute, which is written fabulously.  Trust me, my silly mistakes are totally my own fault!  Sometimes, I'm real lazy when it comes to tutorials online.  I tend to not print them out to refer to when I'm sewing, so I work from memory...and sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn't.  

Whoops #1:
Not only did I put the flap on upside down, but I lined the quilting up wrong, so the quilting (on the wrong side of the flap) is perpendicular to the quilting on the rest of the pouch.  Sigh.

Whoops #2: 
Darn that Velcro.  I never put the Velcro in the right place with darned Velcro pouches.  Velcro and I just are not buddies.  Sigh.

I'm proud of myself for not throwing a temper tantrum over these little mistakes, which tend to get under my skin, and focusing on how much my husband loves the cover.  I think I may try again to make a new cover...just not today :)  I hope your first project of the new year is going better than mine did!