A new member of the family...

I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the family...and before you jump to the conclusion that I've added another pet to the household, I have to tell you that my neurotic beagle wouldn't take too kindly to that! And there's no bun in the oven, either. But what is now at my house is...

Hello new friend :)

A new laptop. A shiny, happy Mac Book Pro that I'm head over heels over. I've often toyed with the idea of upgrading to a Mac over the years, especially with how hard I seem to be on PCs. I tend to be bad about shutting down my computer, I run several memory intensive programs at the same time, and I use my computers a lot, so PC laptops usually have about a one year lifespan with me before I start cursing them and griping incessantly about how sluggish they are and how many blue screens I'm getting. The HP one I bought earlier this year only managed to last nine months before it started to give me trouble. So I trucked over to the Apple store, and came home with this pretty Mac.

Already a workhorse

Admittedly, I don't love Mac's price points when compared to PCs. They're just not as affordable, no matter how you slice it. But to some extent, I've started to wonder if I've been getting what I've been paying for, so I'm giving this a go. I will definitely keep you guys posted, but so far, it's been a mutual admiration society here with me and my new Mac. I've even installed Parallels on it so I can run any Windows based program I want (like EQ!) whenever I want, without having to even shut down my Mac. It's kind of awesome.

A little taste of fall

I think my Juki might be feeling a wee bit jealous, though, with all the Mac love that's been going on the last several days. She's been pretty lonely, without nary a stitch sewn since I bought the Mac last Friday. I'm hoping to change that today though - I cut out these pretty strips to make myself a nice little fall wreath for the door. I'm usually not much of a fall person. I mean, we don't get "real" fall in Florida, it's more like not-so-hot summer in the fall here, although today it actually feels like fall with a cold front that's brought windy 60-degree weather to my door. Even so, I'm trying to get in the fall spirit by using Jeni's awesome and super easy wrapped wreath tutorial. Here's hoping it actually gets done before Christmas is upon us! Have a great day :)

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Goodbye to you, Google Reader

Goodbye Google Reader

Well, it seems there's no going back now: Google Reader will be finito as of Monday, July 1st. I had hoped that Google would see the outpouring of disappointment and rescue it from the abyss, but no such luck. So, if you use Google Reader to read my blog and loads of others, I don't want you to wake up on Monday with nothing to read! Here's some alternative ways to read my blog...

Blog by email
RSS feed for the RSS Reader of your choice

Personally, I keep going back and forth between Feedly and Bloglovin', both seem to be good alternatives that are fairly easy to use.

Are you still on the fence about how you want to read blogs starting next week? This LifeHacker article gives you lots of different options as well as the pros and cons of each. Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend everyone!