I Heart EQ - A Giveaway!

Do you EQ? I do!

What is EQ? EQ is short for Electric Quilt, and they're one of the most popular software developers for quilters. Electric Quilt is a quilt design software, previously just available for PCs but by the end of this year, it will also be available for the Mac platform. I first got EQ some time last summer, but didn't start using it heavily until late last year, when I figured out how to use it to build foundation paper piecing pattern templates.

Ferris Wheel EQ Sketch
My Ferris Wheel quilt sketch in EQ

My Ferris Wheel quilt
My finished Ferris Wheel quilt

Previously, I had used Adobe Illustrator mostly for templates and for virtual quilt mock-ups, but it was always a challenge for me. Illustrator is a big piece of software, with loads of tools and brushes and things that a quilter doesn't need. EQ, on the other hand, has everything you need, and no excess bells and whistles to confuse you. There is definitely a learning curve, especially in moving from Illustrator to EQ, but it's totally learn-able. Honestly, EQ was a lot easier to learn than Illustrator! I used lots of videos to help me get used to the way the software works, and these days I feel pretty confident that I know it quite well. There's also the Do You EQ website full of lessons and tricks for using the software.

Wheel of Fortune EQ Sketch
My Wheel of Fortune mini sketch in EQ

DQS - Rainbow Wheel of Fortune
My finished Wheel of Fortune mini

There's lots of things I love about EQ, but one of my favorite parts is the way it lets me experiment with color and fabric selection, so that I can find the most effective color palette for my designs. It's as simple as a click to change a color or fabric, so it's infinitely easier than trying something out physically and having to unsew! I find that I am a lot more willing to think about colors and fabrics I wouldn't have otherwise tried in the virtual setting.

Sparkling Diamonds EQ Sketch
My Sparkling Diamonds quilt sketch in EQ

Sparkling Diamonds quilt in DS Solids
My finished Sparkling Diamonds quilt

Take my Showstopper mini that I made recently for a swap and turned into my newest pattern. It started out looking like this...

And in my second attempt at coloring it, it turned into this, with a color palette inspired by Denyse Schmidt's Chicopee...

Then, I had the idea to give it the rainbow treatment, and it turned into this...

And when I sewed it together, it was just fantastic, and I knew it would be because I had EQ to help me visualize it.

Showstopper mini - all finished and on its way to its new owner

The lovely people at EQ have given me a copy for you to win! This copy of EQ 7 up for grabs is for PCs only, so please keep that in mind. To enter, simply leave me a blog comment about how you design quilts now and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below. A winner will be selected next Monday at 6am EST. The winner will be announced via the blog as well as via email.