Playing with fabric is a little bit like therapy

The last few weeks have been like an insane rollercoaster - first way, way, way up with a great super fun visit to a wonderful friend, full of stitchiness, laughter, and way too many carbs, all to come crashing down with a family emergency that's absolutely consumed me over the last two weeks. Things are settling down now, but needless to say, I feel drained. Caring for others is a big part of my personality, but I often am guilty of doing it to my own detriment, and I'm definitely feeling that whole candle-burnt-at-both-ends thing right now. Here's hoping a couple of days that have some semblance of normalcy will start to make that feeling subside.

My first day of normalcy just happens to be MQG Sew Day, which was a fun coincidence, because it was an incredible reason to get into my sewing room during Lorelei's (all-too-short) naptime. While I've been mostly off social media the last two weeks, I've occasionally seen snippets here and there and one thing that I saw that stuck with me was Kate's adorable Tall Tales book block. Just had to make one, with one of my most favorite fabrics that I've been hoarding for eons.

I haven't decided what this will become yet - a pillow perhaps? a mini? we'll see - but it's a super simple paper pieced block that is way fun to stitch up.

I'll work on a fun sewing update from my sewing-with-friends post-Christmas trip later this week hopefully as life starts to return back to normal, and in the meantime, I'll leave you with a snap of the newly crowned one-year-old Lorelei. She's not walking yet, because she can't be bothered to walk when she's the world's fastest crawler, but she is babbling up a storm.

I hope you all are having a wonderful and mostly uneventful new year so far :)


The last several days have been awfully challenging to be a citizen of this world, let alone a citizen in Florida. Like so many of you, the recent Orlando tragedy has both shocked and saddened me, but I am proud to see that the quilters of the Orlando MQG are banding together to try to bring comfort to those affected by this tragedy, the best way we know how: quilts.

The Orlando MQG is collecting heart blocks and quilts of heart blocks for the victims, victims' families and first responders. There's a very simple heart block tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew you can use right here, or if you're not a fan of stitching and flipping you can download my new free heart paper piecing templates right here or via Craftsy. There's no cutting instructions on these templates, they are strictly templates, but they're extremely simple and easy to use.

While you may say, who needs quilts in Florida, you'd be surprised how many my family piles on in the wintertime, not to mention how much joy a quilt draped across a couch can bring. There's loads of ways to get involved if you don't want to make blocks or quilts, and you can check out all of the details right here: The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild.

The Circus Star Mini - in the new issue of MQU

It's no secret that I love solid fabrics - they're one of my favorite groupings of fabrics to use, especially in paper pieced blocks, because they make those beautifully crisp and sharp angles and points even more pronounced. But ombre solids have a special little spot in my heart. Ombre solids can be so much fun to work with, figuring out how to cut a single half-yard, for example, into eight or so different shades of one singular color and then seeing them come together in a finished block or mini. And if there's one designer I always associate with ombres, it's for sure Vanessa Christensen of

V + Co



Before the baby came, I had a chance to work with some of Vanessa's beautiful ombre fabrics for a project for

Modern Quilts Unlimited

, and the Spring 2016 issue featuring the quilt, pattern and an article about paper piecing by yours truly has finally hit the stands. You'll find my Circus Star quilt pattern on page 40 of the magazine, with my article on paper piecing just before that on page 36.

The Circus Star totally reminds me of the multicolored patterns you see on circus tents and such, and yet also gives off a kaleidoscope kind of feel. It's a three template project, and has loads of possibility. It could easily be done in a color wheel kind of style, or even in grayscale, and be really and truly stunning.

Quilt Stats


: Circus Star


: Circus Star pattern in spring 2016 issue of

Modern Quilts Unlimited


: 24" square


: V + Co ombres


: Aurifil 50 wt in assorted coordinating colors in multiple styles, including straight lines, zig zags, meandering stipple and wiggle



The Quilter's Paper Piecing Workbook: A Sneak Peek

So my second book,

The Quilter's Paper Piecing Workbook

, has started to ship a whole month early, and I'm so excited!!!! I'm incredibly proud of this book, so I wanted to take a moment this morning to show you a few sneak peeks of some of the things I love most about it.

The Quilter's Paper Piecing Workbook by Elizabeth Dackson photo QPPW1web_zps0dxygsiq.jpg

I love the photography. I gave my publisher, Interweave, a "mood board" to work from, trying to give them an idea of the style of photography I hoped to see in the book and oh boy, did they deliver. Absolutely the look and feel I had hoped for!

I love the projects in this book. They are so very me. And it's impossible to pick a favorite, but right now I'm crushing real hard on Steely Gaze...

Steely Gaze quilt.jpg

I love the amount of me that's still left in the text. The amount of personality that didn't get edited out.  I think my voice really comes through in the writing, and that's really exciting to me.

I love the amount of illustrations and photos throughout. It makes the book so much more vibrant.

And really, I love a lot more about it, but that's all I'm going to share for now. Don't forget, you can order a copy from Amazon

right here

or you can order a signed copy from me

right here

! Stay tuned for more, and have a fantastic day!

Coming soon to a bookstore near you: The Quilter's Paper Piecing Workbook

Guess what else I did while I was pregnant...wrapped up my second book! The Quilter's Paper Piecing Workbook was a big-time labor of love, chock full of helpful tips and tricks for paper piecing with ease, with gorgeous patterns to boot, and it's now available for pre-order on Amazon.

If you've ever thought that paper piecing was beyond you, or thought it was just too hard, this book will hold your hand through getting started with this fantastically fun sewing skill. If you're obsessed with paper piecing, you'll find great fresh patterns to feed your obsession. All in all, I'm really, really proud of this book and can't wait to share more of it with you all mighty soon.

The Quilter's Paper Piecing Workbook will hit store shelves in late May this year! Have a fantastic week everyone!

39 Blocks Before Baby: Week Fourteen

Another week of making blocks brings me even closer to my goal of all 39 blocks before baby arrives. I think at this point in my pregnancy, I feel pretty ready - stuff-wise and mentally, at least - so making these blocks in my free time really helps the time pass by a little bit faster. This week brings two more stars to the sampler, the Faceted Star (previously seen as my Dark Star quilt in the Winter 2014 issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited) and the Love Wins Star.

Faceted Star
When I first made this block for Modern Quilts Unlimited, I used strictly solids, and really loved the results, so it was fun to get to remake this block using strictly prints and see what a different vibe it had. I love the crazy haywire yellow print, which sadly is missing a selvage, and my pregnancy brain is keeping me from recalling what collection it came from (Riley Blake something or another I think), but I really love the way that the crazy stripe brings added movement to the frame around the center star.

Love Wins Star
This festive star was one I initially made for the Love Wins Bee over the summer, and it was so interesting to sew this up in a more limited color scheme. Speaking of stars with different vibes, it just goes to show how much the color and fabric selection can absolutely change a block! I love this color combo, of the fresh teal and yellow, so I'm really pleased with how this one came together.

Don't forget, if you love these blocks, you can get the patterns by subscribing to the Epic Sampler BOM Club, where you receive 3 new block patterns per month. All of the blocks from my 39 Blocks for Baby project are included in your subscription. You can find out more about the club right here. Have a great week everyone!

39 Blocks Before Baby: Week Twelve

This past week, I got to make one of my most favorite quilt blocks of all time - the spiderweb :) I've made quite a few spiderweb blocks over the years, and while it's a super tedious block to make, it's by far one of my favorites because of the sparkling effect you can create with them! I also made another block I've made a few times, the Crown of Thorns block, which is another great classic block that has so much vibrance to it.

I adore this block. This is the first 12" spiderweb block I've made - and if you're an Epic Sampler BOM subscriber, you'll find out how exactly I managed to pull that off in a few months when this block pops up for the club - and I'm so glad I tackled that, because I think it's going to add so much to the finished quilt. It's also great for all those leftover bits and bobs from previous blocks!

Crown of Thorns
Loads and loads of HSTs aren't always my favorite thing in the world, but I do really love them in this block. They're worth the effort here, for sure. I especially love the mix of the blues with the yellow/gold center of the block - it's a color combo that I'm often drawn to, actually.

Have a wonderful week everyone, and a happy Halloween this weekend!

39 Blocks Before Baby: Week Ten

Ten weeks into this project, and I've officially more than halfway through! This week's two blocks bring the total number of blocks made up to 21, leaving me just another 18 more to make over the next two and a half months before baby arrives, so I'm feeling really good about wrapping up at least the blocks for this project right on time.

This week's two new blocks are the final 6" block, Color My World, and a 12" block, the Spunky Pinwheel Star.

Color My World
This block was originally a 10" block that appeared in a pattern of mine, but I've always loved the simplicity of it. This block is an awesome block to do over and over again, too, but in this quilt, there's just the one. It was mighty tempting to make a few extras for a mini or something, but since I'm really trying to stay focused on this project, I managed to restrain myself.

Spunky Pinwheel Star
I love a good star block - always have, always will - and this is no exception. I love the fun pinwheel in the center, especially with the pop of color the fuchsia XO fabric brings. This 12" beauty is indeed paper-pieced, and it was really nice to get back into the paper piecing groove this week. Call me crazy, but once you get the hang of paper piecing, it can be just so enjoyable!

So that's my progress for the week - I'm going to tackle one of the two 18" blocks in the quilt next week, so that should be fun. More paper piecing for the win! Have a great week :)

39 Blocks Before Baby: Week Nine

Two more 12" blocks this week for my 39 Blocks Before Baby Sampler, to bring the tally of 12" blocks up to a nice round 5, of 22. Nice!

Pinwheel Star
A twirling, whirling kind of star is often the best kind. This paper-pieced star features a sample of each of the four focal colors I'm using in this quilt, swirling around a simple friendship star at the center. This one is paper pieced, but because the shapes are fairly large in the block, it's a quick block to sew up. I love the Cotton + Steel XO print in the background, I think it just makes the block sing!

Radiant Ring
This block uses a mix of paper piecing and patchwork to bring together this ring-effect block. I've made this block several times over the years, but I'm especially liking this one, with that loud pop of fuchsia in the center. I love a good pop of contrast :)

Next week, I get to make the last 6" block for the whole quilt, which I'm excited about - then all I'll have left to tackle are the 12" and 18" blocks. Have a wonderful week everyone!

39 Blocks Before Baby: Week Three

Three weeks in, and I'm still loving this project big-time. I look forward to spending a few hours in my sewing room with my 39 Blocks Before Baby notebook each week, where I've got all my quilty math and such, and cutting and sewing a few blocks. And I'm loving how they are looking together so far! There's a total of 16 6" blocks in the quilt, so I'm making good headway making my way through that part of the quilt, so yay for that! Here's how they all look now...

Less is More
This block stems from my first book Becoming a Confident Quilter (signed copies available in my shop!). Granted, the pattern in the book is for a completely different block size, but the block itself remains the same. This one is paper pieced, not because there are unusual angles or anything, but because it's a five-unit block, and well, five divided by six yields some numbers that are less than fun to cut in my opinion, so I opted for paper piecing. I used a new background print that will be used intermittently throughout the quilt, a fun and simple white polka dot on a gray background.

The Pineapple block is quite a classic block, but believe it or not, I never made a traditional one. Just an improv one or two! The Pineapple is another paper pieced block, though it is possible to piece traditionally, I find the accuracy of paper piecing a must for a block this precise. I really love the way the teal and fuchsia play against one another, and I think it's making this one my favorite block thus far!

Good news to share too - I will indeed be doing a block of the month subscription club for this epic sampler, I'm just working out the details of how to spread out the blocks and such, since there's 39 of them! I hope to iron out the details over the next week or two and I'll likely kick off the club in October, though I'll announce all the details way sooner than later. 

I'm really having fun with this project, and I'm loving how quickly it feels like I'm making progress already. I'm officially eight blocks in - just another thirty-one to go! If I keep up this two blocks a week pace, I will for sure manage to make my goal, yay! Have a wonderful day, friends :)

39 Blocks Before Baby: Week One

So, I mentioned last week about my hare-brained idea to make this epic sampler quilt before the baby is born, and I've gotten right to work on it. Combined with my Twirl block from last week (download the free tutorial right here!), I'm up to a total of four blocks thus far. Here they are in all their glory!

Each of these blocks will be 6" finished in the quilt. There are three different block sizes that I'll be making throughout these next many weeks - 6" finished, 12" finished, and 18" finished. There's seventeen 6" blocks, twenty 12" blocks, and two 18"blocks to make.

This week's three new additions are The Claw, the Friendship Octagon, and the Economy block.

The Claw

The Claw is a fairly traditional block known often as a Capital T block. I paper-pieced mine, although it's absolutely doable without that. When I get down to 6" blocks with this much patchwork going on, I often opt for paper-piecing to insure as much precision as possible. I love the shades of teal going on in this block, and it really solidified my choice of the fab Botanics Leaves print for my primary background print. There will be two other background prints that I'll use in some of the blocks, but the bulk of the blocks will use this print for the background.

The Friendship Octagon

The Friendship Octagon block brings in a new shade of teal as well as a new background print. This is such a simple block to put together, just a handful of half-square triangles and a center square, and it's done. It was so simple that I decided to throw in one more block for the week because I had extra time :)

The Economy Block

The Economy block is one I've made many times over, for lots of bees, and I've even made a pillow top for my home using the block. I used a deep, dark shade of fuchsia for the outside accent frame, and I just love the addition of this beautiful, rich fuchsia to the blocks so far! I have to say, this photo doesn't exactly do it justice, in spite of my photo editing attempts - today marks the 22nd day in a row of rain where I live, and the lack of sunshine has made photo-taking really difficult! This block is also easily achievable through traditional piecing, but I much prefer paper piecing when dealing with all those bias edges, so I paper pieced this bad boy.

Four down, thirty-five to go! I'm still mulling over the idea of turning this project into a super fun club, so if you're interested, make sure to tell me about it! Have a great Monday everyone :)

Introducing the Twirl tutorial!

Happy Monday to you! First off, thank you all so much for your kind words and congratulations about our baby news last week! It's such an exciting time, and your lovely comments really made me smile. Speaking of smiling, I'm really enjoying trying to get back into a regular schedule of blogging as of late. I missed blogging! Don't get me wrong, I love Instagram and sharing a quick snap here and there, but I miss words. I love words :) So here I am, and hold me to this, but I'm going to try to blog every Monday for the rest of the summer. Surely that will be long enough to build a new habit, right? Here's hoping!

So, in the spirit of sharing words with you all, I've written a simple new tutorial to go with a block you mostly recently saw in my Cotton + Steel mini quilt, the Twirl block, used in the border of that mini. The Twirl block is a fun paper pieced block and the tutorial is complete with templates and cutting instructions for a 6" and 12" finished version of the block, so take your pick! You can do a lot of things with this very simple block, here's a few ideas:

You can download this block tutorial from Craftsy, for free, right here. For those of you who don't use Craftsy, you can download the tutorial PDF directly here.

The best part about putting together this tutorial is that I've managed to bundle it into this new crazy idea that I've had. A 39-block epic sampler quilt with boatloads of patchwork and paper piecing, in different block sizes and loads of color...that I plan to finish before the baby is born. I know, I'm crazy, but I need a big, long-term project to channel my energy into in my "free" time, something that makes me happy, that I can work on bit by bit, and I think this is it. I've designed the quilt using some blocks that I've made in the past, and lots that I've designed and just not had the right project for, and others still that I've just always wanted to make. And my goal is going to be to finish at least two blocks a week from now until the first week of January when the baby comes.

Based on my calculations, that will definitely yield me at least all the blocks to finish the quilt top before the baby comes. It's entirely possible that the Epic Sampler quilt will become a new block of the month club, if I can manage to sort it all out properly and figure out how to break 39 blocks into a 12 month experience. What say you, blog-land, would you be interested in a new club, one that mixes paper piecing and regular old patchwork piecing?

A little bee action for a good cause

I was super excited to see a good friend start up a little Love Wins quilt bee online recently, and naturally, I jumped at the chance to make a block for the quilt. Our bee is full, but if you feel inspired to start one, gather your troops! Pull together some friends, or reach out via social media, and get your own group started!

I toyed with a couple of much beloved blocks for my Love Wins block, but ultimately, I decided I wanted to start something new. A new star, natch :) And here is what I came up with - the Love Wins Star.

This star will be a new pattern of mine before the month is through, and I'm excited at the possibilities with this one. It is intricate, as are most paper-pieced stars, but the pieces come together quite quickly, and the results are pretty awesome.

Stay tuned for a second blog post later this week with an actual quilt finish - imagine that! Have a super Monday, quilty friends :)

Rainbow Geese - in the new issue of Love Patchwork & Quilting

In the latest issue of Love Patchwork & Quilting, issue #20, starting to hit newsstands in England, you'll find another fun mini quilt pattern from yours truly. This is one of my personal favorites! The Rainbow Geese mini pattern is a great foundation paper piecing pattern that features beautifully vibrant rainbow solids, mixed with some grayscale solids to make the rainbow colors pop.

One of my most favorite color palettes to use is a good old-fashioned rainbow. It never fails to put a smile on my face! This mini is destined to hang up in my new sewing space in my new house when it returns home soon, where many of the other minis in this series have been hung so far. I'm nearing the end of my setup process, and promise to share pictures soon. I'm excited to finish and to share, it's a great space. I've got great natural light from a large window in the room and a super fun, under-the-stairs closet that's perfect for stowing tons of stuff!

This issue of Love Patchwork & Quilting should be available in the US and Canada in the next few weeks, and also features fun projects by the lovely Lynne of Lily's Quilts as well as Kerry and Penny from Very Kerry Berry and Sew Take a Hike, so make sure to check it out! Happy stitching to you all :)

December: The Persnickety Star

Wow, December has arrived, friends! Time for a new Lucky Star, the last in the 2014 series. The Persnickety Star is a really unique paper pieced star, with an interesting, irregular frame around the star to draw you into that center star, and some additional star points around the frame for extra pop. It may look like a lot of pieces, but it comes together surprisingly easily!

How are you doing with your Lucky Stars? If you're saving them for your next sewing retreat or a rainy day, no worries, but if you're making them, I'd love to see them! You can add hashtag #luckystarsbom on Instagram or Facebook to share them! Have a great day :)

30 Quilts for 30 Days Kona Blog Hop: My Eternity Ring Quilt

It's no secret that I adore working with solids, so when I found out that Kona was celebrating their 30th birthday, I wanted in on the fun! I love the crisp, graphic look at that solids bring to any project, and Kona has the largest selection of colors so I'm often sewing with Kona solids! Today is my stop on the Kona 30 blog hop, in which thirty fabulously talented designers are sharing the fantastic quilts that they've sewn up to honor Kona and their 303 amazing shades. The quilt I've created for Kona's big birthday is my Eternity Ring quilt and pattern!


For my contribution, I created a new pattern which I'm calling Eternity Ring. I wanted to play around with the idea of a paper pieced wedding ring quilt, as curves and I have yet to really play nice with one another. My Eternity Ring quilt is sewn up in gorgeous, rich Kona solids in shades of emerald and fuchsia, with one singular block sewn together in grayscale. I love the contrast the one gray block brings to the whole quilt. I pulled some of my favorite shades of Kona, like Kona Pond (quite possibly my all-time-favorite Kona solid), Kona Cerise, Kona Iron, Kona White and Kona Black and threw in some newer favorites, Kona Kale, Kona Dark Violet, Kona Charcoal, and Kona Lemon for this beauty. The blocks alternate to create a faux double wedding ring look, which is created through four paper piecing templates, which come together to create the quarter-block units for completing the blocks.

Never paper pieced before? No worries! The pattern comes with detailed instructions, accompanied by photographs to help visual learners work through the pattern. You can also take advantage of a great deal on my new Craftsy class, Start Foundation Paper Piecing, which has boatloads of tips and tricks to make paper piecing a fun, addictive experience! This foundation paper-pieced quilt pattern is now available through my Pattern Shop as well as through Craftsy, yay!! The pattern also includes a complete cutting list and fabric yardage instructions for four different quilt sizes: baby, lap, twin, and queen.

And to celebrate the wonderful 30 Years of Kona Cotton Solids, I'm doing a little giveaway today - you can enter the Rafflecopter below to win a beautiful charm pack of the Kona Brights and a copy of my Eternity Ring pattern as well! You must enter to win by the end of the day today, November 30th, so hop to it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There's only a few more stops on the 30 Quilts for 30 Years blog hop, but there's plenty to catch up on if you haven't seen all the fabulous quilts! You can also see all 30 designs in Kaufman's 30 Quilts for 30 Years Lookbook. Check out the great collection of Kona quilts by all of these fabulous designers listed below!

Week 1:

Saturday, November 1st: 

Johanna Masko

Sunday, November 2nd: Alyssa of  

Aria Lane

Monday, November 3rd: Dorie of 


Tuesday, November 4th: Megan of 

Canoe Ridge Creations

Wednesday, November 5th: Daniela of 

Cozy Quilt Designs

Thursday, November 6th: Faith of 

Fresh Lemons Quilts

Friday, November 7th: 

Anita Grossman Solomon

Saturday, November 8th: Debbie of 

Esch House Quilts

Week 2:

Sunday, November 9th: Alex of 


Monday, November 10th: 

Darlene Zimmerman

Tuesday, November 11th: 

Nichole Ramirez with Aurifil

Wednesday, November 12th: Rita Hodge of 

Red Pepper Quilts

Thursday, November 13th: Lee of 

Freshly Pieced

Friday, November 14th: Julie of 

Jaybird Quilts

Saturday, November 15th: Latifah of 

The Quilt Engineer

Week 3:

Sunday. November 16th: 

Elizabeth Hartman

Monday, November 17th: Erica of 

Kitchen Table Quilting

Tuesday, November 18th: Karrie of 

Freckled Whimsy

Wednesday, November 19th: 

Valori Wells

Thursday, November 20th: Marilyn of 

Quilt Moments

Friday, November 21st: 

Cortney Heimerl

Saturday, November 22nd: Shayla and Kristy of 

Sassafras Lane Designs

Week 4:

Sunday, November 23rd: Shea of 

Empty Bobbin Sewing

Monday, November 24th: 

Carrie Strine

Tuesday, November 25th: Rachel of 

Stitched in Color

Wednesday, November 26th: Liz of 

Lady Harvatine

Saturday, November 29th: 

Carolyn Friedlander

Week 5:

Sunday, November 30th: Elizabeth of 

Don’t Call Me Betsy

 - You are here :)

Monday, December 1st: Emily of 

Carolina Patchworks

Tuesday, December 2nd: 

Ken Kaufman

Wednesday, December 3rd: 

Grand Finale!

Looking for my Black Friday Sale? It ends tonight! Grab the coupon code right here!

My Black Friday Tradition - Hanging the Stockings!

The last several years I've been more of an online Black Friday shopper, so I'm not heading out to get in any crazy long lines or anything like that today. Rather, I'm spending the day at home trimming the house (and the tree!) with festive Christmas decor. And this year, I'm super excited to be adding handmade stockings to our holiday decorations.

Each stocking features a 6" finished block from my Lucky Stars Block of the Month clubs from the last two years, and I'm so glad I chose to add them. They add so much sparkle to the finished stockings! Here they are, in all their glory!

I used Shea's great Sleigh Bells Stockings pattern, which was super easy to follow and wonderfully well-written. If you're thinking about making stockings this year, I cannot recommend this pattern enough. The shape of the stocking template is just what I was hoping for and the instructions were super clear!

Not a Lucky Stars subscriber yet? Check out my big Black Friday pattern sale as well right here so you can treat yourself to a little something today! Have a wonderful Friday!

Introducing my new Craftsy class, Start Paper Piecing!

Drumroll, please! It's finally time to share my newest Craftsy class, Start Paper Piecing!

If you've followed my blog for more than five minutes, then you probably know how much I adore paper piecing. It's hands down my favorite kind of piecing, and one of my favorite topics to teach. Learning a new technique can be a daunting experience, but with this class, I'm right there with you, on demand, to help you build your paper piecing confidence! Most of the blocks I sew these days are paper pieced, and I love to share my tips and tricks for making the technique as simple as possible.

Start Paper Piecing walks you through a total of seven different paper pieced blocks, ranging from some interesting angled blocks to a few star blocks and even some pictorial blocks. There's a wide variety, and there's me to hold your hand the entire way. I'll tell you about how I fell in love with paper piecing, and give you all the information you need to get started with paper piecing!

If you haven't checked out Craftsy before, let me tell you, you can learn just about anything there. Seriously, they have such a wild variety of classes! Want to prepare a new dessert for your Thanksgiving dinner next week? No worries, Craftsy has you covered with their Sweet & Simple: 10 Classic Desserts class with Nick Malgieri. Are you interested in trying out garment sewing? Let Deborah Moebes help you with her Design & Sew an A Line Skirt class. Itching to make some quilts for the holidays? 3 Blocks 30 Quilts with Kate Colleran has some great setting ideas that will get your creative juices positively flowing. I'm itching to check out the Design It, Stitch It Hand Embroidery class with Jessica Marquez, which looks super fun, but I think you get my point - they really have something for just everyone. The best part is that whenever you purchase a Craftsy class, it's yours to watch as many times as you want, to rewind and fast forward as you please, and to ask as many questions as you want - that's been one of the most fun parts about my first class, Start Free-Motion Quilting! I love getting to interact with other quilters.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in and fall in love with paper piecing! Get a $20 discount on your class registration when you click right here to register. Have a super day!

Coffee, coffee, coffee!

It's all paper piecing all the time these days in my sewing room, and this weekend I finally finished off a little pattern that's been half-finished for an embarrassingly long while, the Coffee Cup block. This is a mini-pattern, available as a PDF pattern now both at my Pattern Shop and Craftsy. There will be a few other mini-pattern releases over the next few months. Every mini pattern will include a paper pieced block template in two sizes, in this case 6" and 8", as well as complete cutting instructions. These mini-patterns, however, are intended for those with some paper piecing experience, as step-by-step instructions are not included.

If you've done more than a block or two with paper piecing, you've probably noticed that the process of paper piecing does not change from block to block, the technique is identical, so that's precisely why I'm introducing these mini-patterns. Quick and easy fun paper pieced blocks are a great way to add some fun pizzazz to a zipper pouch or a tote, or to use in a mini quilt!

Each mini-pattern also includes a piecing diagram to show you exactly where each piece in the block winds up.

Love the idea of paper piecing but haven't given it a try yet? Stay tuned tomorrow for the official release of my newest Craftsy class, Start Paper Piecing! I'm super excited to share the projects with you all. Have a fantastic day!

The Arcadian Star - November's Lucky Star Block of the Month

Goodness gracious, how is it already the second week of November?! Deadlines and work has been fast and furious over the last several weeks, hence my absence here around the blog, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of writing and setting up posts in advance. First up is catching up with the Lucky Stars Block of the Month Club!

The November Star is the Arcadian Star. As usual, this star has loads of potential, and can be really quite unique depending on your color placement. Here's mine for this month:

I also made an Arcadian Star for Spring Market for Robert Kaufman, with a bit of a different look. I'm not usually much of a purple fan, but I really like it in this block!

We've got just one more Lucky Star Block of the Month coming up, for December, and that will be a wrap on the Lucky Stars Block of the Month Club! Not a member yet? No worries, you can still join in the paper piecing fun right here. And not to worry, I do have some new paper piecing patterns coming very soon through my brand new Craftsy class, Start Paper Piecing, which will be coming out later this month. Stay tuned!!