Star Crossed Stitch quilt - done!

Thank you all so much for your support last week when I was unquilting this quilt and trying something new. I am so excited to share the finished quilt with you!  This is definitely one of my favorite finishes in a while, thanks to the fun I had quilting this one and the great texture the quilting created.  I love densely quilted quilts like this one, so I'm quite sure it's going to be one of my favorites for a while to come.

Star Crossed Stitch quilt - unwashed full shot
before washing

Star Crossed Stitch quilt - washed full shot
after washing
A while back, I fell in love with a block I saw in a copy of Jinny Beyer's The Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns, on loan from the library, and sketched it out in my sketchbook.  Many months later, back in January, when the fabulously talented Betz White sent me some of her fantastic organic line of fabric for Robert Kaufman, I revisited the sketch and decided to finally make the block.  I called it a Star Crossed block, as it felt like a fab combination of a star and cross block, and I slowly started working on this quilt bit by bit, in between what feels like a zillion other obligations that I can't share yet.

Star Crossed Stitch quilt - unwashed detail #1

I was super excited to finish this quilt...until I realized that I didn't have a clue how I wanted to quilt it.  Usually, I don't make that decision until after I see the finished quilt top.  When I looked at this quilt top, I just couldn't seem to decide.  I wanted to do something other than my usual smooth stipple, and I thought a pointy stipple would be fun, but rather than mocking it up to see how it would look, I just went for it.  Whoops.  I hated it.  Intensely.  So much so that I ripped it all out.  Note to self: always mock up the quilting.  Always.  (ETA: All I do to mock up my quilts is print out a photo and draw out my FMQ design on it with a highlighter.  It's uber-low-tech and fast.)

before washing

Somehow or another, I got baptist fans on the brain, and just couldn't let go.  So I did them.  And they were really fun to do!  The way I stitched these fans is indeed in a continuous line, with one start at the beginning of each row of fans and one stop at the end.  I'm putting the finishing touches on a tutorial of how I did this quilting to share with you all tomorrow, so stay tuned for that.

before washing
I'm so happy I went with my gut and ripped out the pointy stipple quilting stitches I started with.  I'm also really glad I tried a new style of quilting, even though I really thought it was going to be either too difficult or too tedious.  Trying something new can be so much fun!

Star Crossed Stitch quilt - washed detail #1
after washing
Thanks again, Betz, for sharing some of your lovely fabrics for this project!

Quilt Stats
Name: Star Crossed Stitch quilt
Block Pattern: Star Crossed block
Size: 34" x 44"
Fabrics: Betz White's Stitch Organic collection for Robert Kaufman along with some coordinating fabrics from Just Dandy, Katie Jump Rope, and So Sophie
Backing: Remants from Betz White's Stitch Organic collection
Quilting: All-over baptist fan free motion quilting (tutorial coming tomrrow!) by yours truly
Binding: Scrappy binding, using remants from Betz White's Stitch Organic collection, hand finished

Star Crossed quilt progress

I've been slowly plugging away at my Star Crossed quilt blocks.  It's taken me a lot longer than I would have liked, but I just finished up my 12th and final block for this quilt so I'm a happy camper.  Now comes my inevitable waffling and internal debating about whether or not to add any sashing or borders to this quilt.  Are you the kind of quilter who's decisive and knows exactly how you want to sash a quilt, or quilt a quilt, or bind a quilt?  Or are you the indecisive type, like me?  I'd love to know ;)

My Star Crossed quilt blocks - done!
fabrics primarily from Betz White's Stitch collection, as well as supplementary prints from Just Dandy, Katie Jump Rope, Rooftop Garden, Quilter's Linen, and 1001 Peeps

I really love how these blocks work together and create wonderful shapes throughout the quilt, which makes me want to skip sashing it, but at the same time, I would like to make it a little larger.  I'm pretty sure I will add borders so I can keep the binding off of the blocks themselves.  Binding is something else I need to tackle for this quilt, too.  I'm really happy with how it's coming together, finally, and it feels great to finally have something I can share!!  I hope you're all having a great Monday!

Did you really think I'd watch the Super Bowl?

I'm so not a sports girl.  Never have been, with the exception of a phase when I religiously watched college basketball with my dad.  So I was not one of the millions of people watching the Super Bowl last night - instead, I sewed.  I'm pretty sure I had way more fun. :)

In the 4x5 bee, life got in the way, so to speak, for one of our caretakers, so Amy and I are working on angel blocks for the members of that hive.  We chose Faith's Star block pattern for them, and after an intense round of rock paper scissors, I wound up making two blocks, for Rhonda and Jessica.

Rhonda asked for rainbow fabrics for her block, which was somewhat of a challenge with this block.  Ultimately, I decided to split up the rainbow into warm and cool colors and throw in some gray for a neutral to tie it all together.  I'm not too sure it really works, honestly, it feels a little haphazard, but I'm hoping that Rhonda digs it.

4x5 angel block - hive 10, q1

Jessica asked for aqua, gray and orange for her block, and I dug out some Heirloom scraps for her.  I'm happier with how her block turned out, even though it is awfully scrappy, it feels a bit more unified and well thought out.

4x5 angel block - hive 10, q1

I think I may have forgotten to share with you the lovely blocks I received in this first quarter of the 4x5 bee - look at all these lovelies!!  There were some wonderfully talented people in my hive, so I was really happy with each and every block I received.

4x5 bee - hive 12, q1

I also finished up ironing and cutting my fabrics for my Stitch quilt last night, so I'm looking forward to getting some more of my Star Crossed blocks done this week.  So many HSTs!!  I trimmed these while I watched my first episode of Downton Abbey (love it already!!), so that made it a much more bearable task.

Stitch HSTs ready, trimmed and ready to become blocks

I'll leave you this morning with a sneak peek of the mini I'll be sharing with you all on Friday as a part of Jennifer's Modern Mini Challenge!

Modern Mini sneak peek