Getting my social on

Do you tweet?  I'm trying to, and given Facebook's recent update, I'm really enjoying Twitter.  It's so consistent.  :)  You can find me on Twitter right here.  Come say hi!

I also created a new Flickr group for people to post photos of things they've made from my tutes or quilt-alongs or inspired by my work.  I'd love to see what you've sewn up, you can pop over to the group right here.

Stitching with Don't Call Me Betsy. Get yours at
On the plus side, getting my social on like this is good practice for making conversation at Sewing Summit.  On the down side, I can get lost on Twitter for an hour and not realize that sixty minutes have passed!  Oh well, it's fun getting to know people more there :)  Only two weeks until meeting so many of them in person!

I've got a good bit of stitching planned for the day, after a trip to our local science museum with the munchkin.  Have an awesome day!