Bello! It's the infamous minion quilt!

I am so happy to tell you that the infamous minion quilt is finished and on the munchkin's bed. Oh, how this quilt makes me happy!

The pixelated minion quilt - done!

But oh my goodness, please remind me never to make another pixelated quilt!!! There are 1,575 squares in this quilt, and oh my, was it tedious to put together! I'm so glad it's over, but it sure does put a smile on my face when I look at it. Hindsight being 20/20, if I'd split the quilt top into blocks instead of piecing in rows, it might not have been so maddening to put together. Lesson learned!

Pixelated minion quilt all ready for being loved

The kiddo was over the moon when he first saw it. He'd seen small bits of it as I worked on it over the last few weeks, but he hadn't quite figured out that it was a minion, so the look on his face was absolutely priceless. At first, he just thought it was another quilt. I had to encourage him to step back to look at it from a little bit further away to see what the squares made, and when it dawned on him, a huge smile spread across his face that made every one of those squares worthwhile.

Someone loves this quilt!

My yellow and cobalt blue fabric stash really took a hit after this quilt - I see some shopping in my future. Shopping with a purpose!

Minion - detail

I'm really glad I added on the pixelated border, which brings this quilt to a perfect twin size, with a nice drop all the way to the floor. It looks great in his room, and the munchkin is so happy with it. And me? Well, I'm just glad it's done!

Quilt Stats


One in a Minion


twin size, 71" x 94"


created in Microsoft Excel by yours truly


various solids in shades of white mixed with various prints in yellow, blue, and black


all-over stipple in 50 wt Aurifil in white

A happy dance in my sewing room

My weekend consisted of loads of errands and chores, but I carved out a bit of sewing time for myself, too. I managed to finally cut into the towering stack of fabric I pulled together for my munchkin's minion quilt.

Squares for pixel piecing

A zillion and twelve 2.5" squares later, I started playing around with the layout on my design wall, and I'm in love. This project is so much fun to work on. I found myself wanting to do a little happy dance when it suddenly stopped looking like a bunch of squares and started looking like a minion.

A minion coming together!

Now I just have to start sewing these rows together and keep the munchkin out of my sewing room in the meantime. Wish me luck! Happy Monday to you :)