Mini Medallion Quilt in Love Patchwork & Quilting

Good morning! I just got the new issue of Love Patchwork & Quilting in the mail, along with a fun little mini that I wrote up a pattern for in this issue, the Mini Medallion. It's the sixth and final in my Mini Quilt series that I've been working on with the lovely folks at Love Patchwork & Quilting, and it might just be my favorite of the bunch...

This little mini is comprised of some of my favorite Cotton + Steel prints, ranging from the Basics lines to Mustang to Playful, plus a little dash of one of my favorite Rashida Coleman-Hale collections, Koi, which plays all kinds of perfectly with Cotton + Steel! There are three main block repeats used in the pattern, the main star block in the center, with small pluses and x's surrounding it. It's a very simple little quilt to put together, and great for using up the last scraps of some of your favorite fabrics!

The X and Plus blocks that surround the center star were quite literally inspired by my love for the X and + block, which is still one of those blocks that's on my To Do list. I had wanted to try to do a mini version of those blocks as the border for this mini, but decided that in the small size that they would be just too busy and that I needed something more simple for a small block.

There's loads of other beautiful quilts in this issue as well, as with all of their issues! Love Patchwork & Quilting really is one of my favorite quilting magazines these days. If you haven't checked it out before, do yourself a favor and stop at your local Barnes & Noble or Books a Million and get a coffee and sit down with an issue. You'll enjoy it, I promise :)

Paying it Forward: A starry, starry mini

I just finished up my last Pay It Forward (PIF) project, so combining that with the big destash I did on Instagram yesterday, I'm going to be spending the next day or so packing stuff for the post office. I'm excited to see what everyone thinks of their packages, I hope they'll enjoy them!

Starry, starry mini

This last project uses negative space as a main design element. I love quilts with lots of negative space, but I also love block-based quilts, but in looking through my work, I haven't really done many quilts with lots of negative space, so I really wanted to work on something small with lots of negative space. I've got another negative space project going at the moment, but I'll share some progress on that one next week.

Red star

Stars a big obsession for me right now (I think the Lucky Stars Block of the Month club is a big indicator of that!), and I'm pretty sure my PIF person that I made this for is a big fan of stars as well. I've been sorting through my fabric a lot these last few weeks, taking out pieces that I wanted to destash, and I came across a piece of Lizzy House's Constellations and inspiration struck. Floating stars! So I started working on some EPP stars, using different shapes, to place on a sea of Constellations.

Gold star

I'm really happy with how this turned out, from the simple but effective quilting to the matchy-matchy binding - I love that effect on minis - and I hope that it will be well loved. There are two simple hanging triangles on the back of the quilt so that it can be hung with ease.

Orange star

Quilt Stats
name: Starry, Starry
size: 18" x 22"
fabrics: from my scrap bin!
pattern: n/a, but used various EPP pieces from my favorite source,, including the kite, hexagon, equilateral triangle, and 8-point diamond
quilting: various fmq designs around each star in 40 wt Aurifil in color #2725
binding: Lizzy House Constellations Stars in Black

Starry, starry mini - back

I hope you all have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend :)

Controlled Chaos Mini

How on Earth is it Monday already??? Is it just me, or is this month just flying by?! Fortunately, it's been a good sewing month, and I have a fun finished mini to share with you all this morning.


Last week, I went a little crazy with my solids scrap bin. I wanted to make a little something that I could finish, so I opted to make a little mini, using various squares. After laying them out on my design wall, I thought they just looked too plain, so I decided to do some wonky stitching-and-flipping to spice it up a bit.

After I finished my squares and started putting them up on my design wall, I fretted. Chaotic would be a serious understatement. I posted this work in progress on both Instagram and Facebook, and got tons of feedback, including a great idea from Amanda (who also happens to have a lovely fabric shop!): add in some solid squares to give the eye a place to rest.

She was so right! Once I added the solids, there was definitely still lots of chaos, which I liked, but it was like a controlled form of chaos. I sewed the top together, and stared at it happily on my design wall for a few days before quilting it. I was really torn about how to quilt it, especially because I like to try new FMQ designs on minis, since they're small and easy to move around. So...I wound up doing a couple of different things, because I couldn't decide on just one. ;)


For once, I decided to match the threads to the fabrics I was quilting on top of. This was a little bit time-consuming to actually pull off because of how many different colors I was using, but I really love how it looks. Even if I did utter a few sailor-quality curses as I buried the threads! I also decided to do a couple of different quilting styles, which made the whole thing a lot of fun. There's a continuous square-in-a-square type of quilting in the solid squares, and then the remaining wonky stitch-and-flip squares are quilted in rows, alternating between a sound wave style of quilting and a continuous triangle kind of quilting.


To finish it off, I bound this little guy with a fun Nicey Jane stripe that I just love, and I really love how it almost adds more chaos to this little quilt. This quilt is going to make a fabulous addition to my wall of miniquilts, and it just makes me smile every time I see it!

Controlled Chaos mini
note: the dragonfly is real, not part of the quilt!
Quilt Stats
name: Controlled Chaos
size: 20" square
pattern: improv by me
fabrics: various Free Spirit Designer Solids in
backing: Rashida Coleman-Hale's Washi Triangles in Charcoal
binding: Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane Welcome Road in Lemongrass
quilting: various styles of FMQ in various Aurifil 50 wt threads

A Dash of Fancy Mini

Thanks for all the well wishes the past few days, everyone, I really appreciate it.  I'm still trying to get over this darned cold, but I hope I'm going to kick it to the curb real soon.

Today, I'm super excited to share my little mini for Amy's awesome Sew and Tell Mini Quilt Challenge.

When Amy mentioned the idea for a mini quilt challenge, I knew I wanted to make something.  Ever since I heard Amanda speak so passionately about making minis at Sewing Summit, I've been feeling the urge to make a mini, so this was a quilty perfect storm for me.  I've slowly been collecting little bits and pieces of Flea Market Fancy from some awesome fabric swaps and then my recent Pillow Talk Swap partner spoiled me with some larger pieces.  I knew I had to do something cool with them, so I set out to figure out what I had...

A FMF Start

Not too long ago, another fabulous quilty Amy posted a new churn dash quilt she'd finished, and I was surprised at how much I liked it.  I do like traditional blocks, but I haven't ever seen a churn dash quilt I liked...until Amy's.  I just loved the simplicity of it, and I thought it would look good in a teeny tiny size, so I did the math for some 6" blocks and got to cutting.

A Dash of Fancy mini - full frontal

These blocks came together awfully quickly, then I decided to add a fun border for an additional pop of color.  I added some DS Fairgrounds for the backing, and set about to quilting.  I was seriously indecisive about my quilting, and that's why you'll see two different kinds of quilting on this quilt.  In the border, I went with a puzzle-piece kind of straight-line quilting which was a lot of fun, though I can't imagine doing it on a large quilt.  I then added some echo quilting inside each print of my blocks for some extra depth.

A Dash of Fancy border quilting

A Dash of Fancy quilting

Quilt Stats
Name: A Dash of Fancy
Size: 20" square
Design: 6" churn dash blocks
Quilting: Puzzle-piece quilting and straight-line echo quilting
Fabrics: DS Flea Market Fancy, various Kona and Free Spirit Designer Solids to match
Binding: Free Spirit Designer Solids in Pastel Grey

Happy birthday my friend :)

My best friend is having a birthday this weekend.  I knew exactly what I wanted to make for her birthday, but what I didn't account for was that my munchkin saw it when I finished it up.  He is the worst surprise-giver, secret-keeper ever.  Mother's Day this year wound up being a day early, because he couldn't hold in the surprise of what he had made for me with his dad.  I figured if I didn't hurry up and give my gift to Cindy, he was totally going to spill the beans, so this year, she got her present a bit early.

Cindy's birthday miniquilt  - side view

Cindy is in the process of writing a book of her own, so I wanted to give her a shelf with her own book on it.  She and I both love the art of writing, and I'm so excited for her and proud of her writing so far.  I know that she will finish this book and it will be on shelves one day, and I can't wait to see that day come.  So, in an effort to keep her inspired and show her how much I believe in her, I decided to make her a bookshelf miniquilt, using her favorite color green, along with some blues for accent and contrast.

The quote at the bottom of the mini is from Carol Burnett (believe it or not!)...

"Words, once they are written, have a life of their own."

Cindy's birthday miniquilt

I love that!!  When I found it, I knew it was a quote she would appreciate, and I really enjoyed stitching it on here for her.  I just wish I'd used a darker embroidery thread!!  It's a bit easier to read in person, I swear!

Cindy was super excited when I gave her this mini, which made me super happy.  She's going to hang it in the room where she does her writing, which is super perfect.

Happy early birthday, Cindy!  (again!)

ETA - If you love this mini and haven't seen it before, I wrote a tutorial on how to make one of your own a while back, which you can find right here.