The list keeps growing...

It's Friday morning, my munchkin's at school, and I am rocking out this morning.  I need good music to get my Mommy chores done...otherwise I lose focus.  I'd much rather be sewing, but the amount of dust I noticed last night on my coffee table tells me that I've been a bit neglectful of the house lately, so my house is filled with the sounds of Adele and Gavin DeGraw this morning.  Somehow, while singing along to my favorite music, I can bust out some serious cleaning, so that's what I am up to this Friday I can sew all weekend long!

Listmaking on a Friday morning

What about you?  Any big sewing plans this weekend?  TGIF!  :)

My 2011 Lofty Quilty List

First off - thank you all so much for the awesome birthday wishes yesterday!  I had a great day, and even started my first embroidery project, which is going pretty well for my first time.  Stay tuned for a sneak peek on Wednesday.

And now, another list for the girl who loves lists.

Have I ever told you about how my father-in-law actually mentioned my love for lists and Excel in his wedding toast?  I've always enjoyed making lists, and I find it hysterical that my munchkin is already showing his affinity for lists too.  He loves to say "check" in the grocery store when we're shopping our way through our list, and has once or twice picked up one of his handy dandy notebooks and pretended to make a list of his own.  Super cute.

Anyway, I was thinking that 2010 is quickly evaporating.  Where did the year go?  We've got a little over a week left, and for me, that's the time when I usually start coming up with grand plans for the next year.  Have you noticed that the New Year will begin on 1-1-11?  Pretty cool, if you ask me.

So what do I have planned for 2011?  Definitely more quilting.  I did a lot of quilting this year, and I've discovered that quilting is something I really love.  It's kind of funny to think that I didn't find a hobby that I was super passionate about until just last year, but that's the case.  Quilting and sewing makes me a more sane, more happy person.  So, definitely more of that.  Time for a list and naturally some inspirational mosaics...

1. Bee quilts - three of them! I'm the mama for one, and a participant in two more, so I'm looking forward to lots of bee fun this year.

2. Matching twin baby quilts for my brand new niece and nephew

3. A Single Girl queen size quilt for my bed (I'm thinking red and aqua here, how awesome would that be???)

4. Oh Fransson's Kitchen Window quilt from her new book

5. Spiderweb quilt, possibly using scraps and/or selvages from this last year of quilting

6. Cathedral Window pillow for my living room

7. A zig zag quilt

8. Postage stamp quilt

9. Yellow Dresden plate or wonky star pillow for my mother's birthday

10. Margaret's Hope Chest charity quilt - I'm making a pink quilt and I'm thinking one of three concepts - colorbrick, crosses, or square in square.

I decided to stop at 10 projects, at least for now, otherwise I'd wind up with a ridiculous list of 50 things and expectations that I'd never be able to meet.  I think I'm most excited about either my MHC quilt and working in the bees.

And now, it's linky time!  What have you got planned for next year?  A new quilt (or 18 of them)?  Finishing off a quilt top?  Organizing your sewing room?  I want to hear all about it!  :)