Fabric Tuesday: Origins Table Runner

I love checking things off my To Do list.  I have always been a list person, so much so that I sometimes have lists of lists!  This time of year is my most list-heavy, between planning holiday budgets, gifts, and meals, and it should come as no shock that I'm rocking a pretty hardcore To Sew list for the next two months, with two awesome swaps that I'm involved in as well as a bunch of handmade holiday gifts.  But today, I got to check off another item from two lists - my holiday gift list and my To Sew list.  Yippee!

I used a pattern from P.S. I Quilt, one Rachel so aptly named the Lickety Split table runner.  The pattern comes together super easy, I highly recommend it!

I worked on practicing my outline quilting on this one, that was pretty fun.  I adore the effect that outline quilting gives.  Having used a simple Kona solid for the back, the outline quilting totally stands out and looks really cool on the back.  Here's hoping it's not too modern a look for the recipient.

Stay tuned on Wednesday to see how clogged my sewing desk is becoming!  I've probably got way too many projects in progress at the moment, so it's going to be a lengthy WIP list!  And don't forget to check into what's going on at Fabric Tuesday at QuiltStory, I always love the inspiration I get over there.