Big plans to travel handmade

The Stash Bash

I'm super excited to be heading to The Stash Bash next month in Georgia, and there's nothing like travelling handmade, having something totally unique and totally you to carry your stuff in. So, I've got big plans over these next few weeks, not only to make a Studio Cherie Quilted Travel Duffle, but I'm also hoping to eek out enough time to put together my Sew Sweetness Aeroplane Bag.

six-hour road trip: here I come!

The Duffle comes first, because I'm lacking a duffle, and because I'm fully expecting that I'm going to need a duffle, stuffed full of fabric to use throughout the retreat weekend! I'm using a super fun Kokka print by Nancy Wolff, but I had a hard time figuring out what to pair it with. Tentatively, I'm planning to use an orange Sketch print for the bag's accent straps, but I'm not sure if it works. What do you think? Is the orange too bold?

Quilted Duffle plans

For my Aeroplane bag, I'm totally going with a QAYG exterior, with either some fun patchwork  or some of my Melody Miller stash, like these viewfinders. If I don't get to work on it before the retreat, it's definitely coming with me as a project to work on at the retreat!

Do you like to sew bags? Do you want to hear all the gory details of putting these two bags together, like I did when I made my Weekender? Bags are definitely not my forte, they take a lot of brainpower for me to process the idea of making something 3D as opposed to a nice 2D quilt, but I'm always so happy with the results. First up on the bag-making agenda: cutting a zillion and twelve pieces of fabric and interfacing, wish me luck! And don't forget to enter the Threadbias Quilt Design Tool giveaway, it's still open until tomorrow at midnight. Have a great day :)

Leaving...on a jet plane...for The Sewing Summit!!!

By the time you're reading this, I'm sitting at the airport, waiting for my plane to start boarding, and I have to tell you...I'm nervous!!!!  Fully in disbelief!  And excited!  And nervous :)  I cannot believe that after this last year of getting so many wonderful quilty bloggers that I am actually going to be face-to-face with so many of them, all at once.  It's kind of mind-boggling.  I don't think I'll really believe it until I get home and rehash it all.  I'm sure it's going to a be a whirlwind weekend, but if you follow me on Twitter, I will try to post a few updates here and there.

I haven't flown on an airplane by myself since I became a mom - in my pre-mom days, I traveled a lot for my work, but I never had such lovely luggage to carry my things in!  I have always loved to travel, so I've been looking forward to this weekend in SLC for a while now.  So much to be excited about!  Bloggy friends, kid-free fun, fabric shopping galore, my adrenaline is seriously pumping.


I've got 20 assorted fat quarters for the big fat quarter swap on Saturday night - I'm hoping to find some reds and oranges to make up for my serious lack of warm colors in my stash!!  I've also got some extra fat quarters to pay for rides from the fabulous SLC locals.

My bags are chock full of stuff - from fat quarters to trade to pouches for dear friends to business cards for swapping to my embroidery pouch and my homemade nametag.

I went back and forth about whether or not I would bring my laptop, because its ability to run on battery alone is, in a word, disappointing, and ultimately, I decided to leave it at home.  It will be seriously weird to be away from it for the weekend, but I suspect I'll be so busy, I won't even think about it.  I will definitely blog about all of the Sewing Summit fun next week, don't worry!

Thank you again to my dear husband, who's going to be Mr. Mom for the weekend.  The munchkin was shockingly unfazed by the news of my travelling at first, though there were tears when we said our goodbyes.  I think he's going to have a great time with his dad all weekend.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and if you're headed to the Sewing Summit, I can't wait to meet you!