Z is for zig zag

I'm slowly knocking items off my Finish Before Sewing Summit checklist, and I'm really happy about the finish I'm sharing with you this morning. Ta da!!

Red and white zig zag quilt

I've just finished up my second red and white zig zag custom order quilt, yay! I've gone down this road before, so I knew what I was getting into, but wow, I truly underestimated how monotonous it can be to piece a zillion half-square triangles! For the record, there's 528 of them, pieced via my favorite method (the 4-in-1), pieced into 24 rows.



I stuck with truly simple straight-line quilting on this quilt, quilting strictly in the white zigs here, creating a cool outline effect. The quilt has been pre-washed for its new owner, to hopefully trap any possible loose dyes. I just love the crinkly texture of a quilt after it comes out of the wash!

Red and white zig zag - detail shot

Inspired by Holly's recent photography post chock full of tips, I stuck this quilt on my bed for a photo shoot, got everything dusted and looking lovely...only for a huge thunderstorm to roll in and totally take away my sunshine! I tried to internalize Tim Gunn telling me to make it work, and pulled it together as best I could.

Red and white zig zag - overhead view

I'm so excited to get this quilt packed up and shipped off to its new owner hopefully later today! I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!