A little walk down Pouch Memory Lane...

Today is my stop on the Happy Little Pouch Hop, hosted by Emily of Mommy's Nap Time and Elaine of Dashasel Sews. Welcome! I'm sharing some of my favorite pouches that I've made, in the hopes of inspiring you to make one of your own. Don't forget to add your pouch to the Flickr group for a chance to win one of this week's wonderful prizes! And now, time for a little walk down Pouch Memory Lane...

Amy's pouch

This pouch was a gift for my friend Amy recently, and oh, it was so hard to part with this adorable little pouch, adorned with honeycomb EPP shapes in rainbow colors. I totally need to make another for me.


This Orchard Path zippy pouch was made as a part of the Zakka Sew Along. It was my first time doing any English paper piecing, so I guess you could say this is where my current EPP addiction stems from!


These little pouches were given as teacher gifts at the end of the school year earlier this year. I was working on my Zakka Style pouch, and fouled up the enlargement instructions from the book for the hexagons, so they turned out just a bit oversize. No matter, I think they're still awfully cute :)

Two birthday pouches

Pouches with fussy cut fabrics always make me smile. The Little Apples pouch was a gift for my niece's birthday earlier this year, chock full of garish nail polish, and the red, blue, and gray pouch was a gift for my mother's birthday. I can't help but smile when I see her using it when she visits.

Amy's pouch

This fab pouch, using MoMo It's a Hoot collection, was a gift for Amy last year at Sewing Summit. I keep meaning to make another pouch using this super simple rail fence design for myself, but just haven't gotten to it yet! I'm sensing a theme here...seeing all these pouches I've made for other people is making me want to make some for me!!!

Lee's pouch - back

Leftover quilt blocks (or in this case quilt blocks made specifically for a pouch) are a great way to make a front or back for a pouch. I love this simple x and + block that I made last year for Lee.

Lee's pouch - front

A little hand-quilting can definitely make a patchwork pouch even more fun. This is the other side of the pouch I gave Lee at Sewing Summit last year.

Megan's pouch - front

I made this little pouch for Megan last year, using a simple embroidered message as the focal point of the pouch. I think this was my third embroidery project ever, so it was probably a bit ambitious, but I think it's perfect for a crafty pouch, for your hand sewing tools.

AnneMarie's pouch - front

This little pouch was given to AnneMarie last year at Sewing Summit, using Bonnie & Camille's Ruby. Again, the use of a simple patchwork block, repeated in a tiny size, makes for a super cute pouch!

PLP - Done!!

This travel pouch was made for Darci in the Pretty Little Pouch swap last year. I got the pleasure of handing Darci this pouch in person, which made the swap all the more fun! I love the spring-y colors in the patchwork on this pouch.

Pretty {little} Pouch - finished! #1

And last but not least, this little pouch, using teeny tiny bits of the original release of Flea Market Fancy and some other additional fabrics, was made in the first round of the Pretty Little Pouch swap. I love how the postage-stamp-inspired patchwork just pops right off the Essex linen!

Do you feel inspired to go create something wonderful? I hope so! I feel like I've just added a few more pouches to my Santa's Sweatshop Handmade Holiday list, for myself! Have a great day :)

Pretty {little} Pouch swap - round 3

Somehow, with the munchkin back at school yesterday, I managed to not only find the inspiration for my pouch for the third round of Pretty {little} Pouch swap, but I also managed to finish it!  I'm really happy with how it turned out and super excited to get it to my partner, who I'm pretty sure is going to adore it.

I was on a bit of pouch roll yesterday morning, wrapping up the pouches I'm making for The Sewing Summit, and I decided on a long rectangle pouch with a half dresden on each side of the pouch.  I pulled some aqua, yellow, green, and pink scraps from my stash for the petals and a green polka for the dresden center, but I was unsure what kind of background fabric I wanted.

Do you like where this is going, partner?

I initially wanted to use natural linen, but I couldn't find mine (more on that later), so I used a gray quilter's linen, which created a nice contrast that I wasn't expecting.  I think I even like it better than had I used the natural linen!  I decided I wanted to box the corners for the pouch, to make it able to stand on its own, which worked out really nicely.

PLP - Done!!

I really love how this pouch turned out, and I have to say, I'm a bit jealous!  I kind of love it too much!!  But I will give it to my partner, no worries.  I just might find myself making another pouch for me at some point :)

Three overflowing scrap bins

So that's one thing checked off the To Sew list before The Sewing Summit next week...next up is quilting the munchkin's guy quilt, which is all basted and ready to quilt!  The other thing I really need to tackle is the mess that is my sewing room - remember how I couldn't find my natural linen?  I found it this morning, when I was looking for my stack of fat quarters for the swap at The Sewing Summit - which I still haven't found, by the way. I don't like being messy in my sewing room, but the messes seem to be a byproduct of getting stuff done these days. My scrap bins are positively overflowing, so I see some kind of scrap project coming soon, otherwise I'm going to have to make a sign for my sewing room - Scraplandia, population 7 billion scraps!!!  Maybe I'll try to sort through the bins tonight while watching some "Grey's Anatomy."  What are you working on today?

Holy mess, Batman!