What's on my Quilty Bucket List...

The Tilted Quilt

You know, Pinterest is often a lot like a bucket list for me - I pin stuff to save it to think about, to make, to bake, to cook, to craft another day. But another day so often never seems to come! I mean, think about your own pins...how often have you put them to use? So when Stacey at The Tilted Quilt asked if I wanted to participate in writing a quilty bucket list, I said sure, because when it comes to accountability, putting it in writing is the best way for me to make something actually happen!

1. Make an epic, crazy awesome quilt with my selvages. I've been collecting selvages since I started sewing, so I've got quite a pile of them at this point. I think one of the most daunting parts of thinking about a selvage project is sorting my collection of selvages, but if sorting my scraps is any indication, it could actually be fun. I started up a little board of selvage quilts I really like on Pinterest, and I have to say, I really love this selvage quilt Amy/During Quiet Time's been working on. I love the idea of using selvages to make a traditional-ish block, so I'm thinking of making something like one of these (where I cheated and used Pat Sloan's selvage-like print to mimic the look of selvages visually), either using my Kaleidoscope Quilt Along or my Patchwork Wheel pattern...

        Kaleidoscope quilt in selvages                 Patchwork Wheel in Selvages
2. Make my husband a mariner's compass quilt. Finally. He asked for one back when I made my A Light in the Dark mini, and I made one block a long while ago, but I wasn't thrilled with my fabric selections for the block, so I definitely need to start over. I'm thinking I might go with solids instead of prints. This one would be really, really easy to start up, since I've already got the whole thing designed, just need to do it!

3. I would love to one day make one of Trish Harper's epic hand pieced quilt patterns. I really love the Galaxy one. I'm pretty sure it would be a really awesome challenge for me. You can find this pattern right here.

photo from broderie.typepad.com

5. Finish the amazing bee quilts that my friends have helped me start through past bees...yes, that means I'm looking at my UFO pile for this bucket list item. I've got two fantastic quilts in progress from past bees, my Radiant Ring quilt and a super fantastic all-voile AMH quilt. I have got to get my butt in gear and finish these two off, they're too pretty to let gather dust!!

Radiant Ring quilt in progress

5. Do a traveling bee with some friends. Last year was my first year since I started sewing without bees, and it was kind sad, honestly - I missed that collaboration, so I'm back in a bee this year, and looking forward to getting back in the swing of making bee blocks again. Maybe if when I finish up my two bee quilts in progress, then I'll try to put together a traveling bee...

And I capped my list off at five, because, knowing me, if I just let my brain keep floating on things I want to do, the list would be thirty items long pretty quick, so I'm keeping it short and sweet, and manageable.

It wasn't terribly hard to come up with my own quilty bucket list - you should write up yours too! Are you much of a list maker? I love making lists, I always feel like a weight has been lifted after I make a list, it feels incredibly good to get it down on paper! It felt great working on this list and I feel like I know exactly what I'll be working on after I get through the next few weeks of super busy-ness. You can link up your list right here, and you can find more listy fun throughout the blog hop at the blogs below:

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Modern Bias

If I had a million dollars...

...I would not buy you a house.  Well, maybe, but not after I spent my pennies opening a modern quilt shop in my area.

I recently read Jennifer a post from That Girl...That Quilt about her experiences at her local quilt shops, and I'm sad to say that I have to echo some of her observations after visiting my local quilt shop last weekend, one of the biggest in my state.

Not only did I not even get a hello, but I spent nearly an hour there without a single person asking if they could help me find anything.  I was looking for a few specific things, most of which I did not find.  I did observe the workers having many lengthy conversations with older quilters and sewists, but the younger shoppers, myself included, seemed to get the cold shoulder.  While this shop may have more bolts than most other shops in the state, they sure weren't bolts I was looking for.  Even when I checked out with my lousy three Michael Miller fat quarters for my aqua/red collection, I still was barely spoken to.  I sure didn't feel welcome.

courtesy of The Consumerist/Flickr

My husband has always joked that if we ever opened a business, it ought to be a Dunkin Donuts.  Mostly, I think, because he loves their coffee, but also because it seems like a reasonable venture.  Sure, coffee's yummy, but it's not exactly pretty.

I think if we ever happen to find ourselves with considerably more cash, I'd talk him into opening a modern quilting store in my area and carry loads and loads of modern quilting fabric.  No roosters.  No cute cats or over 35 different bolts of cupcake fabrics.  And I'd make sure to carry every color Kona cotton comes in.  Not just the same selection that Jo-Ann's has, which is to say, very little.  And we'd carry lots of modern quilt books and modern quilt patterns.

After this last trip to this shop, I've decided I'm going to stop making the drive because it's just not worth it.  I almost always leave empty handed, and it's just not worth the gas.  It's a shame that I don't have a nicer local quilt shop nearby, but I'm glad I know where to look online.  I'm so thankful for awesome online shops like Sew Deerly Loved, Hawthorne Threads, Fabricworm, Fresh Squeezed Fabrics and Pink Chalk Fabrics.  I don't know what I would do without them.  So, thank you, ladies, for keeping my fabric stash overflowing with beautiful modern fabric!