Making friends with purple

Purple is a color that's sorely lacking in my stash - and with the naming of Radiant Orchid as the Pantone color of the year, I'm slowly trying to build up my purples, and use them. My purple stash is awfully malnourished compared to, for example, my greens or blues, which I should officially put a moratorium on buying!

Purple is just a blip in my stash...

Purple's never been my favorite color in the world, so it's not surprising that I don't have much of it in my stash...but if you're an avid fabric shopper like me, you're probably aware that purple hasn't been a super popular color in modern fabric collections in recent years. Seemingly, purple doesn't sit at the cool kids table in the color cafeteria, but maybe with Pantone choosing a shade of purple for the color of the year, that may change. Personally, I love a well-rounded rainbow in my stash, so I'm open to trying to make friends with purple, so the last month or so I've tried to add some new purples to the stash.

Some new purples to be shelved in the stash

I found these purple lovelies at Hawthorne Threads recently, and when I opened them this weekend, they made me think maybe purple's not so bad. I actually felt awfully inspired to put them into a project, so I might try to work them into my second Sew Sew Modern project, which is next up to get started on, pronto, since the mailing deadline is fast approaching. I made a good bit of headway on the first project this weekend and hope to wrap it up this week.

SewSew Modern progress - a little 4" Lucky Star

If you're trying to make friends with purple and need some motivation, check out the cool Radiant Orchid challenge hosted by my friend Anne of the fab Play Crafts blog and Adrianne of the On the Windy Side blog right here. There's even a whole section at Intrepid Thread dedicated to fabrics in the color of the year to help you get started, if you too need to make friends with purple. There's definitely quite a few nice purples out there these days! You can also find some great purples at I Don't Do Dishes, Pink Castle Fabrics, and Stash Modern Fabrics, too.

Some favorite purples in the stash...

What about you? Are you a purple fan? Have a great day today!