The Pink Sunshine Quilt

Signed, sealed, and delivered! I've finished off the Pink Sunshine quilt, and it's officially been delivered to the munchkin's math teacher, so it's safe to share, not that I think she's a blog reader :) I think she likes it, I sure hope hope she does. This super happy, mega scrappy quilt was a lot of fun to work on, using scraps of Lorelei's baby quilt  and other various pink fabrics floating around my sewing room.

Finished Pink Sunshine full shot

I kept the quilting fairly simple, just doing a modified stipple with pearl clamshells here and there, majorly because I don't get to free-motion as much as I'd like to these days and I wanted to keep it from being a big hairy deal...but my machine is definitely in need of a visit to the spa, so it was a little more dramatic than I would have liked. It's been almost two years since her last spa date, so it's time, I need to just get her over to the shop for her full cleaning and tune-up. It's important to do, even with a fully mechanical machine! While I can oil my machine and clean out a large part of my machine, there's still areas I can't get to and things that need maintenance that are beyond my skill set. I used Aurifil 3660, a fun variegated pink, to go with all the different shades of pink used in the quilt, and also shockingly because it's the only spool of pink Aurifil I own! I must remedy this at some point.

Front and back Pink Sunshine quilt

The binding might just be my favorite part. It's a print called

Lovebug Grid in Pink

, which I stumbled on at Stash Fabrics when hunting for pinks. Perfect fabric for binding this kind of adorable baby quilt.

Pink Sunshine binding in progress

It feels good to finish a quilt. It makes me want to sew even more. I think the next quilt I want to get back to is my

Anna Maria Horner quilt for my bed

or the

Lizzy House book quilt

that I think is also destined for my bed, or maybe the living room. My

HST bed quilt

desperately needs another quilt it can alternate with!!

Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Pink Sunshine

Size: 36" x 40"

Pattern: None, improvised strip quilt using scraps and made scraps

Quilting: Modified stipple with pearl clamshells in

Aurifil 2660


Lovebug Grid in Pink

Close up Pink Sunshine

Sewing by the seat of my pants

These little blocks are totally making my day these days. Whenever I pop into my sewing room for a few minutes, I can cut a few squares for the next block or sew a few seams - it's the perfect project for a few stolen moments here and there, and it's starting to actually look like something. So far, what I'm doing is making four blocks per color and then arranging them from light to dark into these big diamonds...

And I know I have more diamonds to make, I'm just not sure how many least one more big cool diamond and one more big warm diamond, but likely more than that, to make a quilt big enough for our bed. I think I'll likely employ an alternate grid of some kind to make the blocks float and have a more varied, interesting layout, but I haven't quite gotten that far yet.

For now, I'm going to keep enjoying the process of making these little blocks and not worry too much about the final result. Sew by the seat of my pants, if you will. We'll see how long my Type A personality can tolerate that! Have a great week everyone :)

If you're scrap happy and you know it, clap your hands...

Baby songs are all up in my head these days. While Lorelei is still quite little to appreciate songs and stories, I still spend time with her each day singing those familiar tunes and reading a story or two. Her smiles are becoming more frequent, which makes the days where the crying stretches on for what feels like eons a bit more bearable. And playing with my scraps this weekend also helps soothe this tired mom.

I've been wanting to make a new quilt for our bed for probably two years now, and after many different ideas that just didn't quite feel perfect, I think I've stumbled on one that is. These simple little patchwork blocks, sorted into warms and cools. They're crazy easy to stitch up, super fast, and let me play with all the little bits and bobs of leftover fabrics in my scrap bin. Perfect for naptime sewing.

Here's hoping I manage to sneak in some more sewing time this week! Have a fab week everyone :)